As some of you may have noticed this past week we took another step in the evolution of the Jive Community by installing the Jive Gamification, Engagement, and Rewards module.  Many of you have asked, "Why did we do this?"   Well our goal is to start embracing gamification more in our community own efforts, and this started with us taking the first step and installing the module. In fact, I am glad to say that our installation went quite smooth, and most people didn't realize that their status-level points were missing for approximately 12 hours ...

(Note:  I said most people, as John Schwiller and Bill Chamberlain are hardly normal ) 


What's Next?

Well you are looking at it!  Allow me to introduce to you, the JC [Archived] Games Community.

What is the Games Community Purpose?

The purpose of this community is simple!

To be the communication vehicle for broadcasting awareness about ongoing games and rewards in the Jive Community. (a.k.a The Face of the Game)  In here we are 100% dedicated to talking about what games would make the most sense for our community and sharing success stories that derive from them.

Note:  The community should not be confused with the Jive Gamification, Engagement, and Rewards Product Community, where people can collaborate about the product offerings and suggest new features.

So stay tuned!

We have already started building our first (of many scheduled) gamification missions.  In the mean time, might I suggest you take a look at the available out of the box missions already active in the Jive Community.  From what I can see, you might already be behind in the game.