Today, I'm excited to announce two new Jive Apps the integrate information from SalesForce. The first app, Salesforce Link, is from Jive's own Jussi Heikkola, and is the "Wikipedia App" for Salesforce, allowing you to quickly insert !App artifacts that reference objects in Salesforce. Using this app, users no longer have to perform an expensive context switch and jump from Jive to Salesforce just to see the basic information about an account, opportunity or contact.


Want a more full featured integration with Salesforce? Hedloc's Kynetyc app is for you. This robust integration features an integrated dashboard that let's you organize and view the different objects inside of Salesforce. One other killer feature of this app is that is will search across Jive and Salesforce with one query. This makes it very easy to get a complete picture of all the activity that is happening for an account or opportunity.


Here's a quick video that demonstrates these two apps. For more information on Hedloc's Kynetyc app, you can check out the The specified item was not found. group. They also have a killer video that goes into more details on the Kynetyc app.  For more information on the Salesforce Link app, stop by the [ARCHIVED] Apps by Jive! group.