Resting with Jive

sleep.pngWhile we've been talking a lot lately about apps, many integrations also make use of our REST APIs. I recently had a fun call with Gary Mitchell from Lexmark about some of the integrations they have built for Jive.  Even though we've had Web services APIs in earlier versions of Jive, it was 5.0's V2 API that really introduced the first good REST endpoint. With Jive 6, we "turned it to 11" with the V3 API, which provides almost complete platform coverage. Our goal was that if the Jive UI does it, then you should be able to do it with the API.


Integrating with GMail

In talking with Gary, one of the cool integrations they did using Jive's REST API is to integrate with GMail. There were several business needs they were trying to tackle, including the ability to bring emails into Jive so they could have a more transparent discussion around the topic, as well as to extend the duration of record retention beyond what's provided by Google. To solve these use cases, Gary and the Lexmark team built a very simple, but powerful integration using the REST API. What this integration does is take an email from GMail and make it a discussion in Jive. Pretty cool, right?


Here's how it works. In their GMail, they have a contextual gadget that shows up on the bottom of each email.

gmail-contextual gadget.png

When you click on the link, it takes you to another screen where you can choose which group to create the discussion in. The cool part is that the list of groups is retrieved using the REST API, so what presented is only the list of groups to which the user has access.

select group.png


Once the user has selected the group, a new discussion is created that based on the email. The REST API is used to create the discussion in Jive.

new innovate discussion.png



Using the REST API Gary and his team were able to solve a key business problem in a straightforward manner. And they didn't stop there! They also have a rather neat integration that converts a Google spreadsheet into a Jive document. This document is a collection of helpful links, both internal and external that provide one-stop-shopping for finding relevant information that a user needs. Because it's a Google Doc, the spreadsheet can be updated by any number of people, and when it's saved, a trigger fires to automatically update the Jive Doc. Gary and his team realize they are just getting started. With the power of Jive, a good API, and a dash of creativity, there's no challenge that can't be tackled!


Want Tell Your Story?

One of the best things about working at Jive is seeing all the incredibly innovative ideas from our customers. I've said it before, and will probably say it a million times again, I think we are pretty lucky to have such passionate users that are able to harness their creative energy. Now it's your turn. Do you have some killer integrations that you've built using Jive Apps or with the REST API? Send me a direct message and we'll work together on a blog post. 


Let's tell your story...




P.S. I'm a big fan of The Noun Project. This is a project that is trying to get icons for all the nouns in the world. The cool part is anyone can contribute--kinda like Wikipedia for icons. I've used a couple of the icons before for the code runner and the Jive Slides apps. Here, I picked up one for the pun on REST that's the first image in this post. The Noun Project Icons are licensed under Creative Commons with Attribution, which is awesome. So, here, with thanks, is the attribution:

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