What is GitHub4Jive


  • At it's core, GitHub4Jive is an integration that combines the collaboration strengths of Jive with the source control and issue tracking strengths of GitHub to fuel a collaboration driven approach to managing projects on GitHub.
  • For information on the specific user stories that we are trying to tackle, check out this document for insight:
    GitHub4Jive - Feature Document
  • From a training perspective, this add-on will demonstrate best practices for integrating multiple Jive disciplines, such as Tiles, Apps, Cartridges, REST/Webhooks and more.
  • It is our intent to make this add-on a reference example on how to build a fully-featured Jive add-on, similar to the Do you know Jive-Fu? for plugins (but better) =)
  • In addition to being a functioning Jive integration, the GitHub4Jive is the first of many projects that we will launch this year where we will look to engage the developer community for their expertise and get working examples out into open source.
  • As developers contribute back to these projects, they will earn credits in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program in the Developer Community (details to come, but referenced here)
    Jive Developer Program - 2013-14 Recap, Achievements and Winners + 2014-15 Preview



Meet the Team


Aron RachoGlen NicolBrad ChesmanYuvi ZalkowRyan RutanAnd You!


Aron Racho

Platform API - Engineer



Glen Nicol

Platform API - Intern



Brad Chesman

Sr. Professional Services Engineer



Yuval Z

Sr. Documentation Engineer



Ryan Rutan

Developer Evangelist


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.30.34 PM.png



How Can You Contribute

      • Tip: GitHub makes it very easy to grab links to specific lines of code in the project, just right-click and select "Copy Link Address" on the line numbers on the left-hand side.

Note:  We've scaffolded out the add-on, so the need to due any major structure changes/innovations should be limited; however, if you feel you'd like to deviate from the structure, let's talk it out. 
Our goal was to reduce, not eliminate, the amount of "architecture" churn for this add-on.  When in doubt, please reference the developer-notes.md files in your respective component(s).


We Can Do It

When it comes to contributing, do not feel obligated to have to deliver an entire component.  Even if you can help flesh out documentation, prettify user experiences, etc... these are all valuable contributions that benefit the project!


Our goal: to leverage the the above team and the developer community in a collaborative manner to complete something that is highly functional by JiveWorld that we can continue to developer (even in the Open Hackathon).


In addition, if we are successful, we will be able to leverage the add-on in the Jive Community to power future open-source projects on GitHub from our Developer Community!


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog post or in the GitHub4Jive project!  Excited to get this started, and work with each of you!