When people think about Jive, they usually think "exceptional collaboration platform", "secure and scalable cloud architecture" or even "amazing user experience".  What might not come to mind is "open source advocate".  Not only does Jive leverage many open source technologies in its products, but it also spends time giving back to these projects and more to improve the technology for everyone.  Given that this is a large part of Jive's cultural DNA, we felt it was time to shed some light on the Jivers who give back to the open source community.  After all there is a reason our Jive SDK used to build integrations with Jive is available in open source (and actively taking pull requests)!

But without further ado, let's get to our first 2014 Jive in Open Source spotlight ... jQuery Mobile!


  • jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 library that sits on top of jQuery to provide a touch friendly UI.
  • It aims at writing one code base that will look good on every display size using responsive design concepts. 
  • It is based on progressive enhancement which will allow you to have one codebase running on any device, including feature phones
  • It is not a responsive framework but does have some responsive components.
  • It allows the user to have only one HTML document containing several end-user pages which is ideal for mobile since it limits the number of HTTP requests for presentation data.

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Jive Contributors

Ghislain Seguin is a father of two beautiful girls 2 and 4. He’s been Jiving since May 2011 and joined the jQuery Mobile team in June 2011. He works on the Jive Mobile web application which of course is built on top of jQuery Mobile. His day to day tasks at Jive are to provide great user experiences for our external communities users. At the jQuery Foundation he is involved with the release process, continuous integration and testing of jQuery Mobile.


jQuery Mobile was the first project of the jQuery family to implement AMD, a way to modularize JavaScript code. Thanks to this modularization the jQuery Mobile team was able to offer to their users a custom builder which allows them to tailor a build of jQuery Mobile. Ghislain implemented this end to end: from the modularization to the node.js backend service that builds custom builds and serves them to users.  Recently, he has been more involved with the infrastructure, release engineering and quality sides of the project. His most recent achievement was to implement code coverage using grunt-qunit-istanbul and reporting through http://coveralls.io


Through the use of better testing tools and processes, jQuery Mobile can do more with less while keeping quality controls in check!



What Does It Bring To Jive

When Ghislain join the jQuery Mobile team, it was in the really early stage. They had a lot of issues. The great advantage of having a jQuery Mobile committer in the Jive Mobile team was that he could address the issues directly upstream instead of having to fork the project. This avoided what a lot of companies (who don’t contribute back to open source) call the upgrade nightmare, which involves re-patching new versions with custom patches to not lose customizations.  This process can take days, sometimes weeks, when upgrading to the latest version of an open source project depending on the depth of customizations employed.


As with many open source projects, the jQuery Mobile team gets exposed really early to new technologies. This in turn benefits the Jive Mobile product as it is constantly ahead in terms of technology. Jive Mobile was the first adopter of PhantomJS for headless JavaScript testing. Same goes for AMD, unit testing, grunt and so on.


On behalf of the Jive Community and technologists everywhere, I wish to say Thank You to Ghislain and his colleagues on the jQuery Mobile team for their efforts to raise the bar for mobility solutions for everyone!


If you have questions about jQuery Mobile, or even are interested to contribute to this project, feel free to reach out to Ghislain Seguin via the comments below.  Ghislain will also be attending the upcoming jQuery Conference on February 12 - 13 in San Diego.  We cant wait to see what new technologies and ideas he brings back!

For more information on jQuery Mobile, please visit:

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