When I did the earlier my post on Jive Hack Day, a number of you got pretty excited and asked, "We want to build on Jive, how can we do that?" Turns out, this was a really good question and a few of us starting thinking about how to bring hack day to all of our developers. Two teams in particular, fidelity and deutsche_bank, were interested in getting their feet wet. So, we decided to give it a go and host our own hack day.


Last Friday, Dec 7, about 11 of us between Fidelity and DB got together to build integrations into Jive. We decided to have this gathering off site and chose Fullsteam Brewery in Durham. I've been to a number of informal gatherings there, including a couple Beer.js meetups, so it seemed like the perfect venue... However, we think primarily because of VPN setups, some of us had some of us had difficulty connecting into our servers & the instances of Jive that we were using for development. Ugh. Good thing we did not have connectivity problems with the tap.


My Kingdom for a scrollbar!

Even though we hit some initial bumps in the road, we ended up having a fun and productive afternoon. Noel White and I were able to surface an existing application through the Jive App Framework. This is a simple, yet powerful integration that allows their users access to important information without having to jump out to other systems. Here he is celebrating the fact we got scroll bars working properly between the different frames. (You should see how excited he gets after he logs in!)


Even though the app we worked on is is pretty straightforward, it's important because demonstrates how quick and easy it is to bring existing functionality into Jive. Perhaps more important, it illustrates what's possible and provides building blocks for a deeper, more purposeful integration.


It Must Have Been Randall!

Randall our resident honey badger, and the "Official Mascot of Hack Day" also showed up. Here he is celebrating with Priyanka Lakhe and Cynthia Wu after they got their first app up and running in the Jive Sandbox. Once the basic structure, we started pulling some of the code samples from the Jive Code Runner and working them into their apps. At the end of the day we had the skeleton in place that starts to mash up information from Jive and external sources into a nice app. Thanks Randall!



The First of Many

badgehackathon75png13b723bb521.pngThis was the first of what I hope will be many Jive Hack Days! As we continue to expand on ways to build and integrate with Jive we'll look for ways to create killer integrations with the platform, get new and innovate apps in the market, and most importantly, create opportunities share information with each other.

Want to earn your own "hack-a-thon" badge? Can't wait to get going yourself? Then check out the getting stared page, jump into the discussions on the Jive Developers space, and become a member [Archived] Jive Open INnovation (JOIN)



And of course....  Keep Hacking!!