So we just concluded the Jive Developer Days series' first remote/virtual event based on a European audience and here's what happened!


We had a lot of people register and fill out the seats from small to large companies and organizations (Jive Developer Days 2016: European Edition — Register Today!). There was so much demand that we actually went ahead and extended our original seat limit of 25 to fit the extra 5 on the waitlist. Where the past two other events were in person and that makes developing much easier and we could dedicate several hours to working together without losing interest or feeling TOO overwhelmed, we thought we should change it for the remote event to two days and half the time per day — I think that was still a good call. But overall, I think everyone learned a lot, I enjoyed some of the laughs, saw some great questions and engagement from the attendees.



  • Presented the Jive Developer Platform story
  • Made the example App Reference app using jive-sdk create app
  • Made a RSS News Feed Custom View Tile (see attachment)
  • Made a Simple Stream Integration with the App Reference App embedded (see attachment)


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.08.39 AM.png


First Day

We started the first day by introducing the high level Jive Developer Story—the Add-on Framework, Mobile solutions, External Storage Framework, and the Jive Analytics Platform. What we wanted out of this is to expose both new and seasoned Jive Developers to the full gamut of platform offerings. Since awareness is sometimes the biggest obstacle, we hoped to open the doors to all the possibilities for developers to fully realize the Jive as a organization's Hub story.


Following after the overview, Ryan Rutan used the Jive Node.JS SDK to create the Introducing the Jive Developer App Reference "App" on the Developer Sandbox example app, and get an understanding of app action contributions to filter where an app can go and also see the context (where, the person viewing, and content being viewed) that is available for use to enrich the experience of the community.


Second Day

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.37.47 PM.png

The second day took the foundations we laid down the first day and expanded on them. We started off by creating a Custom View Tile that makes a OSAPI HTTP Get request to the sample Yahoo Query Language RSS feed URL and displays the 10 most recent news articles in the tile with links to the source. We also showed how to speed up our integration development times with Ngrok.


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.34.33 PM.png

After that, we created a basic Simple Stream Integration from our Simple Stream Integration Builder and demonstrated a simulated Activity being generated within Jive in minutes of starting the developing. After that, we embedded the App from the session prior into the generated activity's external object and also passed in all the request data that created the Simple Stream Activity that can be used to make a richer collaborative experience. There were some hiccups that we uncovered and are going to patch our SDK shortly (this is part of why we're doing these events—make sure everything is solid).


What's Next?

More developer days virtual events coming soon! We are taking feedback from this pilot event and we're going to provide better ways for people to follow along and try the material out in better detail at a later time.