As an Aurea customer, hopefully you have experienced Aurea’s new Customer Support Portal. The Portal offers an exciting and content-rich way to get your questions answered, share ideas with other users, and learn more about Aurea products that can potentially solve your biggest challenges.



Here are some of the Portal’s most significant features:


The new Knowledge Base - Our new Knowledge Base offers a single location where you can search documentation, published support knowledge, community postings, and even relevant cases you previously submitted. It is a one-stop-shop for all the specific documentation related to a particular topic. Learn more.


Known defect tracking - You can now see when an issue has been submitted to engineering as a suspected product defect. Learn more.


Community engagement - In the new Portal, it’s easy to chat with other customers to share best practices, ask & answer questions about your configuration, or reach out to our Product team with suggestions for improvements. Questions or chat threads can be posted to learn from your peers and Aurea experts. Learn more.


Downloadable software updates - Customers with a current software license can download the most recent software updates and hotfixes from the Aurea Support Portal. From the main AureaWorks Support Page, you can go into either Case Management or Knowledge Base, or you can go directly to the Aurea Support Portal.  From there, you’ll see the Download options in the global navigation. Updates are found in our FTP folder linked from the Portal page shown. For older software versions, please submit a support case. Learn more.



Product documentation - You can easily locate product support documentation in the Portal. The screenshot below demonstrates where to find it, or you can always access documentation via a Knowledge Base query. Learn more.



Case submittal - You can also submit cases in the Portal. Platinum customers will see their dedicated hotline telephone number on the same screen in case urgent action is necessary. Learn more.



At Aurea Support, we’re continually striving to improve our operation. We survey our customers’ experience after every case is resolved. We review the results of each survey and may contact you to learn more about how we can better assist you. We appreciate your time completing these surveys. Your feedback helps drive improvements where it will have the biggest impact for you.


If you have any feedback regarding the Support Portal, please feel free to contact me.


Ware Hartwell