As part of the Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program, Jive is growing our Jive Developers eco-system to spread the word about building solutions and integrating with Jive.  Part of that growth is to recognize and distinguish developers for skills they possess on the Jive Platform.  We've talked about the Jive Platform, Tiles / Templates / Streams and Apps badges, and now its time to talk about the Jive Analytics badge!


What is the Jive Analytics Developer Skill Badge

You've invested time and effort into building your Jive Add-On, and now it's time to prove it's worth.  What better way to do that than with real data? Earning this badge includes comprehension of not only the Data Export API, but also other features Jive offers to get data / insights into the hands of the worker, such as Impact Metrics and Community Manager Reports.  Understanding how your solution can affect each of these features is important for building a successful Jive Add-On.


Earning more skill badges and being active in the Jive Developer Community are ways you can level-up your reputation in the Developer community and win prizes in theAnnouncing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program


How to earn the Jive Analytics Developer Skill Badge

To earn this badge, you can do one of two tasks:

  • Write a blog post in the Developer community that talks about an integration you are considering building.  In this blog post, be sure to mention:
    • What role(s) does Jive play in the integration? (required)
    • What role(s) does (REMOTE SYSTEM) play in the integration? (required)
    • What reporting features do you plan to leverage/affect with your add-on at a high-level? (i.e. impact metrics, cmgr reports, data export service ...) (required)
      • If possible, describe the user-experience for end-users collecting reports and/or how they plan to take action.
    • Share any screenshots/mockups that help support what you want to build (optional)
  • Alternatively, if you are not the blogging sort, work with Mark Weitzel or Ryan Rutan offline to privately discuss your integration story.


Finding Community Members Who Can Help

With each of these blog posts introducing various skills, we will highlight some community members that have already earned this badge and would be great people to reach out to help you in the community should you have any questions! They are all just an @mention away!  But as always, Ryan Rutan and Mark Weitzel are always here to help!



Mark Weitzel



Lynn Jepsen



Mitul Limbachiya



Ryan Rutan


Are you interested in joining the ranks of Jive Developers?  Interested in learning more about all the integration offerings available in Jive?  Or perhaps, you are just interested in the chance to tech talk and win prizes in the Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program?  Either way, reach out  and let us know how you see your Jive integrations working, and let's build something great together!