album_icon_medium.pngSleep was lost, caffeine was consumed copiously (plus some beer as balance) and we weren't sure at all times that the experiment of building an app in one day based on JiveWorld audience choice was an entirely sane idea. But we did it -- the team successfully built and delivered the Jive Albums app. If you're a Jive cloud or Jive 6 user, you can install the app from the Jive Apps Market immediately.


So, why did we do this?

  • We wanted to show just how far the Jive platform has come over the last year. With all-new versions of the REST and Javascript APIs and huge improvements to how Jive Apps can integrate more deeply into the user experience, right now is an amazing time to build on the Jive platform.
  • We loved the idea of building something directly based on the votes of Jive customers.
  • We hoped it would be kind of fun, and it was!


For a peak into the Hackathon process and results, check out the following video:



And some additional behind-the-scenes footage at The specified item was not found. and JiveWorld12 Hackathon - Day 2 - Developer Check-In.


Thank you to the Jive engineers that made the hackathon a success and to all the Jive customers that stopped by the hack area to ask questions and wish the team well. We'll see you at JiveWorld13!