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Don't you wish Jive notified you about work-anniversaries like Linkedin? Now it can with this simple integration we've open-sourced.   This script generates status messages in the group of your choosing announcing: "So-and-so celebrated 12 years at Your Company today." Furthermore it spoofs the celebrants account, creating it under their name… (Show more)
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We are using using jive cloud and I saw there was a search html5 widget for the overview pages. I want to filter the search for only to view the people?   Is there a query or algorithm or another html5 code I can use?   Thank you.
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Larry Victorio
I'm using a simple piece of Javascript that creates an ActiveXObject to run Chrome and fire up a specific URL. This is for users who are currently in IE and click on a link to a web application that needs Chrome.   I added this snippet var shell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");… (Show more)
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Hi Jive experts,   Since we upgraded our Jive UAT instance to, HTML widgets in overview pages are no longer showing.   A simple <h1>Hello</h1> works fine. Adding a <style> tag works too. But adding a <script> tag breaks the widget and no error shows in the browser console.   For example, my test HTML widget contains: <div… (Show more)
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If a backport causes issues, how do I uninstall?
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Hi guys,   I developp a tiles that get activities from a place.   I found some entry that refers content from a share (entityType = 2901)   c actor:Object content:"<a href="">Gaston GABER</a> created <a href=""></a> in <a… (Show more)
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Hell,   i am new to Jive are trying integration to add members to JIVE Security group from our provisioning middleware . i tried to create sample from Jive REST API v3.12 → SecurityGroup service  which says " Takes: URIs of the people to be added as regular members   Can any one of you please suggest that is the required input i try to POST to… (Show more)
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Hi , Is there a way to filter the group details using the groups url. for eg i have this url --  https://<jive-instance>/groups/<group-name> ,how can i get group's  place id and other details using this url?    
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Hi Team,   I need to change/update the author of the document using rest api call.  I followed the below process to run the rest api.   Method: PUT Rest url: http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/contents/1120(contentID) Body content : {   "authorship": "open",   "type": "document",   "visibility": "place",   "parent":… (Show more)
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