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We're getting excited for Aurea Experience 18 to kick off next month in Munich, and then this December in New Orleans. As we get closer to this next customer and partner conference, we've announced another speaker in our stellar mainstage lineup: Brad Bebee, principal product manager for Amazon Neptune. Check out today's press release below for more details on what Brad will cover during his keynote, and how Aurea is leveraging Amazon's graph database to power the future of Jive.


Hope to see some of you in Munich or New Orleans very soon!



Aurea Plans to Unveil PeopleGraph, a New Technology Leveraging Amazon Neptune that Will Power the Future of Jive Software


Aurea Experience 18 to detail innovative relationship intelligence platform; feature mainstage keynote by AWS’s Brad Bebee on the advantages of graph databases


AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 30, 2018 – Aurea Software, the company behind some of the world’s greatest customer and employee experience solutions, including Jive Software, today announced that Brad Bebee, principal product manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), will keynote at Aurea Experience 18 on November 12 in Munich and December 4 in New Orleans. Alongside Aurea CEO Scott Brighton, Bebee will explore how companies like Aurea are leveraging Amazon Neptune, a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected data sets.



“At Aurea, we’ve been committed to AWS for nearly a decade, which is why we’re so pleased to have Brad join us at Aurea Experience this year,” said Scott Brighton, CEO at Aurea Software. “He’ll discuss the power of Amazon Neptune, and how we’re re-establishing people as the center of enterprise social networks in order to create a vastly improved experience for enterprise connection, discovery and collaboration.”


At Aurea Experience 18, Brighton will unveil details of the massively scalable PeopleGraph technology Aurea is building on Amazon Neptune. Aurea’s new PeopleGraph will take relationship intelligence to an unprecedented level of sophistication to support enterprise communities centered around people. This underlying platform will eventually span Aurea’s entire software library to help businesses uncover and enrich different types of relationships inside and outside their organization.


About Aurea Experience 18

Aurea Experience 18 spans two free events in Europe and North America, where Aurea customers and partners will enjoy three informative tracks with more than 15 breakout sessions on employee engagement, the new digital workplace and customer intelligence. Speakers include more than a dozen customers from organizations such as American Airlines, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Citi, Commvault, International Committee of the Red Cross, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley, Pearson, Schaeffler, Vodafone Ukraine and more. In addition, the conference will offer a “boot camp” track, where Jive community managers can learn key skills, strategies and best practices for building strategic plans, increasing adoption and driving advanced community use cases. For more information, follow @AureaSoftware and #AureaExperience on Twitter.


About Aurea

Aurea Software, Inc. is the technology behind some of the world's greatest customer and employee experiences, for the largest and most successful brands. Aurea's platform, engagement and vertical solutions help companies create exceptional, end-to-end experiences for their customers – driving both retention and growth. Aurea's family of companies deliver process management, messaging, customer relationship management, email marketing, project and portfolio management, and collaboration software, as well as industry solutions for retail, insurance, energy and life sciences. Aurea is an affiliate of ESW Capital. For more information, visit or follow @AureaSoftware on Twitter.




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A few years years ago, I had the privilege of working with Katrin Fischer, the social intranet project manager at Schaeffler Group, on the early stages of their Jive launch. The other day, I had a chance to catch up with Katrin about how things have been going since then, and get a sneak peak of her upcoming presentation at Aurea Experience, where she’ll be discussing Schaeffler’s evolving digital transformation, and how her team is getting and keeping employees engaged and working in new ways.



Schaeffler is a global automotive and industrial supplier with more than 92,000 employees in over 50 countries. In the interview below, Katrin explains how the company’s collaboration and communication have evolved since replacing their 15-year-old intranet four years ago. In particular, she describes how Jive (aka “Schaeffler CONNECT”) now serves as the organization’s primary communications platform, corporate memory repository and virtual meeting place for employees from every division, region and function – ultimately building a transparent culture of cooperation while improving efficiency and strategic alignment.


Michelle: Which best practices surrounding Schaeffler’s community adoption and employee engagement are you most proud of?


Katrin: Last week we hosted an event at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach called “Coffee to CONNECT,” where we conducted a small info fair. In advance, we asked within our network if anybody wanted to share their best practices with the audience, and one of the volunteers was the community manager of our global product data management community. He manages more than 1,000 colleagues in his worldwide network and was so excited about the communication possibilities he now has with Jive. This is what he had to say:



“...Lots of things have become a lot easier. The global overview of our meetings, agendas and topics. Searching, finding and sharing information saves me a lot of time.”



This best practice is just one example of many. We now have more than 2,000 groups in Schaeffler CONNECT, ranging from small project teams to huge cross-organizational expert communities. In particular, I am proud of our “Ask the Schaeffler CONNECT experts” group, where we provide our users a place to raise questions, provide feedback and exchange information. A lot of their questions are answered by other interested colleagues who use Jive intensely, which really helps my team reduce our support efforts. In addition, the global multiplier network we started two years ago has been a success. We now have more than 300 guides all around the world who help us spread the CONNECT message throughout the Schaeffler organization.



Michelle: How do you think workplace mindsets need to evolve to address changing business needs?


Katrin: In my project, our huge challenge is how to help change employees’ mindsets (and also those of management) to prepare them for the needs of the changing business world. With Jive, we have introduced a global platform that already provides easier, more intuitive and flexible possibilities for communication and collaboration. Our challenge now is to succeed with changing our communication culture – a long and sometimes hard journey.


In my opinion, this is not a technological challenge. We already have a broad set of tools available and the necessary infrastructure to help people improve their daily work, as well as communication and collaboration with their colleagues and external partners. However, it can be confusing for users to know when they should use which tool, and so we need to define clear use cases and to provide them with guidance through the app jungle.


Michelle: What are you most looking forward to in November during the Aurea Experience conference?


Katrin: For me, the exchange with other Jive users is always the most interesting. I look forward to seeing presentations of other customer projects and use cases, and learning what works well for them. In Germany, we already have a quite close network of German companies using Jive. I am really looking forward to meeting them in Munich and also meeting new faces and making new contacts. Of course I am also highly interested in the Jive roadmap and new developments in the software – in particular, Jive’s on-prem and mobile strategies.




It’s awesome to see a long-established company embrace the changing world and thrive in today’s digital landscape – especially when that organization can trace its history back to the early days of the Enlightenment. Few companies in the world are more established or esteemed than Lloyds Banking Group, which today encompasses multiple brands, including Lloyds Bank and the Bank of Scotland, which was founded in 1695!


When you’re building on a 321-year old heritage, there's a lot to consider but, in today’s digital world, you have to keep both eyes looking forward. That’s why Lloyds decided a unified collaboration solution for employees was critical to continue to thrive. Jive is not only helping Lloyds Banking Group preserve more than three centuries of corporate memory, 90,000 employees can now carry that collective knowledge into the future and collaborate together to continue to succeed.


We recently sat down with the company’s collaboration programme lead, Mark Mazza, in advance of his colleague Dan Thomas’ presentation at the upcoming Aurea Experience 18 conference in Munich. Mark shared insight into how Jive is helping Lloyds constantly adapt and change to customers’ needs.



Aurea: If you had to sum up what Jive is to Lloyds Banking Group in one sentence, what would you say?


Mark: Jive is becoming the heartbeat of Lloyd Banking Group, it’s our pulse. We call the collaboration solution our “Hive,” because it enables colleagues to create stronger relationships and tap into more diverse thinking, which in turn drives greater collaboration.


Aurea: What are the top benefits Lloyds has experienced using Jive to power its internal community (Hive)?


Mark: We see three main benefits from having Jive in place...

  1. The ability for colleagues to create new connections and foster relationships which they would never have been able to do previously.
  2. The ability to quickly get answers to questions, no matter how random they may seem, either through the power of people’s networks or one of the many specialist communities we have, ranging from Excel help groups, to customer-facing colleague support groups, to new initiative launch groups. Our Community Banking Questions group, dedicated to helping frontline colleagues get answers from their peers or head office colleagues, is our third most popular group receiving 50,000 views a month. In the 6 months since launch, it’s had 2,300 questions posted, of which 99% have had responses, and is now a fantastic knowledge base.
  3. The ability for customer-facing colleagues to be able to share our customers’ experiences with non-frontline colleagues and engage in conversation with them, helping all colleagues better understand what our business is about and how we need to place our customers at the heart of all we do.


Aurea: What types of departments and teams use Hive, and how does it help them achieve their personal or company goals?


Mark: 99% of our colleagues now have access to Hive and our community reports tell us it’s being used pretty much across the board with all business areas having active rates greater than 80%, and in most cases over 90%. Considering Jive was not designed to replace our existing intranet or SharePoint, and is something colleagues have to actively seek out, these are great numbers. Our Career Community group has over 10,000 followers where colleagues share their tips on development opportunities and support those who are seeking to progress their careers. We’ve had many examples of mentoring and job shadowing opportunities being freely offered by colleagues and it’s really opening up opportunities for colleagues who would otherwise have found themselves restricted to their limited networks and existing business areas. This type of agility is essential for us to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world in which we operate. 


This great comment one of our colleagues posted really sums up the benefits we’re witnessing…


“Jive has been great and I would encourage everybody to use it! When I’ve had complicated queries Jive has enabled me to get in touch with people who can help that I wouldn't normally be in contact with. It’s really helping staff in the branch network reach out to other departments that we don’t have contact details for. I had a complicated query relating to a legal charge held against a third title number to a property and a stressed customer in branch who was beside himself with worry as it was blocking a purchase going through - within an hour I had someone from the securities team updating the land registry - amazing! I’ve also had IT issues that I’ve gone round in circles with over the phone that have been resolved with a simple message on Jive. Its brilliant and great to see all departments coming together!


I also love reading and posting the good news stories - these have inspired my own branch team. The sharing of hints and tips and best practice means branches can learn from each other. It’s also really given staff a sense of achievement and recognition when they are tagged into a great story or people comment on how well they have done. Great to see people taking pride in a job well done. I really feel Jive is helping me widen out - I can communicate with my colleagues all around the country and I’m not contained to my branch or local area anymore.”


Aurea: What has Hive's biggest impact been on you, personally? How has it changed the way you work?


Mark: I now work out of Hive and just check my emails 2-3 times a day. It has massively reduced the reply-to-all email threads that used to circulate and get out of sync. It also means anyone new joining the team can get immediately up to speed, we don’t lose the knowledge of leavers, and I can bring anyone into a conversation without having to forward emails (and copy everyone else from the original trail back in). It has also challenged me to be more confident to share my work openly, particularly early drafts, and enable others to help shape my thinking or kill non-value adding ideas quickly.


Aurea: Looking forward 5 years, how do you foresee Hive supporting your organization's vision?


Mark: No one knows exactly what the future of work will look like in 5 years, but we can be pretty certain it will look very different to what it does today. What we do know is that our organisation needs to constantly adapt and change to our customers’ needs - responsiveness and speed of delivery will be essential to staying relevant and competitive. Hive is helping us make this behavioural change by making us more transparent, making our knowledge far more accessible (and no longer something to be hoarded), and helping us feel like a smaller, more connected company than a large complex one.

Here at Aurea, we’re closely observing happenings in the CRM space as we continue to evolve and build out our differentiated product vision for Aurea CRM. Recently, I was asked to share some of my perspectives on the future of CRM in an article for a German publication called Big Data Insider. For those of you who read German, feel free to take a read and let me know your thoughts.


For the rest of you, I’ll summarize my key points here. Two of the biggest trends we’re seeing in CRM these days surround mobile and big data. Mobility (and in particular, offline enablement, which we offer through Aurea CRM’s mobile clients) is especially key for driving sales adoption amongst reps who are always on the road, often in areas with poor Internet connections. In addition, intelligent CRM capabilities are becoming more and more critical for modern solutions, as buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning start delivering real value. Every business is looking for ways to increase work productivity, and CRM systems of the future will enable this through more sophisticated customer intelligence that proactively detects important patterns in your customer activity, relationships and networks.


Of course, with all this data, security is increasingly critical for CRM systems, especially here in Europe where GDPR is top of mind. And finally, social is an area that no sales team should overlook, since these channels contain a treasure trove of valuable information about your customers that can be leveraged to inform and accelerate sales cycles.

What additional trends are you seeing in your business? I look forward to discussing these topics and much more with those of you who are joining us at Aurea Experience 18 in Munich next month.

Continuing our recent thought leadership momentum, today I'm excited to share another great CMSwire article by our own Kosheno Moore! This piece delves into ways companies can bring more rigor to their employee engagement strategies at each stage of the employee lifecycle.


Kosheno recommends organizations define their touchpoints using a combination of people, process and technology (such as Jive) in order to...

  1. Set the Right Impression and Expectations With Effective Onboarding
  2. Create a Sense of Purpose With Top-Down Strategic Messaging
  3. Create a Sense of Belonging via a Bottoms-Up Feedback Loop
  4. Mine Your Employee Sentiment Through Thoughtful Offboarding


"Digital enterprise communities can give new and long-time employees alike a forum where they can voice their opinions through discussions, surveys and focus groups, and connect with teammates and leaders, as well as interest- or location-based groups. Your enterprise community not only provides the tactical means to gather employee input, it also allows you to measure engagement. During onboarding, for instance, you can centralize all related materials, then evaluate the sentiment and impact of every interaction with your onboarding content. These metrics will quickly identify whether your onboarding experience is resonating with people and where you can improve."


Read the article here:

Enjoy! Please comment below with your thoughts and feedback!


Learn more about employee engagement best practices at Aurea Experience 18!

Boot Camp is FREE for the first time ever! If you haven't registered yet, please do so here: Experience '18 | Aurea Software Hope to see many of you at AE18!

If your business is looking to truly improve the employee experience and increase engagement, it’s not enough to just roll out an intranet and hope that does the trick. While putting the right platform in place is important, it is essential to also have digital leaders who advocate for your community’s transformative power across the organization.

Royal Bank of Canada's Aaron Kim

That’s why we’d like to congratulate our customer Aaron Kim, head of Digital Workplace Solutions at the Royal Bank of Canada, who was recently awarded Digital Leader of the Year by Digital Workplace Group (DWG) in partnership with Simpler Media Group (SMG)/CMSWire. The prestigious award recognized Aaron for his leadership on RBC Connect, Royal Bank of Canada’s enterprise community (powered by Jive), among other projects.


Through Aaron’s leadership, RBC Connect has grown to more than 63,000 active users and 3,600-plus active communities. His strategy for the next five years is to continue evolving RBC Connect to meet the company’s and employees’ ever-changing needs. By doing so, Aaron’s goal is to keep the RBC Connect experience for employees simple and keep their engagement high.


One of the things that most impresses us about Aaron is that he makes time to contribute to the broader business community by sharing his valuable insights around collaboration, digital transformation, and trends in business communications. Check out his latest articles in Biznology or this recent video interview from Intra.NET Reloaded Boston.

We’re also pleased to announce that Aaron and his colleague – Sajneet Sodhi, program IT director at RBC – will speak at Aurea Experience 18 in New Orleans this December about how they’re expanding the Global 500 bank’s use of Jive to take adoption and engagement to the next level. Interested in attending? You can still grab a spot here:


Royal Bank of Canada's Aaron Kim will speak at Aurea Experience 18

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