KICKSTARTER FUNDED! We are set to have this event on July 13th at Plex Systems Northern California Offices!



After having a great turn out at our first stop in NYC at Social Edge Consulting , we're ready to take some votes on our next stop — The Bay Area at Plex Systems' Northern California Office! We are limited in capacity to 22 attendees, so we're going to put a limit of 3 individuals per organization/company for now. This is a meetup/workshop that is geared more towards beginning development in Jive and to try out the newer add-on framework that's available in Jive 8 & Cloud—as such, priority may be given to individuals who fit this criteria. Please put your name and organization if you can commit to being at the event and joining us for the installfest.


BTW, if you haven't already checked out this blog that Social Edge put out of the last event, be sure to have a look for what to expect: NYC Hackathon Fun - Now with Pictures!



Event Details:

When: July 13th, 2016 — From 1pm, to 5pm

Where: Pleasanton, CA (Full address and entrance details will be given to attendees prior to event)

Cost: $0 thanks to Plex Systems


Installfest Details:

What: We go over all the items you need to have installed and make sure you have access to everything you need in order to get to the event and be able to work through your ideas without issues.

Mandatory: YES. Some exceptions may be made.

When: July 12th, 2016

Time: 12:30pm


How to Sign-Up:

This is mostly first come first served until we get a total of 22 people, 3 people maximum per organization (until June 30, 2016—if there are spots open, then we'll consider taking more from one single company). Please leave your name and company in the comment below. Each member must comment individually—you cannot add others on your behalf. Registration ends July 8, 2016 12pm PST!


Please leave your NAME and COMPANY in the comments below. You must include both.


Priority Seating:

Registration for the event is mostly first come, first served. But, since there is a very limited number of seats, we're going to impart some priority seating policies. However, know that we're being truly transparent about how we're doing this.

  • Those who have shown interest from the beginning or have been proactively trying to host/sponsor the event will automatically get priority of attendance.
  • Individuals new to Jive development will also get priority since this is specifically the audience we're gearing the event towards, doesn't mean existing developers can't go, just throwing this out there as a possible factor.
  • Developers. This event is welcome to business XXXXXXX individuals with some coding experience as well, but priority is given to Developers as it is a developer centric event.


If I haven't added you to the registration list yet, it's because I'm waiting for those priority individuals/organizations to respond with a yes/no first.


What You'll Gain by Attending:


Our Sponsor:

This event is made possible because of the time and dedication that Plex Systems and Mahal Torres has had to their Jive instance and the overall Jive Community. They are graciously providing the location, snacks, drinks, and the all important WiFi for this event.



Mahal TorresPlex Systems
Ashley WolfYahoo!
Honish JosephYahoo!
anisha patelYahoo!
Eva HsiehYahoo!
Sumeet GuptaCisco
Reena DsouzaCisco
Siddharth GuptaHitachi Data Systems
Shawn WilsonIntuit
Dishant MehtaTavant Technologies
Michael KongSunrun Inc.
Keith ShawQualys, Inc.
Susan LeeFireEye
Nagendra BalachandraJCS Consulting







Please leave your NAME and COMPANY in the comments below to sign up. You must include both. Registration will end July 8th, 2016.