Every quarter, Jive releases its latest and most advanced cloud release, and with these releases comes a new bevy of integration features.  In the past, we have done Developer Webinar's but given the massive number of features we had to cover in this announcement, we felt it was better to bring them together in a blog post.  If you have any questions about any of the features, feel free to comment on the related documentation, or if you have a general question about this post, please use the comments below.


In the Winter 2015 Cloud Release, we have a nice set of new features available to developers:

  • Custom View Tiles - You can now build your own HTML view within a tile. Not only that, but you can have Jive host this tile so you don’t need to prop up a service if you don’t want to.
    • Alternatively, you can host a service and push custom content into your tile. In either case, you can provide tile actions just like other tile styles. This is a compelling new tile style for those customers who are longing for HTML widget-like functionality in a tile, or for those who simply want more control over their tile layout.
  • App actions filtered by Security Group -  In the previous cloud release (Fall 2014, 8c4), we gave you the ability to filter apps based on security groups. We now give you finer-grained control over your app’s visibility. In this release, you can filter app actions based on security groups.
  • Launcherless Apps - Now that we offer many different types of app actions, there may be scenarios where you don’t want your app to appear in the main Apps menu. You can now turn that off, without relying on security group filters.
  • Private Tile Properties - We now expose the ability for you to store data on a per-user basis for each tile instance. This can be useful when you want each user to have some unique information associated with a shared tile.
  • Tile Availability on Different Page Types - Now that there are more potential places to put tiles, we have added a new field to the tile definition so that you can define which types of Jive pages make sense for your tile.
  • REST API Updates - The REST API has been updated with new endpoints for new features, such as News, Pages, Entitlements.
  • Analytics API V2 - Same great platform, but with more events and filters to enrich your integration with analytics data.


Other recent updates:

  • We’ve made some tweaks to the Jive Node SDK
    • We have added four new custom view tile examples
    • We have cleaned up the ESF example
    • We have added cleaner SDK help output.
  • ESF Overview & Tutorial - We have created an overview and tutorial for those who want to get started with the external storage framework.


Developer highlights from the previous Fall 2015 Cloud Release:

  • Jive-Hosted Apps - We’re excited to promote this new feature that allows you to have Jive host your app’s static assets. You no longer need to prop up an integration service just to host an app.
  • Entitlements API - This document provides a tour of the new entitlements REST API.
  • Pages API - This document provides a tour of the new Pages REST API. It includes information about how to put tiles on your new pages.
  • Filtering App Visibility using Security Groups - With this feature, you can control an app’s visibility based on security groups.


Feel free to check out the past developer webinars, to learn more about recent feature additions to the Jive platform.