With the most awesomest of nerd celebration days upon us, Pi Day 2015 (3/14/15 9:26 53589), I felt it was a great opportunity to reach out to our Jive Developers community to talk about technology and the Jive platform.  As many of you may have noticed, by our previous blog post: What's New in the Jive Developer Platform (2015.1) which outlines a slew of developer features in the 2015 Winter Cloud Release, the Jive platform has been on the move and growing every quarter.  At this point, we have an amazing array of first-class integrations for Jive to help developers help everyone to connect, communicate and collaborate.


To help celebrate the unique moment in time that Pi Day 2015 represents, we wanted to provide an opportunity to hand out some nerd schwag =)


How to Win the Raspberry Pi 2 & T-Shirt

It's simple.  We'd love to hear from the developer community about your current thoughts on the Jive platform and how you using it to realize the collaborative hub vision Jive offers. 


To be eligible to win, we simply ask the following:

  • Share a blogpost in the Jive Developers community with the following considerations on or before the EOB March 14, 2015.
    • What problems were you trying to solve, and why were they worth solving?
    • Which developer features do you like, or have you implemented?
    • How would you leverage them in an integration, and with what systems?
    • Screenshots or mockups of your integration / concepts
  • Help us share your ideas via social media (Twitter/LinkedIn), or just retweet @jivedev publicity when it arrives.


New to the Jive Platform?  Check out the following resources to get started!


Selecting the Winner

After Pi Day, our internal team will review any / all blog posts that were shared in the Developer community.  Whichever post creates the most conversation in the community / social media, we will announce the winner an send the following prizes to them post haste. 

  • Note: Due to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi 2, we have already ordered the prize and have a committed delivery date of April 9th, as such, we will plan to provide prizes based on the availability of the prize.





If you have any questions about the contest, prizes or blog post requirements feel free to reach out on this blog post.   Looking forward to hearing the great stories, but above all else ... cant wait to celebrate Pi Day 2015!!!!


Note:  I am aware that many of you from JiveWorld14 are still waiting on your Jive branded bt.tn's, but rest assured we are still working with the vendor to push past the issues that have affected their inventory and are working to make due on the prizes as quick as possible.

For more details, please see: Where's the Bt.tns?