I've got some very cool news to share. The Props application can now be easily customized with integration into Nitro, Bunchball's gamification engine! This enables some very cools things. For example, the act of giving/getting props will now be incorporated into the status system in Jive so your points will be incremented. Also, you can construct a set of challenges and missions (Bunchball's terms) that encourage people to recognize employees. Ultimately, you enable Bunchball's "store", turning recognition from props into cold, hard, merchandise! Sweet!


Here's how it works... The first thing you do is setup the Nitro engine in Bunchball to receive events from Props, e.g. Props Given and Props Received. You then enable missions that will use these events.



Because we have the gamification profile extension enabled, when the the two new challenges are active, they will show up as badges you can earn.



OK. So now, when I give a prop, the "Flowers" will show up as an earned "badge". When Akshay Narayan receives a props, his "Trophy" badge will be enabled. Check it out...






A Few Details

In order to enable this, you have to run your own version of Props because you need to customize the code to point it to your Nitro server. In addition, everyone will want to define their own missions based on giving/receiving props. Also, another request that we get is for custom trophies--another customization that is now enabled.


The Fine Print

Bunchball and Jive are very excited about being able to gamify applications, however, this is a new model and we need to make sure the technology side complements the business side. All of the code for props is available in our open source github repository today. However, in order to get the code that hooks in bunchball, you need to contact Jive--this code is not under an open source license but is available upon request. (Just send Mark Weitzel and/or Ryan Rutan a message & we'll coordinate with the Bunchball team.)


Last and definitely not least...

It's time to give credit where credit is due! The coding for customizing props was done by Akshay Narayan, one of Jive's very talented interns from University of California, Berkeley . He's returning to school this fall and Friday was his last day. His energy and enthusiasm will be missed. Along the way, he received some great technical advice and mentorship from Murali VP. Of course, this would not have been possible without Dan Katz from Bunchball and Curtis Gross seeing the potential of this idea to open up new innovation into Jive. And of course, there's our muse, the one and only Tracy Maurer.