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I'm excited to share an excellent article written by one of our very own community members, Michael Wegscheider from the Allianz Group. This piece in ITProPortal showcases his digital transformation expertise and highlights several of the key learnings and results his organization realized with its Jive-powered interactive intranet, Allianz Connect.


In the article, Michael talks about the insurance giant's journey going from 70 subsidiaries with their own distinct cultures and intranets, to a unified Allianz that's faster, more agile and more transparent across silos. He details four important best practices his team employed to create a gateway to the company's worldwide people and knowledge:


  1. Take Small Steps that Make Immediate Impact

  2. Translate Local Wins into a Global Transformation

  3. Embrace a Different Kind of Global Corporate Communication

  4. Use the Interactive Intranet to Accelerate Cultural Change


Read the full article for more great insights here:

Four keys to global digital transformation success | ITProPortal


What else have you learned along your company's digital transformation evolution?

We are honored to announce that Marc Harrell, Director of Jive’s Federal business, has been selected by FCW as one of this year’s Rising Stars!

Marc Harrell, Director of Federal at Jive Software

This award recognizes individuals in the federal IT community who share a sense of duty, commitment to excellence and devotion to public service. Marc joins an elite group of government professionals, industry executives and others honored over the past decade, all of whom are making a difference today and establishing themselves as the leaders of tomorrow.


We recently caught up with Marc to find out more about his experience working in the government sector to promote collaboration best practices. 


What does being named as one of FCW’s Rising Stars mean to you? 


Marc: Anytime you’re recognized with your government and industry peers, it’s huge. I think this award is unique in that it celebrates folks in the early stages of their careers and acknowledges them for the immediate impact they’ve made on federal IT.


For me specifically, it emphasizes the value of my intelligence integration efforts during the four years I was on the President’s Daily Brief staff. In addition to that, it speaks to how that scope of work has expanded with Jive over the last two years as we aspire to transform the way the U.S. Federal government communicates and collaborates. 


Over the past year, what has been your biggest accomplishment? Biggest hurdle?


Marc: We knew we wanted to support the government’s “Cloud First” policy so, I would say the biggest accomplishment is the work we’ve done with Jive’s FedRAMP offering. From getting buy-in from the Jive executive team to invest, to gaining sponsorship from NASA, and now being very close to certification on AWS GovCloud, it has been a remarkable experience.


As for the biggest hurdle, it definitely has been navigating the uncertainty around the Federal budget. Within the last year, we’ve been under two continuing resolutions, seen dramatic funding cuts to civilian agencies and recently dodged the threat of another government shutdown. This climate sure accounts for its share of trials and tribulations.


What is the greatest challenge the Federal IT industry faces today?


Marc: There are a lot to choose from, however, one that’s near and dear to me is IT fragmentation. We see this all the time across the Federal government, where one office within an agency will have a drastically different IT stack than another similar agency office. As you know, this leads to massive amounts of wasteful spending. This also ties into a lot of the legacy systems that the government is spending billions of dollars on each year to maintain. Of course, I support a solution that greatly aids in solving that IT fragmentation problem. That gives me a lot of peace of mind for the future with our Jive product.


Stay tuned for more on Jive and Aurea Software’s plans to enrich solutions for government collaboration.

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