Hi Jive Dev's! I'm pretty excited to present the first in a series of developer tools to assist you in creating some great integrations for your Jive instances. The goal for these tools are to ensure that they save you development time, reduce the likelihood for errors, and simplify the creation of add-on's and apps.


The first of these tools is the Simple Stream Integration Builder. It simplifies the process of creating an add-on with one of the new features of Jive Cloud — Simple Stream Integrations — which allows you to have one-way external activity streams WITHOUT middleware. By subscribing to a third-party webhook, we can receive a one-way push FROM a third-party webhook TO Jive. In many circumstances, this take can an hour or two to package together. Now, with just a few lines of transform code and some assets, you can have a simple packaged Jive Add-on in less than 10 minutes.


Note: The Simple Stream Integration Builder only works with Jive Cloud (Jive 7 and 8 not supported).


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 7.58.29 PM.png


Some key benefits of this tool:

  • You can create a Jive Simple Stream Integration Add-on in mere minutes from start to zip!
  • No middleware needed.
  • After the add-on is installed, any group or project admin can add the stream to their group.
  • Tailor the activity to display relevant information for individual groups.


What you need to do to subscribe to a stream on Jive and build an add-on:

  1. Go to the Simple Stream Integration Builder page.
  2. Watch the demonstration video.
  3. Try it yourself by writing a bit of JavaScript to take the incoming webhook event info and make it speak Jive event info (reference Jive JSON Schema).
  4. Paste in a sample JSON input, test to make sure it’s error free.
  5. Give your add-on a title, description, and accompanying image (128px by 128px recommended).
  6. Install the downloaded zip to your Jive community.
  7. Profit?




That’s it! What could have taken hours now only takes minutes, so you can go ahead and start doing what’s important—watching funny cat videos or “researching” on Reddit. Stay tuned for more tools like this one to get you developing some great integrations and apps for Jive in less time!