Thank you to everyone who took the time to register and/or attend today's webinar!  In total, we had over 200+ people register, and 150+ attend.  So it's a great 1st start!  Special thanks to my fellow panelists Yuval Z and Aron Racho, and we look forward to our next Webinar, which should be sometime in Mid-Late/September.

JiveWorld14 - The Jive Developer Mecca

When:  October 21-23, 2014

Where:  Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

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Q2-2014 Jive Developer Webinar Materials

Below you will find links to the recording along with questions and feedback obtained during the webinar. 
Attached you will find slides from today's presentation.


For any questions about today's Webinar, you can use the comments (below) or post a question in the Jive Developers community.

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The following are the polls associated with the Q2 2014 Jive Developer Webinar:



The following were questions asked during the webinar:

  • Aaron Yemm "positive note. getting started content is extremely useful for those of us that work in tons of different platforms. Meaning we might only do some jive dev 2-3 times a year and need to regularly refer to the starter docs."
    • A:  Absolutely!  In addition to refresher courses, we are hoping to ramp up more people easier to increase the number of skilled eyes to read and possibly respond to questions.
  • Dan Reiswig "YAY!" In response to our new APIs that allow you to backdate publish and update dates. (a.k.a Data Migration API) =)
  • Sreenath G "Do you have any documentation on Analytics API?"
    • A:  Analytics - Developer Resources will be the best place to start.  Documentation is admittedly lean at the moment, but should be enough to get you started.  Feel free to ask questions in the community for any perceived gaps and we'll do our best to cover ASAP.
  • Lea Reznik - "Will Mor Avital be at JIVE World?, I feel like I'm the only girl "developer" - can there be wine for me?"
    • A: At the end of the day, Mor Avital will be the one to best answer that question. =)  As for the wine, I'll ask around and see what we can do!  Will try to focus more on you not being the only "girl developer" at the hackathon =)
  • whoiskevin -   Any plans to document methods of integrating web services with SSO implementations?  Custom tokens for instance.
    • A: Noted.  Yuval Z and myself will take this to the drawing board and see what we can put together in our coming sprints.
  • Lukas Sparks - "Maybe I missed it, but have any updates been made to app action contribution points in regards to applying permissions?"
    • A:  At this time, there are no app action contributions in the Admin Permissions screen.  The closest we have is the Place Settings Extension point that lets you tuck an App Experience behind the "Place" > Settings experience for Admins.
  • David Rice - "I need to connect Jive with SharePoint.  Where do I start?"
  • Casey Gum - Any possibility for reducing padding around window that hosts an app, specifically the canvas view?
    • A: Logged as JIVE-45414
  • Casey Gum - What's the best way to integrate 3rd party app content into spotlight search?  Like, if I create something in my app, I want it to show up in spotlight search.
    • A:  Either use ESF to do your document integration, such that the ESF framework will manage the content metadata into the search index, or use the External Objects w/Activity where the activity entries are indexed and appear in spotlight.  Alternatively, if you didn't want spotlight, you might be able to use the OpenSearch feature; however, results are returned out of context (meaning the same for everyone).
  • Patrick Crownover - "I am assuming the OAuth revoke is for Mobile auth. Is it possible to grant OAuth tokens for API access to specific users via the API to bypass things such as SAML?"
    • A: API definitely allows you to create OAuth tokens, the outstanding question her is whether or not an instance bound to SAML will still require SAML authentication.  Not sure of the AuthProvider precedence here.  Asking internally.