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Consulting for my clients I am often asked “Why should our enterprise leadership even care about this Social Collaboration Stuff? (my livelihood, my passion, my zealotry is now “Stuff”)  And I reply that one of the things they gain is a wider audience inside the organization for their ideas, opinions and world view.


So I am speaking at JiveWorld13 this year (Advanced Community Management Track – Open Leadership: Gaining Executive Engagement) and I realize that I am in the unenviable position of being a consultant who has to take his own advice – I am going to broaden my audience for my ideas, opinions and world view.  I have to take this Social Collaboration Stuff, and wave my flag and that of JiveWorld13, my talk; and that of my trusty sidekick (although I am sure she would say that I am her sidekick) and co-speaker Nikki Bussard.


Coach.jpgSo here goes.  If you attend our talk, not only will you get to see witty, charming, erudite and humble me (and Nikki!) give a life changing and life affirming talk about why and how you can get leaders engaged in your community, you will also be attending JiveWorld13.  JiveWorld is the only conference of its kind that offers practical advice and ideas from time-tested practitioners – AND teaches you how you can transform your organization to be more efficient, effective, fun and cool – at the same time.  And couldn’t we all use a little more cool in our work lives?

I found my life’s purpose at JiveWorld (“I create a more peaceful planet by working to eliminate the Reply-All email with attachment.”) and it will make you smarter at what you do – which is supposed to be making your organization better, faster and stronger. You will meet other people who have also drunk the social collaboration Kool-Aid and will willingly – enthusiastically even – impart to you incredible pearls of wisdom – that they often learned the (very) hard way.


When you come to my session and others, you will be doing IRL (In Real Life) what you preach in your communities every day – but you will do it better.  You will make friends.  You will meet some of the Jivers who helped you out of a jam that time (Remember when you removed all the permissions from your root space and couldn’t see anything?  Yeah…that time.)


JiveWorld is the cool school you never got to go to, and Gaining Executive Engagement is the cool kids table.  You’ll learn how to get your leaders and executives engaged and stay engaged.  Plus, we have cookies!  (Not really, but come anyway.)


Benjamin Taub is the Director of Enterprise Collaboration at Akira Technologies and is a graybeard in the federal enterprise collaboration space and has multiple, successful implementations of Jive under his belt.  Information on his JiveWorld13 talk with Nikki Bussard – "Gaining Executive Engagement" is HERE on the JiveWorld13 Agenda.



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