This marks the end of the Tri-Hackathon.  An exciting conclusion to an equally exciting setup.  I didn't cut the mustard on our three challenges unfortunately, but it was a nice close race for those at the top of the board and I know we all had fun.

I'm also excited to see the new direction and forms the hackathon takes in the future.  There is some talk of taking it on the road to meet the developers, perhaps as part of local meet ups.  If they could work out the format just right I think that would be amazing.


A great combination of the challenges.  Be it Jive itself or, there were plenty of things to hack and plenty of experts in the house before.  I believe I said it during the first day post, but it really made an excellent bookend to the talks and live sessions where they would go through the demos themselves, giving plenty of your own context into the fast moving tech (hey, they only had an hour in most cases).


Also interesting to see will be how they prevent the bit of gaming the system we say with the trivia challenge.  Funny to see, though I still think there should have been a dishonorable mention.


Great fun everyone!  Congrats to our winners and I hope to see you all at the challenge next year should I be able to make it.