So I've started to combine some of my code snippets into a project, and have published it on github here: pokeshot/JiveDotNetSDK · GitHub


This is most certainly work in progress. Currently it consists of the (partial) object model and the code for request validation for signed requests coming from Jive going to a WebAPI endpoint.


I would like to get some feedback from the developer community on the format of the project going forward


  • keep as is, as a collection of individual code pieces, with eventually better documentation
  • convert it into a regular ASP.Net web application (likely MVC and WebAPI) and implement a full sample app


I'd really like to get your feedback on this.


Upcoming things that I will add, once I clean things up:

  • OAuth dance for getting client credentials for using the REST Api
  • Webhook support
  • Add-on registration WebAPI controller (this depends on the feedback to my question above)
  • Request validation for MVC Views
  • Language/i18n support (Jive apps do not use the standard language headers)
  • Code for registering tiles and pushing data to them
  • Code for consuming data from the data export API


Let me know if I am missing anything.