I know the competition is all over, but I thought I would toss up one final blog post to speak to the relationship aspect.  It was very cool to see some gadgets and prizes from Pebble, nice work Rashed Talker.  It was also excellent to see the guys from Built.io sitting at the tables, our their at their booth, and providing their own set of challenges and prizes.  Sure, we have a ringer in the audience who kind of swept the dev challenges, but hey I'm all for a single player dominating the games


The introduction is going to have me looking at what I can do with Built.io, I don't think there is any better correlation with their objectives than that.


We had a long list of challenges to get through, I haven't even read through the whole list, but I was about to comment to the effect of "next year it would be great to see iPaaS, Docker Containers, Google Cloud etc (didn't see Kubernetes).  Well guess what, we had those challenges, and now post event we can complete them at any time.  It's really kind a free dev training course if you think about it.

Now not only do you have a Jive focus, but a DevOps focus.  Perhaps times are changing, but when I first started in development, getting your hands on this kind of stuff was impossible if it even existed at all.