• Using Jive for Document Management

    I know Jive is primarily a collaboration tool, but many employees at my company want to use it as a document repository.  I've argued with them for the five years we've been a Jive customer that it's not really s...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Tips & Tricks - Training Your Users to Keep Answers Organized

    Scrolling through a long list of comments that can continue for pages and pages just to find the right answer can be time consuming and frustrating for your users. Not to mention, many of us use Correct Answers as a k...
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  • Tips and Tricks: Using Labels to Share to Targeted Groups

    Are you looking for an easy way to share content with a group of people? @mentioning is a great way to target individual people, but what if you want to share with your entire team?   A great way to accomplish t...
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  • Getting started with Jive for Project Managers

    Why use Jive for project management?Jive combines web-based documentation accessible from anywhere with powerful collaborative discussions. It provides a fantastic search tool that makes finding content and conversati...
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  • Tips & Tricks: Coaching Your Execs on Why and How to Blog

    We all know that one of the key factors to success for an internal community is having active and engaged executives on the community. So it's no surprise there have been plenty of community conversations on how to ge...
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  • 5 Tips for Successful Blog Posts

    So you want to write a blog?   That's fantastic! As community managers and evangelists, we are often in the position of blogging in our own communities. In fact, you might want your community experts and advocate...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Why Increasing Employee Engagement Isn’t Happening at Your Company

    Employee Engagement All companies want it but few find it - at least to the level they really want.  And why?   Everyone has their theories on how to nurture employee engagement.  Usually, it comes in ...
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  • Jive Tips & Tricks: Simple & Purposeful Places

    Happy New Year Jive Community!   There are so many neat things you are able to do in the Cloud version of Jive and I love that these features are making my enterprise community management job at Jive so much mor...
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  • Jive Tips & Tricks: How to Collaborate on a Blog

    Today's Tip: Collaborating on a blog post  What You Need Jive version: current cloud version   Step One: Create a document in a place (group or space) where all collaborators (including the person who will...
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  • Jive for Project Managers II: Setting up the Project landing page

    In my last post Getting started with Jive for Project Managers, I introduced using Jive as a Project Manager's utility for organizing project collateral, a place for collaborative discussions and planning, and a commu...
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