2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Recap




JiveWorld14 - Jive Developer Conference

More Sessions, More Hacking, More Beer

When:  October 21-23, 2014

Where:  Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

  • NEW:  Developer Keynote by Matt McCullough, VP of Training @ GitHub
  • BETTER: Open Hackathon (conference attendees + remote developers are invited)
    • NEW: Developer challenges and drawings to win some special tech gadgets during the conference!  Your inner-nerd will be very happy!
  • MORE:  Unprecedented level of Developer Content and Access to Jive Engineers!
  • For more details, see: https://jiveworld.jivesoftware.com/agenda/developers/


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In these past 6 months we've made a lot of progress, but we can (and will) do even better
next year to make the Jive Developer Program more awesome for everyone!


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Achievements









(since Jan 1, 2014)

developer-level-1.pngBrett VanderHaar  Brian Shoemaker  Casey Gum  Chris Brown  Craig Reeves  Creighton Medley  Dustin Updyke  Farid Zaman  James Wright  James Ketola  John Larson  Kevin Conaway  LG .  Marc Rudkowski  pushpendra.paliwal2  Robert Hanson  Sanjay Dhonde  Sean Horn  Snigdha Challa  Stephan Leuendorff  Thomas Jung  Todd Runstein  Tom Resing

Aaron Walker

Anthony Isaac

Austen Rustrum

Emily Harsh


Patrick Crownover


Aron Racho

Craig McClanahan

Mark Weitzel

Murali VP

Nils Heuer

Ryan Rutan


2014-15 Jive Developer Program - Preview

  • Jive Developer Expertise Gems (continue from 2013-14)
  • Jive Developer Community Participation (continue from 2013-14)
  • Jive Developer Project Contributions (new for 2014-15)
    • Chances to contribute small pieces of code to Developer Community open projects for hacking year-round on GitHub!
  • New Jive Developer Gamification Economy (new for 2014-15)


More information coming soon on this program, but to get started ... keep participating in the conversation in the Jive Developer Community and stock up on Jive Developer Expertise badges!


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Rock Stars

The following developer community rockstars are being recognized for their accomplishments in the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program, but as well as their consistent level of participation in the Jive Developer community.  The Jive Developer community wouldn't be what it is today without you assistance, and for that we thank you. =)  To say thanks each of you will get first pass at the prizes (listed below) for this year's program.


Kevin BrownNils HeuerLG


Kevin Brown


Nils Heuer



2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Random Drawing Winners

The following developer community members have been selected at random based on entries into the lottery set forth by the Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program.  There participation in the Jive Developer Program has been much appreciated, and we will be reaching out to each of you once our Rockstars have picked their prizes!


Craig ReevesSnigdha ChallaPatrick CrownoverAaron WalkerCasey Gum


Craig Reeves




No Profile Photo =\





Snigdha Challa


Patrick Crownover


Aaron Walker


Casey Gum


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Prizes


3 x Philips Hue Starter Pack5 x Pebble Smart Watches