Today was Jive's first "unconference" & meetup in the Tar Heel state. We had the chance to meet at redhat in Raleigh on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University. We covered a number of very cool topics. Here's a snapshot of some of the conversations that we talked about.


One of the main themes that was threaded through various conversations was how to integrate into Jive. Joey Levi had a number of questions about how to push streams or stream like content into Jive. This spanned a variety of techniques from using the REST APIs, to the app gateway, and some of the new work we are doing around purposeful places.


This led into broader discussions around integrations in general. One of the new and exciting topics we demoed was the new Jive Anywhere SDK. In fact we were able to show how apps and Jive Anywhere could work together by including a !App experience in content created by a custom Jive Anywhere cartridge.


We demo'ed the new jive-sdk for Purposeful Places and showed how tiles and streams can be pushed asynchronously into Jive. This generated a number of questions, i.e. the standard "when will this be on pre", there were a number really interesting ideas on how to start pulling in different systems. Sweeeet!


Marc Rudkowski & Jad Talbert led the discussion on the challenges that financial companies have with managing inter system dependencies. This led nicely into conversations around best practices for managing inter-system dependencies. The conversation wrapped up with the best practices for migrating to Jive 6.


Kirsten Laaspere & Melissa Rosen led the session on Community Management which covered a broad range of topics including moderation, improvements to community manager reports (better group activity reporting), and a way for groups to have a primary contact/owner.  One of the more interesting aspects of this conversation was a philosophical discussion about how visible a community manager should be and the different roles that they play in driving adoption, setting strategy and evangelism versus more behind the scenes facilitation.


Overall this was a great event and a ton of fun. We all made a lot of new connections and were able to share with each other our experiences with using Jive. If you'd like to have an un-conference in your neck of the woods, please reach out to me and we'll start putting one together!


Oh yeah.... Of course, Randall showed up.