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It has been amazing to watch business functions evolve as the ‘social’ wave continues to make a splash (check out the The Path to Social Englightenment Infographic). One of the hot trends we’re hearing right now from our customers is a measurable uptick in efficiency and productivity as they apply social business software to their sales force.




The answer is actually quite simple. Sales is a largely a social function. You don’t sell to machines, you sell to people. You also  don’t sell alone – you need a team behind you to win. A fully  productive sales team needs access to the right information, the right  expertise and the right tools - in real time – to give them the edge to win. A social sales strategy needs to be pervasive, meaning it is not limited to a single sales use case. The ability to connect across  boundaries – partners, customers and employees – is absolutely critical  to take full advantage of the new way to business and can have a big impact on both direct and indirect sales channels.




A picture is worth a 1000 words. We created the infographic below called “Any Given Sales Day” to illustrate the difference between the old and new way of selling.  You can download a copy for yourself as part of our Sales Enablement Toolkit.


We'd love to hear more stories.  How are you using Jive for sales enablement? Comment below.


Want to learn more about the new way to sell? Browse the Sales Enablement Toolkit.

Our friends at Cisco have created an amazing contest that not only helps to strengthen and value Cisco’s own community, but also reaches out to rebuild another.


Cisco Support Channel (CSC) Helps Haiti” is an inspired idea.  For every rating a user leaves on a piece of community content, Cisco will donate $1 to the American Red Cross on behalf of Haiti, up to a total of $10,000.  Cisco’s CSC is powered by Jive SBS and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring more attention to such an important endeavor.


The suffering continues more than two months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, with an estimated 1.2 million Haitians still homeless.  Now the country will try to brace for the start of the hurricane season in June.


The altruistic nature of this contest truly embodies the idea of  “one community helping another.”  Providing honest feedback helps the entire Cisco community to value contributors, as well as find and utilize the best answers and information.  Combined with a charitable opportunity, feedback becomes even more powerful and translates into sharing life-changing donations for Haitians to rebuild their own community.


Tim Albright of the CSC created this campaign.  In his YouTube video about CSC Helps Haiti, he said, “Sharing and helping is what makes a community work.”  We couldn’t say it any better.


Inspired?  We hope so. Use the example of CSC Helps Haiti to inspire something similar for your own organization.  Please pass it on.  And if you have a rating, please share it now.

I read a McKinsey executive survey recently that found 71% of enterprises are using Web 2.0 technologies for training purposes.  Given the natural connection of learning and social networking, the popularity should come as no surprise, but that adoption rate number just seems to leap off the page.


It points to something important that anyone involved in eLearning knows instinctively: Social Business Software has the power to take eLearning to an entirely new level.  When we give people the same kind of tools they've fallen in love with in their personal lives (Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn on the career side) and allow them to use these tools as a way to seek out and share information, we give people a new relationship with eLearning - a relationship on their terms.


Ben Kiker, our CMO, spoke with Dawn Poulus, VP of Marketing for Xyleme as part of their podcast series, Xyleme Voices, talking about how companies like Swiss Re, Toshiba, Yum! Brands and CSC, are using Jive to address issues of employee and partner on boarding, expertise location and employee collaboration.


Also in the podcast, Ben touches upon who your greatest allies and assets can be within the organization, and who will help drive the adoption and engagement you're craving for your social learning strategy.  These stories are real, the results are powerful, and the implications that social learning has for business is profound.


Tune into Ben's podcast, and listen to the future of eLearning.

Jive customer Taleo has gone public to promote the huge success of its talent management community, Talent Grid, which is in part powered by Jive SBS. Just launched in September ’09, Taleo now reports that the Talent Grid community has “exceeded its development and usage goals” so it’s creating a separate business unit “to support its rapid growth and adoption.”  Congratulations to Taleo!!


Here’s my favorite part from the Taleo press release:

“Talent Grid offers Taleo customers unprecedented value and the ability to drive superior business performance. This is made possible by harnessing the power of collaboration. By pairing social networking with Talent Management, Taleo's Talent Grid is bringing together thousands, and potentially millions, to share knowledge, offer insights and solve problems.”

I love stories that show Social Business Software being adopted at rates and user sizes that are, well, like what you see in public social networks.  And as Taleo says, they could see millions benefitting from the collaboration happening on Talent Grid, including “the potential to bring together more than 200 million candidates and 550,000 new jobs each quarter into one community” through the Taleo Talent Exchange. In the Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 world, this is where the rubber meets the road in a seriously big way.


So I am cheering hard for Taleo to get to 200 million users, which would be almost 3 times the number of Twitter registered users. But make no mistake, Taleo can’t afford to post a “Fail Whale”(LINK) like Twitter users have come to accept or worry about the privacy of a candidate’s information. That’s why Jive spends so much time on the behind the scenes on scalability and security (LINK), capabilities that have been critical to making SBS successful in the enterprise.


Jive customers continue to be the best at telling great stories of their success. And there are some incredible opportunities to hear from a number of them, whether on their own, on a customer webcast, at JiveWorld or through our much anticipated Get Social Tour which is coming soon to a city near you. These are real SBS experts so listen up!

The tour bus is packed, amps have been checked, and yes my friends, we are ready to rock!


Jive's Get Social Tour begins April 21st in Los Angeles, and continues on a ten-city road trip through June 18th:




For those of you wondering why we felt the need to take the Social Business Software show on the road, the answer is simple. In nearly every conversation we have with prospects and customers, there is a palpable sense of confusion and anxiety around where to begin, who's offering what in the market, and how best to convince everyone else in the company that Social is where things are headed.


We truly believe that social is the biggest thing to happen to the enterprise since the dawn of email, but hearing Jive strategic consultants and product gurus alone talk about it only goes so far. To that end, we’ll also have some of our most interesting customers teaching audiences in half-day seminars how they tapped the power of social networking, customer communities, social media monitoring, and why it’s made such a material difference in their company’s performance.


These sessions will not be a series of one way monologues. Come prepared to interact, ask questions, and connect with others who find themselves facing the same kinds of challenges you face. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops that best suit your situation, and be prepared to come away with an entirely new understanding of what’s possible, and how to move social business forward inside your business.


Take a morning to get grounded in social business. You can't afford not to.


Click here to get more details or register today. See you on the Tour!

During this roller-coaster economy, it’s crucial for financial services companies to provide innovative and cost-effective services to their clients. While some may think of financial services as being more traditional, Fiserv is turning this assumption on its head as they tap into Jive Social Business Software for communication, collaboration, and most importantly innovation.  Using Jive SBS, Fiserv introduced the Boardroom Series, a great, industry-first example of how bank and credit union executives can harness social technology to their advantage. Read more about it in Fiserv's announcement on the Boardroom Series and use of Jive SBS.


This new customer community is a key differentiator for Fiserv since there isn’t anything else like it within the industry today, and most importantly, it’s providing a huge value-add to their clients.  The numbers are telling of the momentum it has gained in just the past six months.  Fiserv launched the Boardroom Series in the summer of 2009 and so far has enrolled more than 2,300 executives, representing more than 1,000 banks and 600 credit unions, about ten percent of its client base.


Fiserv chose Jive because of our powerful scalability, customization, and flexibility options, as well as Jive’s thought leadership within the industry.  Since the launch last summer, we have witnessed great success stories from Fiserv and its customers as a result of the Boardroom Series.  Jive is thrilled to provide the technology backbone to help propel this success, and it is another great opportunity for us to continue to expand Jive’s versatility.


If you’re wondering if a bet on social software depends on smoother market conditions, consider Fiserv’s success. The reality is that SBS is a critical solution, no matter what the "stop and go" economy has served up.

KMWorld Knowledge Management Awrad logoWe’re off and running with our first award for 2010!  The KMWorld editorial staff recently named Jive Software to the "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" for 2010.


For three years running, Jive has been placed on this influential list. It's an immense honor to be included among leading knowledge management companies who are pushing the envelope about enhancing knowledge workers' ability to discover expertise and innovate.


Our approach is definitely cutting-edge and not your "mother’s" knowledge management system.  In the past few years, an entirely new stream of knowledge and information has been unleashed via the social media phenomenon. Jive is at the mouth of this river, catching and bringing forward exactly what enterprises need to be successful.


Jive understands, knowledge capture and its management has to be more like an ecosystem and less like a machine.  It must also be stored in a common, discoverable location that makes it easy to share and collaborate about with others. Most importantly, the knowledge must be shared in context to be appreciated.  That's where a platform like Jive comes in, as it captures knowledge sharing when it happens, not after the fact. For a deeper look at this, check out Gia Lyons' presentation given at KMWorld 2009:


Whether it’s conversations with customers or internal dialogues, the paradigm for capturing knowledge flows and accelerating its dispersion has changed.  The collecting, sharing and collaborating must happen in a way that is organic and intuitive. It has to augment and unlock existing knowledge silos.  With social media monitoring solutions like Jive Market Engagement, organizations can control and benefit from the the free-flowing fire hose of knowledge sharing within social media. And with Jive Connects for Microsoft SharePoint, they can unify and liberate the knowledge typically locked deep in content management systems.  Some customers using Jive for KM include Bupa, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Swiss Re, CSC, United Business Media, Manheim, Sprint, NetApp, SAP, Luftsansa, T-Mobile, and Yum! Brands.


As the knowledge landscape continues to evolve, we are thrilled that KMWorld recognized us once again as a vital leader.

Nothing makes our day like a customer being recognized for “excellence” in their use of Social Business Software.  The Society for New Communications Research recently presented the prestigious SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards to not one, but FOUR of our customers: Manheim, NetApp, SAP and Sprint. The detailed case studies found here truly capture the essence of the biggest issues facing enterprises as we move into 2010 and beyond.  It’s anything but business as usual.


For Manheim, their Jive implementation needed to show senior management, “the business benefits of social and how it will be crucial in helping us meet our changing communications needs,” according to Jennifer Bouani from Manheim.  This is an issue many companies face, and the case study has some wonderful insights into how they pulled off such great success.


Take Sprint as another example – they launched an internal community to positively impact its reputation among employees and building brand ambassadors from the inside out, calling the community “Sprint Space.”  Sprint Space is open to all 49,000 employees, and from what Sprint has reported, they are seeing high levels of adoption among its customer facing employees in retail store and customer service operations - approximately 75% of Sprint's employee base.


NetApp launched NetApp Live using Jive SBS as part of a major rebranding effort to provide employees with a new tool to help them help customers "Go further, faster." After an initial pilot for just over 1,000 users, adoption jumped to more than 8,468 in a little over 12 months.


Lastly, SAP America was recognized for excellence in Collaboration and Co-Creation for its University Alliance Program which is based on Jive SBS. The University Alliance Program represents 900 member campuses in more than 40 countries. To date, over 175,000 students are registered on the system with a goal to have over one million students active in the community by 2012.  Using the system, hundreds of jobs have been filled by applicants who were connected to the community via the job board and the community has generated interest among the larger SAP community network. It is now accessed via the top link tab across the entire system -- as seen by 1.8 million SAP users.


The people behind these initiatives are truly the heroes of the Social Business Software movement – the people changing the way we all work.  We congratulate each of you, and thank you for your perseverance and vision.

Ever noticed how some companies are able to not only survive tough economic conditions, but actually excel?  Jive customer ArcSight is one of those companies.


As a bit of background, ArcSight, who recently announced 39% year over year growth during their Q2 earnings call, provides security and compliance management solutions that protect businesses and government agencies.  Their customer list is impressive – T-Mobile, McAfee, the Defense Information Systems Agency, the FAA... the list goes on.


What I found most interesting about them was this – nearly 50% of ArcSight’s revenue comes from existing customers.  With this in mind, they re-launched a new and improved version of their external community (powered by Jive's public community software) at their user conference that encourages customers to connect with each other to share mission critical information, and to encourage each other with stories of success or trials and errors.  For the notoriously private, "close to the vest" security community, this is a very big deal.  It turns out, there was a tremendous hunger to share and receive information with trusted associates about what’s working and not working… all they needed was the right communications channel, which is what PROTECT 724 has become.


Also, a key engine powering their solution is the information shared by customers including content they’ve created, and rules that alert when malicious activity occurs in the network. In other words, the more customers who share the ArcSight content, the stronger the solution becomes.  Although the community only launched in mid-Sept, they have already seen a significant uptick in the number of people sharing.


For ArcSight, this is only the beginning.  In the second and third phases of their community plans, they’ll be introducing greater levels of sophistication in what Social Business Software can do for their business and their customers.

It's hard to believe that JiveWorld09 concluded just a few short weeks ago. It was clearly one of the biggest and most powerful gathering of enterprise social business leaders.


While the success of our inaugural community conference outpaced our own expectations, I've been just as excited about the post-event feedback, discussions and customer requests. What I'm hearing both validates our strategic vision and provides valuable insights to help deepen and broaden our value to the enterprise.


The team here has been busy formatting and organizing conference content to ensure your ease of access. Thanks to nearly 30 customers and partners and Jive's own product experts and strategic consultants, there is a ton of free, valuable content that is now available to you on the JiveWorld event site.


This includes real-world case studies with lessons you can apply immediately at work. Thought-provoking questions and key takeaways for maximizing results with Social Business Software. And impressive metrics and outcomes that exceeded the expectations of the customers sharing them. (Please note -- a few clients requested their content not be published online. So if you detect an omission of content, that's why.)


If you attended, we know you've eagerly awaited this content and we thank you for your patience. Now you can make up the sessions you missed, or get a refresher on what you heard.


If you couldn't get to JiveWorld09, this is goldmine. The most current thinking, strategies and practical applications of Social Business Software in global enterprises is now at your fingertips.


As always, we'd love your feedback and questions in the JiveWorld Community. Together, we'll keep the conversation going until next year -- when the conference will be even bigger and better.

We at Jive are obviously a bit biased, but we are big believers in the idea of “community.”  Online communities have the power to connect people, unearth game changing ideas, and give voice to people who otherwise might not be heard.  But despite having drunk the kool-aid, I think anyone who manages an online community will tell you it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.  For many companies, it can sometimes feel as if there is a river of activity and conversations happening, but no easy way to capture the sentiments, ideas and insights in a seamless way that allows the organization to take action on what they learn.


That’s why our customers are so excited about the Jive Bridging module in 4.0. In just a few clicks, you can capture a conversation happening in the community and begin socializing it within the organization – behind the firewall – gathering input and feedback almost instantly, and then providing a response just as easily. This is going WAY beyond what others have been promising with  Social CRM.


With the magnitude of the Jive SBS 4.0 release, jive bloggers decided to team up on the news and split it into digestible pieces. In this series of posts, we delve deep into the new mobile tools, bridging public and private realms together, deep Microsoft Office integration, and provide a high level perspective of Jive SBS 4.0.


Dave Hersh on Jive SBS 4.0

Bill Lynch on Jive Connects for Microsoft Office

Even though I've been using Jive for over two years, I still have those moments at work when I'm reminded, "Wow, getting this project done/question answered/problem solved would have never been possible if I still worked the way I used to."


At the Jive offices, we all have a better appreciation for what it means to work together. Which is why I am really excited about our video contest, "What Does Jive Together Mean To You?", which we launched last week.


We launched this contest because we plan to do a creative mashup for our inaugural community conference, JiveWorld09, that's taking place in late October. (BTW, have you checked out the amazing agenda and customer sessions lined up?)


What does "Jiving together" mean to the companies and pioneers who are leading the effort to integrate the social web into their business environment? We've left the question open-ended purposely because it has to be.  There are infinite variations to this question depending on industry, company lifecycle, culture and initiatives. And you're invited -- whether or not you can make it to the conference -- to post your video in response to ours. Besides the inspiration we hope our customer EMC and our own video will provide, here are some fun videos people have posted about Facebook and Twitter.


We'd love to have you enter the contest. It's also a chance to win a Flip HD Camcorder (shameless promotional plug ).  So what are you waiting for? Can't wait to see what you dream up.



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