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364x211_balloons.jpgThank you to all the attendees of the second webcast of our B2B Sales Summer Series with guest speaker Hitachi Data Systems (SlideShare). We really enjoyed having James Cater and Lauren Klein discuss the customer service successes Hitachi Data Systems have been having with Jive's social business platform. It was not an easy transition, but with a comprehensive strategy in place Hitachi Data Systems has been leading the way in delivering great customer service with a holistic customer-centric account management approach. We have several great questions roll in and unfortunately ran out of time to answer all of them live. James and Lauren have been kind enough to answer these questions offline here:


  1. DM: What does the future within global accounts look like?
    JC: For an account team like ours, Jive's platform gives us the ability to touch, influence, support and collaborate to help drive relationships forward. Our global accounts teams used to spend an awful lot of time traveling around the world to be in front of key contacts. Now through the collaborative nature of the global account program community, reps can be doing that at their desk or wherever they are in the world. Now this doesn't replace face-to-face customer contact. What it does is that it enhances it and gives out team additional tools to be successful.
    LK: It's no longer a one and done deal.
  2. AN: At HDS, what does it mean to innovate with information?
    JC: When we talk about innovation within HDS, we're talking about social innovation, we're talking about giving our customers the ability to harness, to leverage all types of innovation and information. And our experience across many different industries that are creating more and more information and data today such as medicine, transportation, and public infrastructure gives them the ability to understand their ecosystems. Customers can now use the community to touch and reach into all parts of HDS rather than just the traditional one-to-one relationship.
  3. TP: What is what one of the top parts/aspects of the global accounts program?
    JC: This really translates to "What does the global account program mean to customers?" It's about global consistency--whether that's the management of the relationship, the support service, or the solutions that we deliver so that our customers can be confident that wherever they engage HDS the teams know about the customer, know about the support and can deliver the appropriate solutions anywhere in the globe.
  4. TL: How does HDS measure the ROI of your investment of time and $s in the Jive community?
    LK: You can learn more about HDS and the ROI from our Jive deployment here:
  5. HJ: How did HDS secure executive sponsorship/assuage fears before implementing the community and the programs surrounding it.
    LK - We hired LeaderNetworks and other SMEs to help us with the business case and model development and customer validation to ensure that the program was aligned with both the business and our customers.


Interested in learning more about social business success? Come see James and Lauren at JiveWorld13!

364x211_team.jpgLast week, we wrapped up our 2013 Social Intranet Summer Series where Gia Lyons, Director of Product Marketing at Jive Software, hosted industry leaders from companies like Thompson Reuters (SlideShare) and Alcatel-Lucent (SlideShare) to discuss current trends in social business. We also invited social business experts from Jive to show us how to rethink your company intranet to deliver business value. Thank you to everyone who attended, shared and promoted this series. We are incredibly happy with how popular the series became and look forward to hosting another very soon!


In our last webcast How to Use Social For Corporate Communications (SlideShare) Gia and Kathryn Everest, Senior Director of Business Consulting at Jive Software, discussed how a social intranet enables more employees to find and engage in corporate communications and strategic messages, thus driving greater alignment and buy-in. Here are the questions and Gia's (GL) and Kathryn's (KE) answers from that webcast:

  1. KG - Are there any Jive plug ins to listen to the voice of the employee? I want to be able to use social media listening technology to have real-time insight into the sentiment of employees.
    GL - We recently invested in Jive Resonata. We are tremendously excited about the the powerful semantic analysis, big data, and insight capabilities this brings to Jive. We already have a powerful solution available today for externally-facing Jive communities and continue to work to leverage this more broadly throughout our platform. More to come on this next year, so stay tuned.

  2. RR - Will a future release of Jive provide the ability to create Custom Streams and have community managers or administrators ASSIGN those Custom Streams to specific groups?
    GL - Attention Streams that end users can configure as they wish have been available since Jive 6. An interface for assigning pre-configured curated streams is available today as a Jive Professional Services extension, which many of our customers have leveraged. We are eager to bring this into the core experience in a future release.

  3. DR - What are some better ways to get younger members of my company who might be shy about posting content in a space with more senior people?
    KE - I have a couple of responses.  First, I’m a HUGE advocate of introducing Jive during company orientation – and not just on how to use it for job onboarding and for work!  People need appreciate the opportunity that is presented to develop and shape their professional reputation, as well as providing new opportunities to contribute to the organization.  And how you do this is by participating and “moving the conversation forward”.  That is what gets you noticed.  So, cueing younger employees to think about how they can contribute and how they can begin to really make a contribution are the first seeds to plant.  True, it is a bit of a risk sometimes to speak, that’s true, especially if they don’t have the communication skills to “disagree without being disagreeable”, but with higher risk comes higher reward. Contributing in Jive can get you noticed – make sure it is for the right reason!  My second response is that you may need to model the behavior so that people will know it is safe.  I sometime liken social software to a junior high school dance J.  Sometimes you have to get the “popular kids” on the dance floor first to get the dancing going otherwise, everyone just sits on the sidelines. So what does that mean?  Find a younger person and ask them to comment on the CEO’s blog.  Even ask them to make a comment other than “Very interesting!  Thank you” but perhaps help them craft a comment that you know will be well-received.  You may need to model this behavior for a while, but eventually – they will catch on.

  4. LW - Do you have any tips on how to keep employee engagement high post launch.
    KE - I get asked this question a lot, and wonder if people are looking for campaigns or tactics – which concerns me.  This can be very tricky to answer because what you don’t want to do it feel you have to invent reasons to collaborate and communicate, but rather have users understand how value this is to their work.  This is key.  But there are some events that have been very successful at various enterprises – let me pass a few along.
    • Ask Me Anything – AMA – this is a time-based event where you have an executive who is willing to take questions – and like the title says – about anything!
    • Contests – contests can help boost adoption and can be very work related (such as a specific innovation challenge) or non-work related (ugliest sweater contests)
    • Pop Up Genius Bars – identifying a number of advocates who can help out in a physical location who help users answer questions and understand some key use cases.  They can also help users get set up on mobile, update their profile, or learn how to customize a stream.
    • Introduce or emphasize a new capability or feature.  Use this as an opportunity to get back users who may not have returned by enabling something new.  This could be a content type (such as ideas), or a capability (such as mobile).
    • Circulate great, engaging success stories to inspire others on how to use social software for business.
    • Gamify certain activities to keep people engaged in further exploring the platform.
  5. SC - Do you have ideas for implementation and adoption when only a minor portion of the business is using social software and those aren't are reluctant to transition both how they publish and receive content? (80% not on software)
    KE - I’d love to understand more here – so perhaps this would be a good time to talk?  If you are a Jive customer, I’d encourage you to contact your Sales Representative so we can set up a time to chat.  But social software, as your users are experiencing, work best when you have critical mass.  So – it seems very “chicken and egg” I know!  But one technique I would suggest is to find a business process that is, well, painful  and that many people HAVE to do.  We’ve seen situations where bringing the process into Jive has been really successful. It does two things.  First, they see that using it isn’t what they may have thought (in other words – it is easier than they think) and it can be used to make business more efficient.  With this mindset they are more incline to use it, as well as think of processes where Jive can remove some pain.  You may also want to have a campaign of “what are some processes that you find PAINFUL” and see if you can use Jive to make things less painful for your users.  But this can be a hard question to provide a satisfying answer to without more information.

  6. BW - As an existing Jive user, how do I use that reporting/tracking just highlighted on step 4 (not having to rely on annual surveys)? I have never seen these analytics before.
    GL - Impact Metrics are what you saw, and they are available now in Jive Cloud. They have been improved since our Summer '13 Cloud release, so watch for those improvements in our Fall '13 Cloud release in November, and in Jive 7 in December for dedicated hosted and on-premise installations.
  7. KL - You mentioned the "Official Content" label available for Jive - how does that work? Is coming in Jive 7?
    GL - The Official outcome label is one of several choices in our Structured Outcomes feature. Structured Outcomes are available now in Jive Cloud. They have been improved since our Summer '13 Cloud release, so watch for the Official label in our Fall '13 Cloud release in November, and in Jive 7 in December for dedicated hosted and on-premise installations. You will be able to click "Mark as Official" as one of several marking choices, which will appear along the right side of a document.


Want to take the productivity leap? Learn more about how a social intranet can help boost output in a single bound here. See you at the next series!

The B2B Summer School Series kicked off with James Ninnivaggi of SiriusDecisions showing us how to make those crucial hours in the work week we dedicate to actually selling more productive and more effective (SlideShare). Next, James Cater and Lauren Klein of Hitachi Data Systems went in-depth about their own account management transformation and how Jive's social platform helped them enable their customers with the tools to be able to touch and reach into all parts of Hitachi Data Systems rather than settle for the traditional one-to-one relationship (SlideShare).


And now joining us for our final installment in the B2B Summer School series is Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst & Research Director serving Sales Enablement Professionals at Forrester.


All too often new sales reps sit in corporate training for a few weeks, complete the tests, and head back into the field with their binders. When they get into actual selling situations do they really have what they need to close the deal? In this webcast, Scott will challenge you to think critically about:


  • Creating innovative go-to market strategies, sales-ready tools, and strategic account programs.
  • Enabling your sales team to collaborate with buyers more effectively.
  • Developing impressive data-drive performance reporting and measurement programs.


Register now for the last webcast of the series!


Featured Speakers:

Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


Jarrett O'Brien, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jive Software

Our Social Intranet Summer Series wraps up on Wednesday, September 25th with insights and commentary on the benefits of using a social platform for corporate communications.


The first webcast in this series gave a high-level overview of what a social intranet should deliver - get work done, find information and internal experts, and deliver official communications and information. In the second webcast, experts did a deep dive on how a social intranet can be used for IT project management to increase productivity. In the third, we showed how a social intranet is used to innovate your business.


Now in our final installment, social business experts Gia Lyons and Kathryn Everest will examine:

  • How a social intranet enables more employees to find and engage in corporate communications and strategic messages
  • How greater employee engagement drives greater alignment and buy-in
  • What you can do today to implement a social corporate communications strategy


We hope to see you there! Register now!


Featured Speakers:


Jive Software

Gia Lyons

Director, Product Marketing

Jive Software


Jive Software

Kathryn Everest

Sr. Director, Business Consulting

Jive Software

Ensuring that every customer receives a consistent, high-quality experience is no easy task. You've got global teams, multiple client divisions as well as new products, services, and solutions launching all the time. How do you keep it all together for a single positive customer experience?


Join us for the second installment of the B2B Summer School Series where you'll discover how Hitachi Data Systems:

  • Ensures that its account teams have access to critical customer information to keep up to date.
  • Fully aligned their entire organization with customer needs.
  • Became proactive in delivering on customer demands.
  • Enabled the HDS Community to be a hub of customer loyalty.


James Cater, VP of Global Accounts Development, and Lauren Klein, Communities & Collaboration Consultant, at Hitachi Data Systems join Jive to show you how to champion customer satisfaction challenges!


Reserve your seat today!


James Cater

VP Worldwide Global Accounts Development

Hitachi Data Systems


Jive Software

Lauren Klein

Communities & Collaboration Consultant

Hitachi Data Systems

Have you ever wondered if you could foster a strong enough customer community that can serve as an effective extension of your sales team? You can, with the right tools and guidance.


This live webcast will highlight use-cases showcasing companies that have successfully promoted a brand that customers love, respect and evangelize organically. Join us on Thursday, August 1st at 11am PT (2pm ET) as featured speaker Laura Ramos, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Jive's Elizabeth Brigham discuss how to:


  • Create a satisfying online community experience for your customers.
  • Transform customer enthusiasm into brand advocacy.
  • Engage mobile customers and prospects.
  • Measure results that show real return.


This webcast is the first in Jive's Marketing Summer School Series where we invite industry leaders to discuss current trends, solutions and the opportunities social business creates for marketing.


Reserve your seat here today! Marketing Summer School Series | Jive Software

While the competition is basking in the sun this summer, you’ll be ahead of the game by attending our B2B Sales Summer School Webcast Series! You’ll give your sales reps opportunities to win deals faster while leveraging investments in existing sales tools before your competitors even know what happened. Experts James Ninivaggi, Service Director of Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions and Jarrett OBrien, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jive Software, will give you the secrets, tips, and know-how to close business and boost revenue. You’ll discover how leading organizations:



  • Increase sales per rep by 13% while decreasing turnover by 12%*
  • Transform the customer experience with in sync account management.
  • Increase win rate by 23% with a single hub for all deal activity.*
  • Enable sales teams to understand business issues and articulate the solution.
  • Get newly hired sales reps selling 23% faster, with 14% less sales support.*


* Verified by a top 3 consulting firm.

Attend one or all webcasts in the series. Either way, we are confident that you’ll get a ton out of this series that will catapult your sales ahead of the competition. The first webcast, Make 50 Hours of Selling More Productive, James Ninivaggi from SiriusDecisions will show you how to ensure that your sales team is making the most of those 50 hours.


Reserve your seat today!

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