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The current coronavirus pandemic has shifted the landscape of our daily lives in countless ways. As we navigate new territory at home and at work, one thing is clear: communication has never been more important.  Organizations are moving quickly to ensure they have the right tools to stay connected to employees and provide critical, real-time information. Many are also navigating how to support employees during the transition to remote work arrangements.


Over these last few weeks, we’ve seen a dramatic spike in usage across our products that provide exactly these types of services. Jive usage has risen almost 30% and demand for AlertFind, our emergency mass notification system, has jumped significantly as well. As an Aurea customer, access to these tools is included in your current Aurea subscription. If you’re not already, you can start using them today.


These unprecedented circumstances have businesses looking for fast solutions to new challenges. Our bundle of remote work and notification solutions can help. AlertFind is a great place to start. It’s the world’s leading emergency mass notification system, designed for scenarios precisely like COVID-19.


With AlertFind, you can:

  • Quickly send multi-channel notifications to any size group via email, landline, mobile phone, and SMS text message
  • Allow team members to respond, enabling two-way communication to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible
  • Exceed the industry’s most stringent requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy


Getting started is easy. It’s one of the most lightweight products in the library and Basic implementation is available at no additional cost. If you need to quickly integrate AlertFind into existing systems, consider Premium onboarding. We offer multiple integrations and work with you to define your requirements.


Regardless of your implementation package, licenses, message delivery, and support for AlertFind are all included with your Unlimited subscription. Read the datasheet for more information on AlertFind capabilities.


Other Aurea solutions can also support the “new normal” of remote work. AlertFind plays a key role in Aurea Crisis Management, where it integrates with Jive to provide a comprehensive communication hub during a crisis like the current coronavirus. As a standalone solution, Jive Interactive Internet enables effective collaboration and boosts productivity as the workforce shifts toward telecommuting.


These challenging times demand news ways of thinking and acting to keep both people and businesses healthy. As your partner, we encourage you to take advantage of these solutions to put you and your organization in a position to succeed. Reach out to your Account Executive to get started.

This morning we announced the pending acquisition of BroadVision - a provider of powerful document creation and collaboration tools that will strengthen our collaboration suite of products.


This addition strengthens our collaboration suite of products, and provides a solution to many organizations particularly in highly regulated industries for complex document creation and publishing.


As we welcome BroadVision customers to the Aurea family, I look forward to sharing more information about the acquisition -- as well as opportunities for Aurea customers to leverage this solution through the Unlimited product library.

It is the third time in a row we publish a survey about the different Aurea CRM versions our clients use. Some might remember my blog “Patch and Relax: It is Version 11.9 (ACRM)” published in 2019. I wrote about the really good quality of 11.7ff and I announced to check again in 2020!


Now it is done and the survey shows: The majority of our customers use Version 11.


Our sample contains 48 customers. Of course it is not the entire Aurea CRM community but I think it is representative and I hope many can use the figures to compare with their own Aurea CRM installation.


I am proud that so many SYNERGY customers switched to Version 11. From the list of all the good reasons I want to phrase out these TOP 3:


  1. It is a fact and proven that Aurea CRM improved the performance in many areas
  2. We appreciate Aureas investments in compatibility to MS SQL 2017, MS Office 2019, Windows Server 2019 …
  3. Data model limitations were removed in (field size).


That might sound engineered driven – instead of boosting fancy features. But as we all know the Aurea CRM is still one of the most powerful CRM solutions in sales, marketing and service processes.


I speak for many other Aurea CRM customers if I wish that Aurea delivers improvements and enhancements even in the future, f.e. the “two factor authentification” …!


If you like to share more details with me please let me know!  Give me call +49 172 4518730 or any comment on this plattform.

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