• Top 5 Highlights at JiveWorld17

    Today marks two weeks since JiveWorld. With all the excitement surrounding seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and learning how to make your community even more successful - we want to make sure the important hig...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • Analytics Webinar: Introducing Jive Insights Advanced (formerly Resonata) for Jive-n

    co-authored by Darshita Maniar   Live webinar, March 23: "Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advanced."  Click here to register.     For those who have read Why the Digital Workplace Need...
    Jennifer Kelley
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  • Building an Event Community: Telling Your Brand’s Story with Technology

    We’ve come a long way from the days when our ancestors swapped tales of the hunt around a campfire or merchants traveled thousands of miles along the ancient Silk Road to sell their wares. Today, we can instantl...
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  • Jive's Power of Connection Tour Kicks off in NYC

    Ever since JiveWorld, I've been looking forward to the Power of Connection event tour, which officially kicked off in New York City this week.  What an apropos way to get things going, I thought, as the topic of ...
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  • JiveWorld16 Digital Transformation Awards: Why Submitting is a Win/Win

    The clock is ticking and we are in the final countdown to the submission deadline for the JiveWorld16 Digital Transformation Awards. I’ve personally submitted to the awards twice in the past, and while I’v...
    created by Emilie
  • Feeling a little lost without JiveWorld this October? Attend UnJiveWorld!

    Everyday I experience first-hand the passion our customers feel about Jive. Today's example of such passion: the UnJiveWorld 2015 Conference.    Due to a change in scheduling our yearly conference JiveWorl...
    Libby Taylor
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  • The Jive Roadshow Is Coming Near You!

      Did you know that Jive's Connect, Communicate and Collaborate Roadshow Series will be visiting a city near you?   We would like to cordially invite anyone who is interested in the forefront of the social b...
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  • To Gamify, Or Not To Gamify ... For Conferences, There is No Question!

    It's been nearly 1 month since Jive held their annual user conference JiveWorld13 in Las Vegas, and people are still asking about the JiveWorld13 Game Series.  Why did you do it?  How did you do it?  Wa...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Announcing the 2014 Jive Award Winners!

    If you were able to attend JiveWorld then you've already heard the big news!   For those of you who haven't heard, we recognized some of our super-star customers for their ability to help employees, partners, an...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Top 10 Activities at JiveWorld14

    When flipping through my phone's photo gallery it's easy to tell what time of year it is: Christmas trees, fireworks, football season, and JiveWorld photos! It's obviously quite a memorable occasion. I'm so excited to...
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  • JiveWorld14: Gather 'round the fire, Boot Campers!

    Remember back when you were a child and you heard older kids talking about summer camp and how fun it was? The canoe races, the horseback riding... making crafts, swimming in the lake and sleeping under the stars... ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive Workstyle Award: Deadline is September 8!

    Calling All Community Managers!   There’s still time to submit your entry for the Jive Workstyle Award: The deadline has been extended to September 8th, 2014.   We know that working in Jive changes l...
    Libby Taylor
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  • JiveWorld13 Video Series - Mobile Enablement, Corporate Newsletters, and the Customer Lifecycle!

    This year, JiveWorld365 was nothing short of intense. More attendees, huge names, huge product change, huge business value.   We had some Game Winners and giveaways, partner sessions, user group meetups, and mor...
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  • JiveWorld13 Video Series - Executive Engagement, Debunking Social Business Myths, and Getting Community Mojo

    Following my last blog post and continuing the JiveWorld365 blog series - I wanted to highlight three of the sessions from The specified item was not found. that covered some foundational Enterprise Collaboration poin...
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  • JiveWorld Day 1 Keynote: Recap and Insights from Thomson Reuters

    What an amazing presentation by Thomson Reuters this morning! Their presentation outlined the company's transformation efforts and success through the use of Jive.   Moderated by Michael Moore, Global Head o...
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  • Win 1 of 11 iPad Minis at JiveWorld13!

    This year we've made it even easier to win 1 of 11 iPad Minis during JiveWorld13! It's so easy in fact that your simple preparations for attending JiveWorld13 may pay off big time. In order to get a head-start on your...
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  • JiveWorld Keynote: Recap of Dr. Eddie Obeng - Make It So!

      An insightful and hilarious presentation this morning!  Everything from modern-day social geniuses running businesses, to cavemen fighting saber-toothed tigers in fight or flight modes were incorporated i...
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  • Relive the JiveWorld Main Stage Magic

    This year's JiveWorld365 keynotes were filled with mind-blowing entertainment, social business case studies, and product announcements.  In case you weren't able to join us OR you want to re-live the magic, we ar...
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  • Recap and Insights from T-Mobile Keynote by Krissy Espindola

    Krissy Espindola (@KrissyEspindola), Director Knowledge Management and Social Support at T-Moble kicked off Mainstage brilliantly today.   Today consumers live in the world of NOW. There was a need to create scal...
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  • Breakdown of Social Business Boot Camp

    Today marks the 5th anniversary of JiveWorld, and I'm happy to sport the digital badge of having been to every one!   I've seen a lot of amazing things at this conference over the years; however, I've never bee...
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