It's been a month now, and I think it's high time that we finally introduce our new Jive Developer Evangelist, Rashed Talukder. =)


Rashed comes to us by way of Plantronics where we worked in both their Technical Marketing and R&D Engineering organizations.  Thus far, I've been thoroughly impressed by his passion, skills and his desire to learn the intricacies of the Jive platform.  I'm confident that each of you will enjoy working with him in the Jive Developer Community, and strongly believe that he will be instrumental in taking our developer community to the next level!  Over the next few weeks/months, you should expect to see more engagement from him as he gets ramped up on the Jive Platform.  Until then ...  please join me in welcoming him to the Jive Developer Community!


What Does This Mean for Ryan in the Jive Developer Community?

It's simple.  In my new role as Director of Developer Evangelism & Partner Innovation, I'm working on increasing the potency of the Jive platform and this community, so I will still be intimately involved.  It mainly means that I will have more eyes and hands to help make this happen.  To say that I am excited, would be a gross understatement.  =)


Also, we are already hard at work planning the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference so stay tuned for more on that coming VERY soon! 

Make sure to share your thoughts on the developer keynote, if you haven't already:

Who Would You Like To See Keynote the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference?