This is just a quick blog post that I've been meaning to share.  It is about a feature that was recently announced here:

What's New in the Jive Developer Platform (2015.1)

but I was afraid it was lost in the shuffle.


In short, the feedback couldn't have been clearer, "for simple apps, please remove the need for middleware" and that is just what we did.


Example: Admin Essentials Add-On

To show how this works, I'm going to use one of my open-source projects from a while back, The specified item was not found.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.51.58 AM.png

When I originally posted this solution, the idea was that developers would simply clone the solution down ... re-bundle it onto their own middleware and stand it up in their own environment.  That's a lot of steps and a lot of ambiguity in-between. 


But now, it gets even simpler with the new simple app jive hosting feature.

Note:  To do these steps, you will need to install the Jive SDK (Node.js)

Here's How to Get Started

  1. git clone | or based on your git config | git clone
  2. cd jiveapps/addons/admin-essentials
  3. (optional)
    • Update any of the existing interfaces / add new interfaces
    • Updated the GUID / Name / Description to reflect that this is a Fork of the original.
    • Commit your changes (not jiveclientconfiguration.json) back to Github for others to see
  4. jive-sdk build --apphosting="jive"
  5. Upload your new to your Jive instance and see your application take flight.


That's it!


Tangentially, I found out the other day (see: Tip: Building an Addon without registration) that sneaky Mr. Aron Racho added in a shortcut to the Jive SDK (Node.js) to simplify simple apps hosted externally.  To do this, just add the following line to your jiveclientconfiguration.json



     "suppressAddonRegistration" : true,




Thanks for sharing this discovery Gary Mitchell, I had missed its addition into the SDK. =)


Have an example of a simple Jive App idea you'd like to share?  Reach out in the Developer Community or share a blog post about it.  Excited to see what developers are going to do with these new capabilities.