• Why are some users deactivated automatically?

    Hello,   I have a user based in Pune, India, who seems to be deactivated automatically every time they attempt to log in (I've activated their account multiple times, but every time I come back, it's deactivated...
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  • Active, participating and contributing

    Can someone please help me out and define what the difference is between an active, particpating and contributing user?   Thanks Frank
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  • I want to access our company' Jive instance Discussion/Threads in my Product Page(Or in a HTML page) How to do that?

    Hi Jive Experts,   Can anyone help on this?   I want to access our company' Jive instance Discussion/Threads in my Product Page(Or in a HTML page) How to do that?   What is the best and easy way to d...
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  • views counter for own threads

    Hi there!   I am a bit confused, that jive counts own views on a discussion/ document... For my understanding jive should only count views of other persons, shouldn't it?   Is there any work around or may...
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  • LDAP authentication failure after name change

    Hi Support,   Our organization was formerly Stratus Africa Limited (http://stratusafrica.jiveon.com), the new name is Prodeco Limited and a request was sent yesterday to have it updated to reflect the new name (...
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  • Legacy Blog Mappings

    The widget "Content/Recent Blog Posts" has the point "Show Legacy Blog Mappings: Shows posts from blogs mapped to this blog in an earlier version of Jive SBS."   What does it mean?
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  • Our site is down: https://futureworkplace.jiveon.com/

    Our site has been down since yesterday. Can someone advise?   Christine Milot
  • Is Dev Console application available in a trial version of JiveOn?

    I have a test version of JiveOn and I'd like to test an application with the Dev Console. Thanks,
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  • All my tasks deleted ?

    Hello,   Since the migration to producteev by jive, I had no more synchronization between my web account and my android's app. I looked like I had (or still have) two accounts linked with my email address or som...
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  • Cost of purchasing Jive Events Extension

    Hi Support,   I would like to know more about licensing terms and cost for purchasing Jive Events Extension.     Regards, Aditya
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  • Global search is not working

    Hi,   Global search is no working in our Jive 6 Environment. I did rebuild index for both content and user search. What could be the possible issue?
    created by sitaram98765
  • User Tracking

    Is there a way to easily identify user that have been "active" within a community space? We've set up users within the community, but want to identify who has not yet been "active" (i.e. who has yet to do anything, no...
    created by cosentf
  • I can not log on to jive : https://stratusafrica.jiveon.com/login.jspa?authnFailed=true

    Hi,   I need help here. My domain is www.stratusafrica.com and while a few person can logon to https://stratusafrica.jiveon.com/login.jspa?referer=%252Findex.jspa so many others cannot.   how do i check to...
    created by dauda.ogunlaja
  • Unable to log on to jive. https://stratusafrica.jiveon.com/login.jspa?referer=%252Findex.jspa

    Dear Express Support,   1 -  I want to be associated with my company jive for support (STRATUS AFRICA LIMITED) - https://stratusafrica.jiveon.com/login.jspa?referer=%252Findex.jspa 2 - A lot of people cann...
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  • Jive Express 6.0 using SSL

    Does Jive Express 6.0 support SSL encryption as a default user setting or must it be set up by the Jive Support Team? How do I do this if SSL is a user default setting? Who should I contact if the Jive Support Team...
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  • How do I create a image rollover link

    The mouseover tag does not work in my jive environment, what type of markup language should i use to create an image rollover link. The format I was trying is similiar to this. <A HREF="http://www.htmlgoodies.co...
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  • SharePoint and Jive

    Is it possible to have a web part or list display on a SharePoint page and in Jive.  The jive one would be an exact duplicate. Is that possible?
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  • Necesary Bandwith

    Hello we are a partner in Mexico (Digipro), and we have a propsect costumer with 1,800 users, they are worried about the Bandwith that Jive aplication will need. Can you help me with some information about this matter...
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  • Migration from IBM Connections to Jive

    Hi, at the moment we are using two kinds of social business software. Jive and IBM Connections 3.0.1.   Our Scope is that we will retire Connections until Q4 2012 and migrate the content into Jive. The focus i...
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  • Jive is down

    Hi,   Brian Glover is unavailable to contact support. Our jive instance at http://thevillage.acceptsoftware.jivesbs.com is down.   Thanks.
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