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It is the third time in a row we publish a survey about the different Aurea CRM versions our clients use. Some might remember my blog “Patch and Relax: It is Version 11.9 (ACRM)” published in 2019. I wrote about the really good quality of 11.7ff and I announced to check again in 2020!


Now it is done and the survey shows: The majority of our customers use Version 11.


Our sample contains 48 customers. Of course it is not the entire Aurea CRM community but I think it is representative and I hope many can use the figures to compare with their own Aurea CRM installation.


I am proud that so many SYNERGY customers switched to Version 11. From the list of all the good reasons I want to phrase out these TOP 3:


  1. It is a fact and proven that Aurea CRM improved the performance in many areas
  2. We appreciate Aureas investments in compatibility to MS SQL 2017, MS Office 2019, Windows Server 2019 …
  3. Data model limitations were removed in (field size).


That might sound engineered driven – instead of boosting fancy features. But as we all know the Aurea CRM is still one of the most powerful CRM solutions in sales, marketing and service processes.


I speak for many other Aurea CRM customers if I wish that Aurea delivers improvements and enhancements even in the future, f.e. the “two factor authentification” …!


If you like to share more details with me please let me know!  Give me call +49 172 4518730 or any comment on this plattform.

The new Ver11.9 from Aurea is launched and available since a few time. So often in software business people are scared to move to the newest version. They wait and wait…. But you shouldn`t wait in this case! You should go to 11.9. Frankly I was a bit surprised about the massive positive feedback from my technical team. But if this comes from the technical guys it is double worth it. And I was curious to get some more details from my team.  What they told me is that quality and performance is high class.


I took this chance to make an overview about the SYNERGY installed base and the different versions our clients use. I am pleased to share it with you. In the sample are not all SYNERGY customers but a group of 34 SYNERGY clients. So it is representative.


Since the poll started some further clients went productive with 11.9 and I know from many other clients that they intend to go onto 11.9 this year.


One famous soccer coach said “After the game is before the game.” I am excited to check the figures again in December this year - to see how many switched to 11.9 - if you like to share with me please let me know!  Give me call +49 172 4518730 or any comment on this plattfrom.


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