User groups are small regional meetings where users of a common software platform come together to meet new people, learn how others are solving problems, and share experiences.  User groups can be regular affairs with some meeting monthly, while others quarterly or just a few times a year. In a self-organizing or independent user group, it is up to the members of the group to set the agenda, choose the frequency, and select the locations.  Regular user groups can help members get more value from their common solution.


Aurea is renewing our focus on Jive user groups this year and would like to invite you to reinvigorate user groups in your region.  To do this we will help you to invite new users, manage the registration process, provide experts, help with catering, and provide support to find a venue.  Our goal is to keep these as self-run events where you, the users, control the cadence and topics.


Here are the services that Aurea can provide to help leaders manage their user groups:

Kick Off call with user group leader:

  • Discuss the meeting plan (ideally 4 weeks in advance)
  • Identify what support is needed from Aurea.


  • Create and send e-mail invites
  • Provide a unique registration page and list of users attending
  • AureaWorks blog post to promote awareness of the user group
  • Follow-up emails and registration confirmations
  • Manage attendee list - communicate with the organizer

Content and Snacks:

  • Identify Aurea Speakers and prepare presentations
  • Deliver giveaways and fund catering or a reception

If your interested in leading or scheduling your next user group meeting in your area please contact Timothy Davis


Here are the user group meetings that are in the works now:


Please take a look at Jive User Group Program in our Customer Hub communications area for more information.  Don't have access to the Customer Hub? Request access here.


Looking forward to working with you in the future.


Timothy Davis