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The New Way to IPO

Posted by deirdrewalsh Jan 12, 2012

In my role at Jive, I'm responsible for the head-spinning job of doing social media marketing for the social business leader.  In other words, up until recently, my parents had no idea what I did for a living. But that all changed when I helped market Jive's IPO.


The core philosophy of our social program at Jive is to Engage Employees, Engage Customers, and Engage the Social Web in order to help accomplish real business objectives. This mantra came to life as we reached a major corporate milestone. I'm always preaching that we should "Jive on Jive," so I wanted to share with you a brief case study of how we used our own products to accomplish a New Way to IPO.


Engage Employees.

  • Marketing Enablement. As you can imagine, an IPO takes lots of internal coordination and collaboration between executives, finance, legal, marketing, etc. It was key to be able to find the people, content and expertise needed to coordinate this important event, so we utilized our own software.  Additionally, using out-of-the-box features in Jive, we were able to centralize knowledge and set strict privacy controls. These measures ensured that only key employees and outside legal and financial contractors could discuss and stay updated on the IPO progress.


  • Executive Communications. During major checkpoints throughout the process, such as filing the S-1, the Jive executive team including our CEO, CFO and Chief Legal Counsel provided key updates to the entire company through their internal blogs.  Each post simultaneously reached our 400 employees around the world and enabled them to comment in real-time with any questions or thoughts.


  • Corporate Culture. Jive wouldn't be Jive without a little fun.  To celebrate listing on the NASDAQ, our internal community manager and designers launched a fresh new theme.  This was an easy and fun way for employees around the world to see the impact of the IPO. 



Engage Customers

  • Jive Community.  At Jive, we know this exciting day wouldn't have been possible without our awesome customers; therefore, we paid tribute to them on the Jive Community. From the huge thank you banner to showcasing their tweets and videos, we wanted to celebrate with our community.  Jive's CEO Tony Zingale wrote a corporate blog post announcing the news, we had a livestream to the opening ceremony (as well as a YouTube video for those who missed it), and a place for the community to discuss the IPO. 


  • In-Person Event.  We also realized that as much as we love doing everything online, there is no replacing face-to-face interactions.  Therefore, we invited key community members to be onsite at NASDAQ.  They live blogged the event, recorded time capsule video messages, and celebrated with by toasting each other and Jive executives.


Engage The Social Web.

  • Social Media Monitoring. Throughout the entire IPO process, we used Jive's social media monitoring application Fathom Pro. This tool enabled us to mine the social Web for corporate mentions; identify key influencers and PR opportunities; and quickly uncover conversations impacting the brand. We were also able to analyze the effectiveness of product campaigns during the quiet period.

  • Social Media Marketing. Obviously, one of our business objectives was to share and monitor the exciting news; however, this was more than a public relations campaign. We also wanted to bridge the physical and digital worlds so that we could thank and celebrate with our entire ecosystem of employees, customers, partners and investors. Since we couldn't bring everyone to the Big Apple, we decided to bring it to them. We created a unique Twitter hashtag for the occasion - #jiveipo - and invited folks to join the online conversation.  We gathered, moderated, and then displayed tweets on the 7-story NASDAQ building in Times Square. We also had a livestream video display so that people could see themselves appear in Times Square and share it with their social networks.  Beyond the marquee, we posted live updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that included rich-media like photos and YouTube videos ( Jive Lists on NASDAQ - Opening Ceremony - YouTube).




Obviously, this social effort required the help of all-stars throughout the company including executives, the internal and external community managers, designers and developers, marketers, etc.  And as an end-user of Jive since 2007, this was an extremely special day for me personally.  I was thrilled to be able to showcase the power of Jive during an awesome event.  Comment below with your questions and feedback!

Jive Social Media Monitoring Helps Quest Software Increase their Social Reach by 90%


Today, Jive introduced a new member of our social media monitoring app family, called Fathom. It's available for free from the Jive Apps Market, making it easer than ever for all Jive 5 users to listen to the social web. Read more about Fathom at Can you Fathom the future of the social web? To explore the increasingly critical role that social media monitoring plays for our customers, I sat down with Megan Cynaumon, Social Media Coordinator at Quest Software. Over the past year, Quest has had great success using Fathom's full-featured cousin, Fathom Pro, to get closer to their customer base and gain new insights into their market and competitors.

Hi Megan. So tell me a little about Quest and your work there.

We’re an IT systems management company, providing tools for managing databases and other systems. As the Social Media Coordinator here, I’m Quest’s point person on the social web. I monitor social media--including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, and more--for content that's important to the company. This includes comments and complaints from customers, support and sales questions, and information about our competitors and industry. I capture relevant observations and route them to key people in our various business units, such as product marketing and support managers. I analyze trends and sometimes engage in direct dialogue with social media users.


Why did you start using Jive social media monitoring?

We needed more visibility into the social web, and we weren't getting that using native social network tools. We also couldn’t report metrics about social web chatter in any meaningful way. We were missing important feedback about our company, our competitors and our market, and we weren't able to effectively track the impact of our campaigns.


So you have been using Fathom Pro for some time now, could you describe how you have been using it?

Fathom Pro is a big part of my job. It’s my primary social media listening tool. It alerts me to conversations of interest from a wide range of social media sources and allows me to easily share the information with my colleagues. It also helps me analyze social data and identify trends. Specifically, I’ve set up a large number of monitors (more than 500) using various combinations of search terms to track information important to our business units. For example, we monitor hashtags for topics related to our company, our competitors, and industry. And we create our own unique hashtags for Quest events, contests, and campaigns—this is a great way to track the response to and impact of each initiative. I share valuable observations with coworkers by posting them to groups in our Jive-powered internal community. I create monthly reports for each of our business units, summarizing statistics such as mentions of our company versus competitor mentions.


What do you see as the primary benefits?

We're better informed, on a minute-to-minute basis, on what people are saying and thinking about issues vital to our company. And because of that we can engage the public in more effective ways. I often reach out to people directly to clear up misinformation, resolve complaints, and connect them with someone in our company who can help them. That kind of dialogue has helped us build brand loyalty, and to spot potential problems and turn them around quickly. It's also helped me drive users to our public-facing Jive community, by directing them to resources and people who can assist them with their questions and issues.


Can you give an example of a customer issue you were able to resolve?

We had a key influencer—a widely read blogger—who posted that she’d had a bad experience with our phone sales. Fathom Pro alerted me to her post, and we were able to contact her and address the issue within hours. As a result, she quickly followed up with a post saying, “Quest took care of it.” That’s just one example of how Jive has enabled us to deal with issues as they arise, to become a really agile company that clearly listens to and responds to customers’ needs.


How about internally, has there been an effect on users? Any effect to the culture?

It's been great. I want to stress that it's not just me doing social media monitoring. We have a number of people in seven of our business units who also use Fathom Pro. The fact that it's very convenient to use and supports any number of users without extra fees (unlike some of the other products out there) makes it really easy to spread the capability around the organization. And that's really important, because the goal is to become a listening company. Fathom Pro has helped make that a reality at Quest. We've also come up with some creative ways to increase employee involvement with social media. We held a contest to see who could use one of our Twitter hashtags over a short period. We used Fathom Pro to monitor the results and pick the winner. The winner was an employee who managed to tweet 100 times over four hours!


What features of Fathom Pro do you, personally, find especially useful?

I like the breadth of data sources, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs, forums, news services, and even RSS feeds. The search capabilities are great, enabling us to set up a wide variety of highly targeted monitors. We have a broad portfolio of products, initiatives and acquisitions, so we need a lot of monitors to track different kinds of information. Fathom Pro’s sharing and analytic capabilities are also very helpful, letting me quickly pass key information to colleagues in our Jive community, and to generate periodic reports.


Lastly, for anybody starting out in a similar positions as yours, what advice would you have to offer them?

When I began, I was hesitant to respond directly to commenters on the social web. Now I know it’s imperative to respond, and to do so quickly. I try not to let anything slip by me and to respond as quickly as possible. It lets people know we’re here, we’re paying attention, and we care. It’s helped humanize us. In effect, our social media outreach has become the public face of our company. By enabling us to listen better, Fathom Pro is a big part of that.

iStock_000018166765XSmall.jpgThe approach of New Year's Day has me not only looking back over the major Jive milestones of 2011, but more importantly, thinking about the future.  The holidays are the time of year to reflect and promise to adopt a variety of goals. 


Do these sound familiar?

            • Quit...drinking, smoking, over-eating
            • Start...working out, spending more time with the family, learning how to play the piano
            • Get...organized, out of debt, a new haircut
            • Give...time, money

I've found that the best New Year's resolutions are specific, measurable, and offer a reward that you don't have to wait 365 days to evaluate. 


So, Jive Community, I want to hear from you: What are your 2012 Social Business Resolutions?







Previous Days of Conversation:

Day 10: Where do you draw the line for social in your business?

Day 9:  What do you do to reward participation in your online community?

Day 8:  What movie quote best represents the state of your social business?

Day 7: What is next on your social business To-Do list?

Day 6: Who is your Social Santa?

Day 5: Where is your social business beard?

Day 4: What social traditions do you participate in during the holiday season?

Day 3: How social are you at your company during the holidays?

Day 2: How has your social business platform helped your company "tighten the belt"?

Day 1:  Why did you choose your social business platform?

Introducing the 12 Days of Conversations ...

Registration for JiveWorld11 has official opened. Here are the Top 5 to Stay Connected Before, During and After the show (even for the folks stuck in their office this week):


get connected icons.jpg


1. JiveWorld11 Community:

Either from your laptop or the official JiveWorld11 mobile app, you can share pictures, updates and more with the entire JiveWorld11 community.


2. Twitter:

Broadcast brief messages to colleagues and other attendees from your laptop or mobile phone and receive valuable conference information from Jive staff. Remember to type #jw11 in your tweet to send updates to the entire JiveWorld community on Twitter.


3. LinkedIn:

Make a lot of new contacts at JiveWorld? Build your network of connections on LinkedIn and exchange information, ideas, and professional opportunities.


4. Facebook:

Want to be friends? Stay up to date on conference news, get special discounts, and connect with other attendees by “liking” Jive on Facebook. You can also connect with fellow customers and get company news and resources.


5. YouTube:

View videos contributed by Jive staff and other conference attendees of cool product demonstrations from the exhibition as well as interviews with Jive leadership and industry experts.

As Jive's social media manager, I'm always experimenting with new and cool technologies. Although geeky, it's not uncommon for me to spend my weekend debating the best new mobile app or the validity of the Words with Friends dictionary. However, my true passion lies when I get to take interesting social tools and apply them to the enterprise.  That's why I was super excited when I discovered CrowdFactory, a Jive Apps Partner. This sweet app makes it easy to create social offers and contests; embed social elements into traditional ads, videos, landing pages; empower brand advocates; build a social database; and track ROI!


Within 10 minutes, I was able to setup an Facebook campaign that rewards Jive brand advocates like you!


Here's how it works:

Step 1: Visit Jive's Facebook Page

Step 2: Like Us, if you haven't already

Step 3: Tap into Your Network. Tell them to meet you at JiveWorld11 in Las Vegas.

Step 4: Track Your Progress. When 3 colleagues or friends click on the unique link from your share, you'll get an email with a special confirmation code.

Step 5: Enter this code here and get $200 off JiveWorld11 registration.

Step 6: Get ready to be blown away at the premier Social Business conference!


Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 11.10.40 AM.png

Have questions, thoughts, or feedback on this offer? Comment below.

iStock_000003673612XSmall.jpgWe have awesome customers and want to give you, the social change agents, a chance to be recognized.


Each year, the Society for New Communications Research presents the prestigious SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards. The Society’s prestigious awards program honors individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and media outlets that are innovating the use of social media and Internet communications technologies (ICT) in the areas of business, media, journalism and professional communications, entertainment, education, social initiatives, government and politics.


Full information on this award can be found online, and I've provided some highlighted details below:

· There are 6 leading categories for submission

· In 2010, in addition to the 6 awards categories, awards entitled “Commendations of Merit and Commendations of Excellence” were also presented to nearly 30 additional organizations that submitted case studies to the awards program.

· Submissions are $75 each, with winning case studies having been published in previous years

·  If selected, awards are given at the SNCR Research Symposium & Awards Gala held on Thursday, November 3rd through Friday, November 4th at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA

·  In addition to the gala, a press release will be issued announcing the winners, which recipients typically leverage for outreach (recipients also have issued a press release on their respective wins)


The deadline for the submission is Friday, September 9, 2011.


internal_community_manager external_community_managers jive_champion

Some people picture SXSW Interactive like this...

Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 2.09.55 PM.png

(Photo by Deirdre Walsh)


...BUT it's also a great networking, technology-pimpin' and best practice sharing conference that has a lot to offer Social Businesses.  I'm not just referring to the next hot start-up either.  Enterprise companies have a lot to gain from the 2012 event. 


Now, I need your help by voting and commenting on the following Jive-submitted sessions.



Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for helping elevated the coolness factor of REAL SOCIAL BUSINESS!


Also, feel free to add your session proposals in the comments section, so others can vote for you.

marketing guy.jpg


Since joining Jive 82 days ago, I've been on a path of enlightenment.


Social Business enlightenment that is.


I've been a road-warrior on a journey to connect with people across industries, departments, and cities who are using our products to make measurable improvements at their organizations.


From  R&D to customer support, I heard business leaders describe how Social Business released them from the shackles of email jail and legacy systems.


Speaking as a former Jive customer, I can say with certainty that, in order to reach corporate nirvana, every department must embrace social.


The fabulous participants in our customer community contributed to an inclusive list of social activities by business unit, which served as the inspiration for this infographic.


Which socially enlightened character best represents you? Leave a comment below and download a copy of the attached infographic for your cube!

(click to enlarge)

social enlightenment.jpg



This week, I'm heading to Boston to cheer on the Sox and talk about my favorite subject - Social Business.

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 6.28.44 PM.png

I'm so excited to join other Jivers, awesome customers, prospects, and friends for a wicked-good time!


Here are the top 5 ways to connect with Jive at E2.0:

5. Play the Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Online or in-person, watch #jivehunt for Jive's #e20conf twitter scavenger hunt! From the expo hall to sessions and online activities, we’re handing out awesome prizes.


4. Stop by Booth 401

See demos of Jive 5 and Offisync in action!


3. Sit at the Cool Kids Table

On Tuesday, lunch is sponsored by Jive. Grab a bite to eat and gab with our customers and employees about Social Business.


2. Engage Jive Speakers

I'm thrilled to be joining awesome Jivers like co-founder Matt Tucker, SVP of Business Development Chris Morace, and our new Chief Social Scientist David Gutelius teaching people about the lastest in Enterprise 2.0.


1. Attend Jive Customer Sessions

Hear it firsthand from the leaders in Social Business as they discuss their success stories and lessons learned.

During the New Way Tour Live Broadcast on 5/24, we are going to host a Social "Press" Conference.


Now, it's your chance to ask the biggest Social Business questions to Tony Zingale, Jive Software CEO.


Here's how to participate:

1. Submit your question below, on Jive Software's Facebook Fan Page, or via Twitter by messaging @JivesoftwareTrisha Liu, the community manager at ArcSight--an HP company, will determine the best, most popular questions and serve as the Community Reporter, representing the voice of the people and submitting the best questions for Jive to address.


2. Tune in on May 24 at 8:30 PST for the live broadcast, where Tony will be addressing the biggest questions from the Social Business community and sharing the New Way to Business.


iStock_000005412602XSmall.jpgDuring my first month on the job, I've been a road warrior on the New Way Tour.  It has been an awesome experience bringing real-world case studies of social business success to cities across North America and Europe.  I just found out that we're going to stream live video of the San Francisco event, so the folks at home can get inspired, learn best practices, and network without leaving their desks!


Date:  May 24, 2011
Time:  8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PST



Mark Yolton, SVP, SAP Community Network
SAP has embraced the new way, and achieved amazing results. Hear @MarkYolton share how mission-critical Social Business is at the fourth-largest software company in the world.


Chris Fletcher, Research Director, Gartner
@ChrisFletcher will share his views on the rapidly growing social business industry.  Hear him share his perspective on what's in store for companies already embracing social, and the implications for the ones that haven' done so yet.


Tony Zingale, CEO, Jive Software
@tonyzingale will share his perspective on the state of Social Business, and what the future of work holds for all of us. You'll also get an exclusive, up-close look the company's latest software release, Jive 5.


Register for the New Way Tour Live Broadcast.

Last week, I hit the road and headed to Dallas for the Jive Software New Way Tour.


It was great to share with fellow business and technology leaders how social is both redefining their roles, and improving the results they are achieving.


Specifically, Jivers helped attendees:

  • Understand how Social Business is transforming the way work gets done, and how businesses should now be operating.
  • Heard from a business leader on how they’ve implemented social to produce measurable business results. Click here to see who the keynote is in your city.
  • Learned more about the business value and technology innovation with Social Business in our track sessions.
  • Networked with fellow trailblazers, who are looking for new ways to engage their employees, customers, and the broader social web.
  • and showed existing Jive customers a peek at Jive 5—our biggest and most important product release.


It's not too late to participate in this great event, but you don't have to take my word for it.  Check this On The Road footage from attendees.


After the success of the 2010 Get Social Tour, Jive is hitting the road again to show you the new way to business.



It's easy to feel lost on the Social Business highway.  Should I create a Facebook page for my company (or more likely what should I do with the 100 already out there)?  How do I spend more time working and less time living out of an email inbox?  How do I use new technologies to measurably impact customer support, marketing and sales?


Starting on April 13, I'm joining other Jivers and customers from companies like T-Mobile and SAP to answer these questions and more.  We will demonstrate how new technologies can fundamentally change the way we work.  As a former customer, I know Jive can help accomplish real business objectives.  It's time to securely bring the awesome consumer technologies that have improved the way we engage and share with our friends into the workplace.


Sign-up today for a free, half-day seminar that will help you network, share, and get free breakfast!





Here are the top 5 reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how to make critical improvements to your marketing, sales and support operations
  2. Listen to innovative customer-led presentations and real-world case studies
  3. Attend specialized tracks for business leaders, technology experts, and current customers
  4. Discover how to deliver a truly collaborative platform and drive innovation, without compromising the security and controls required by the enterprise
  5. Get an exclusive preview of Jive 5 and check out the revolutionary aspects of this platform (for current customers)


2011 New Way Tour schedule:

April 13 - Washington DC featuring CSC

April 20 - Chicago featuring Premier Farnell

April 26 - Dallas featuring Yum! Brands

May 4 - Seattle featuring T-Mobile

May 11 - Boston featuring TBD

May 17 - New York featuring Fidelity

May 24 - San Francisco featuring SAP

May 24 - London featuring BUPA


Hope to see you on the tour, and follow @jivesoftware on Twitter for real-time updates and chances to win sweet prizes.

First day at Jive.jpgToday, I officially started the next phase of my career by joining Jive Software.  After launching a word-class Social Business program at National Instruments, I’m thrilled to move from a Jive customer champion to Jive’s social media champion.


Here is the list of the Top 10 Reasons I Joined Jive:

1. Passion. I’ve been involved in “social” since companies were building profiles on MySpace. Like others, I’ve transformed the program (and the titles  on my business card) from community management to social media marketing to Social Business. Despite the evolution in the last five years, one thing hasn’t changed - my love for connecting people, building valuable relationships, and being a trusted advisor on how “social” can make a real business impact.

2. Products. As a customer, I saw firsthand how Jive’s software improves support operations, customer loyalty, product development, marketing, public  relations, sales and the daily lives of employees. It’s the best enterprise social software for bridging the conversations inside and outside the firewall; intuitively empowering customers and employees; and engaging the social Web. This has been my mantra the last year (see Social Media Pangea).

3. People. Jive’s management team, board, and employees are first class. I’m excited to join some of the industry’s brightest minds in strategy, marketing, product development, etc.

4. Position. I get to DO social media marketing FOR a social business company.  How cool is that?!?

5.  Purpose. Jive is a company with a strong mission - a new way to business.  It is the first company to bring the innovation of the consumer web to the enterprise. And in doing so, makes work great and breaks down the barriers separating employees, customers, and partners.

6. Patrons. Jive has awesome customers. I can’t wait to share stories of how our technology empowers companies like Nike, Intel, and, of course, my former employer National Instruments.

7.  Prestige. Leading industry analysts position Jive as a leader in social software for the workplace.

8.  Partnerships. Jive partners with great companies, like Google and Twitter, who recognize the value of Social Business.

9.  Places. I look forward to building up the Jive user group in Austin, one of the world’s premiere tech-cities, and traveling to great places like San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Boston, etc. evangelizing Jive’s Social Business technology.

10.  Parties. Let’s face it there is no better party than JiveWorld.  The work-hard, play-hard culture is reflected at this stellar event.


I’m excited to take my passion for building valuable relationships to the next level as Jive’s new senior social media manager. Stay tuned to this blog for updates along our social media journey.


Deirdre Walsh (@deirdrewalsh) is an award-winning social business program manager with 9 years of digital media, integrated marketing, online community, and corporate communications experience. You can connect with her on the Jive Community, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or in person!

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