For those of you that have paid attention to the Jive Developers community over the past few months, you may have noticed quite a bit of change.


We've been adding / cleaning up Jive developer documentation like crazy:


As well, as Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program to earn developer Expertise, Badges and Prizes, such as:



So now, its time to bring those efforts together and kick-off
SmarterPath Social Learning in the Jive Developer Community! 


As of May 22, 2014, there are 3 trainings in the Jive Developer Community:

              • REST API / Webhooks
              • Jive Apps (OpenSocial)
              • Cartridges (Jive Anywhere)
              • and more trainings and documentation coming soon!


Each training is comprised of content and resources available across all Jive properties.  Most important, at the end of each training is a final examIf you complete the training and pass the exam, with an 80% or higher, you will receive credit for the training.  Once confirmed, you will receive the corresponding points, expertise, and badges in the Jive Developer Community.  In addition, you will earn credit in the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program and be eligible for the drawings (details coming soon) in early July!


Note:  In the event you want to pursue the highest ranks in the Jive Developer Program (i.e. more than just the 3 skills above) for the June 30th deadline, simply review the blog post challenges in the links above for more ways to earn other badges.  Also, if a badge you want to earn is not listed, please reach out to Ryan Rutan to confirm your process to earn the badge.

So What Do I Do Now? How Do I Get Started

  1. Make sure you Register as a Jive Developer
    • Registering as a developer will make sure that you are kept on the latest in Jive platform integrations, it will also make sure that you receive all the points and recognition for your achievements in the Jive Community and the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program
  2. Review the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program and
  3. Start your Jive Developer Training and let us know how it goes!
    1. FAQ: SmarterPath Social Learning - Jive Developer Community
    2. Feedback: SmarterPath Social Learning - Jive Developer Training - Feedback


Don't Miss the Q2-2014 Jive Developer Webinar


As a developer on the Jive platform, it is important to stay on top of the latest advancements in Jive.  In the spirit of growing the sense of community and knowledge in our developer ecosystem, we hold quarterly Jive Developer webinars for the purpose of highlighting platform innovations, customer examples, developer feedback and more.


(It helps with the Jive Developer Program to win Prizes)



Special Thanks to Pokeshot SMZ



Last but not least, a special thanks to the crew at Pokeshot who have gone above and beyond to get us ready to launch our first developer training initiative in the Jive Community.  We are excited by this partnership and all the goodness that we'll be able to hand down to our developers as a result. #cheers