Thank you to everyone who helped make 2012 incredible! Looking back, we accomplished a lot and had a ton of fun. So as we ring in 2013, let's take a quick look back at some of my favorites from 2012....


Continuously Hopped for 90 Minutes

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 1.50.51 PM.png


We re-launched the Jive Developer Community. With the new "beer" theme, not only does it reflect the spirit of Jive, after all, each release is given the code name of a fine brew, but it's also "less filling and tastes great!" On top of that, we brought the Jive Community and our Developer Community together in one place. Now, our app partners, developers, Jive Champions, can all work together and collaborate more easily. Many of our app partners, such as The specified item was not found. and The specified item was not found. have already created public groups where you can give them feedback, request features, and learn more about their apps.





First Time Ever...

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 1.57.28 PM.png


Speaking of app partners, Lucidchart is now pre-installed with every Jive instance. This is the first time a third party app shows up by default in new instances of Jive. Pretty sweet! You can check out all the details in an earlier blog post, The specified item was not found.






We also introduced Jive's "App Experiences". Based on OpenSocial 's embedded experiences, !apps enable an entirely new way to extend the platform and interact with applications. With one click, you can quickly work with applications in content, in the stream, an pretty much wherever you work in Jive. We used this same mechanism to radically simplify installing applications as well. Now, if you click on an artifact from an application that you don't have installed, the Jive Apps Market will come to you!


V3 Rocks!

If you have not used the V3 API yet, you are totally missing out. This is a complete overhaul of our API and offers almost complete platform coverage. Our goal was that if the Jive UI did it, you should be able to do it through the API. You can now create users and all content types. You've got access to tags, metadata, and much more. The V3 API supercharges your integration efforts.


Get Your JiveOn!

We want to get the world's best and most innovative social collaboration platform into the hands of the world's best and most innovative startups. That's why we created the Jive for Startups. By creating and offering an integration for example an app, startups will be able to use Jive for free.


What Happens in Vegas... gets delivered in the Jive Apps Market

Let's not forget Jive World 12! We've been telling you how easy it is to build powerful apps and at #jw12, we proved it! Thanks to Aron Racho who led the development team, and Ryan Vanderzanden who led the designers, we pulled off the first every Jive World "hack-a-thon" where we built the Jive Albums app, start to finish, in less than 30 hours? Where else but Vegas and Jive World can you choose an application and have it built and delivered to you less than three days? Certainly not in Disney World.


Keeping the Spirit Alive

In keeping the spirit of Jive World alive, we held the first Jive Hack-a-Thon in Research Triangle Park. A small group of us from Fidelity and Deutsche Bank got together to get our hands wet building Jive Apps. Now, everyone knows that building apps requires energy, and ours came courtesy of Fullsteam. We quickly ramped up a number of developers on Jive Apps. It was a good hands on experience that we'd like to do more of in 2013. If you are interested in hosting a hack-a-thon, please send me a direct message and let me know.



2013: Better. Stronger. Faster


2013 promises to be another fast paced and exciting year. We've got a head start on making more apps--and their source code--available to you. We are working to add an "open source" flavor to our Developer Community through the [Archived] Jive Open INnovation (JOIN) group. We'll continue our commitment to open technologies by working with the OpenSocial Foundation, JQuery, and others. With the upgrade to 6.0, we'll be adding more fun "missions" in our gamification module that will help you get involved in the developer community. Of course, we've got some goodies coming soon that will make leveraging the power of Jive and integrating with the platform even easier. Stay tuned, you're gonna love it.


We've got a lot to do, so let's get coding!