I'm incredibly excited about our ecosystem story and what is now possible on our platform. Tiles are incredibly easy to build and extremely powerful. And it's only going to get easier as we build out the jive-sdk. We are treating the development of the jive-sdk as an open source project and would welcome your participation. As we start to bring on-line additional ways of integrating with Jive, it's worth stepping back and thinking about how all the different techniques of integrating into the platform can work together to create seamless and powerful solutions for your users. I put together a quick video that illustrates several of the integration techniques in Jive and how they can work together. Here are some of the things you will see:



Tiles are used with Purposeful Place templates to present information from back end systems to the user. Each tile has a view type, which is designed by Jive and provided as part of the platform. When a tile is configured, Jive provides a Web hook where your integration middleware can post data that will be displayed. We are working on an SDK that you will be able to use as a starting point to building your own tiles.


Jive Anywhere

Jive Anywhere is the browser sidebar that sits on the right of the screen. When you open the tab, Jive Anywhere reads the page information and looks for relevant information in your Jive instance. It also allows you to create discussions based on information that you find on the Web. We have created a Jive Anywhere SDK that allows you to build "cartridges" for any site that you would like. In the video above, we combined the cartridges with Jive Apps embedded experiences. This is how we were able to include links to applications in the content created by Jive Anywhere.


Jive Apps

Hopefully, you are all familiar with Jive Apps by now. They remain the fastes and easiest way to integrate into the Jive UI. In addition the !App Experiences (a.k.a. embedded experiences), apps can provide actions to content pages and have a full screen canvas view.



The right tool for the right job

The video above highlighted three of our integration strategies, Tiles, Jive Anywhere, and Jive Apps, and showed how they can work together. In addition to these, we have the V3 REST API, the forthcoming jive-ios-sdk, and Producteev. We recognize that you need more than a hammer to build a house. Our goal is to provide developers with the most complete, the most powerful, and simply stated, the best, API and toolset of any social business platform.


Happy Coding!

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