Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. Today, as the President of the OpenSocial Foundation, I had the opportunity to give a keynote at the OW2 Conference in Paris. You can check out my presentation on slideshare if you want.


OW2 is a group of companies that focus on open source middleware. Right now, their thinking is around legacy JSR based portal middleware. My presentation talked about how the world has moved on from that to a new way of working, where content, and applications, can be intelligently delivered to people through the stream; where it's their social connectedness that really reflects their impact to the organization. Sound familiar?


Because we have a new way of working, we need a new kind of middleware--a social middleware. Fortunately, we have one. OpenSocial is the standard that defines a social middleware platform and open source projects like Apache Shindig and Apache Rave provide, respectively, a reference framework and implementation of the specification. In fact, Jive's application framework is built using Apache Shindig and Henry Saputra is a committer on the project.


After the presentation, and my participation in the panel discussion, I had the opportunity to show off how Jive uses OpenSocial. I demoed a number of the applications and integrations that we've done, and, needless to say, the !App Experiences blew everyone away. It's one thing to be able to post an activity to the stream, it's quite another to embed in it an application that can be used to interact with the data in context.


Jive's use of OpenSocial through our apps framework continues to raise the bar as to what's possible. The integrations with have with our app partners is representative of the creative ways to build upon and extend the platform. Needless to say, a lot of people walked away excited about OpenSocial--and excited about Jive!