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48 Posts authored by: Ryan Rutan

For any developer who has used the Jive REST API, you may have run into a problem with a security measure we put in place a while back that prefixes API responses with the following line:

throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';





This aspect of the API as introduced to help prevent against JSON Hijacking back when web browsers were susceptible. 


As modern browsers have matured, so has inherent protection from this type of attack.  As such, Jive is looking into migration paths to allow us to remove this line from our API allowing the response to be pure JSON once again.  Once we have cleared our browser support list of susceptible browsers, we can start taking active measures to remove this safety measure.


What Does This Mean for You / Recommendations

When it comes time to roll-out changes, it is always hard because you never know how developers have coded things to this point.


To best prepare yourself (and your code) for this change, of which timing or process has not yet been discussed, it is recommended that you:

  • review your code for any references to the "code stripping"
  • insure that any code executed will work successfully, with or without this prefix in the response body.


Some example solutions include:

  • response.substring(response.indexOf('{')) - "find the first {, and do a substring from that position to the end of the string."
  • JSON.parse(response.replace(/$throw.*;/, "").trim()); - "using RegEx, find the first line with throw and ending in a semi-colon, if found replace with empty string"

As we get closer to determining the approach for introducing movement on this, we'll let the community know, but for now it is recommended that developers prepare their existing and new code with similar patterns to be protected.

Stay tuned.  You may now return to your IDE. =)

This is just a quick blog post that I've been meaning to share.  It is about a feature that was recently announced here:

What's New in the Jive Developer Platform (2015.1)

but I was afraid it was lost in the shuffle.


In short, the feedback couldn't have been clearer, "for simple apps, please remove the need for middleware" and that is just what we did.


Example: Admin Essentials Add-On

To show how this works, I'm going to use one of my open-source projects from a while back, The specified item was not found.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.51.58 AM.png

When I originally posted this solution, the idea was that developers would simply clone the solution down ... re-bundle it onto their own middleware and stand it up in their own environment.  That's a lot of steps and a lot of ambiguity in-between. 


But now, it gets even simpler with the new simple app jive hosting feature.

Note:  To do these steps, you will need to install the Jive SDK (Node.js)

Here's How to Get Started

  1. git clone | or based on your git config | git clone
  2. cd jiveapps/addons/admin-essentials
  3. (optional)
    • Update any of the existing interfaces / add new interfaces
    • Updated the GUID / Name / Description to reflect that this is a Fork of the original.
    • Commit your changes (not jiveclientconfiguration.json) back to Github for others to see
  4. jive-sdk build --apphosting="jive"
  5. Upload your new to your Jive instance and see your application take flight.


That's it!


Tangentially, I found out the other day (see: Tip: Building an Addon without registration) that sneaky Mr. Aron Racho added in a shortcut to the Jive SDK (Node.js) to simplify simple apps hosted externally.  To do this, just add the following line to your jiveclientconfiguration.json



     "suppressAddonRegistration" : true,




Thanks for sharing this discovery Gary Mitchell, I had missed its addition into the SDK. =)


Have an example of a simple Jive App idea you'd like to share?  Reach out in the Developer Community or share a blog post about it.  Excited to see what developers are going to do with these new capabilities.

With the most awesomest of nerd celebration days upon us, Pi Day 2015 (3/14/15 9:26 53589), I felt it was a great opportunity to reach out to our Jive Developers community to talk about technology and the Jive platform.  As many of you may have noticed, by our previous blog post: What's New in the Jive Developer Platform (2015.1) which outlines a slew of developer features in the 2015 Winter Cloud Release, the Jive platform has been on the move and growing every quarter.  At this point, we have an amazing array of first-class integrations for Jive to help developers help everyone to connect, communicate and collaborate.


To help celebrate the unique moment in time that Pi Day 2015 represents, we wanted to provide an opportunity to hand out some nerd schwag =)


How to Win the Raspberry Pi 2 & T-Shirt

It's simple.  We'd love to hear from the developer community about your current thoughts on the Jive platform and how you using it to realize the collaborative hub vision Jive offers. 


To be eligible to win, we simply ask the following:

  • Share a blogpost in the Jive Developers community with the following considerations on or before the EOB March 14, 2015.
    • What problems were you trying to solve, and why were they worth solving?
    • Which developer features do you like, or have you implemented?
    • How would you leverage them in an integration, and with what systems?
    • Screenshots or mockups of your integration / concepts
  • Help us share your ideas via social media (Twitter/LinkedIn), or just retweet @jivedev publicity when it arrives.


New to the Jive Platform?  Check out the following resources to get started!


Selecting the Winner

After Pi Day, our internal team will review any / all blog posts that were shared in the Developer community.  Whichever post creates the most conversation in the community / social media, we will announce the winner an send the following prizes to them post haste. 

  • Note: Due to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi 2, we have already ordered the prize and have a committed delivery date of April 9th, as such, we will plan to provide prizes based on the availability of the prize.





If you have any questions about the contest, prizes or blog post requirements feel free to reach out on this blog post.   Looking forward to hearing the great stories, but above all else ... cant wait to celebrate Pi Day 2015!!!!


Note:  I am aware that many of you from JiveWorld14 are still waiting on your Jive branded's, but rest assured we are still working with the vendor to push past the issues that have affected their inventory and are working to make due on the prizes as quick as possible.

For more details, please see: The specified item was not found.

Every quarter, Jive releases its latest and most advanced cloud release, and with these releases comes a new bevy of integration features.  In the past, we have done Developer Webinar's but given the massive number of features we had to cover in this announcement, we felt it was better to bring them together in a blog post.  If you have any questions about any of the features, feel free to comment on the related documentation, or if you have a general question about this post, please use the comments below.


In the Winter 2015 Cloud Release, we have a nice set of new features available to developers:

  • Custom View Tiles - You can now build your own HTML view within a tile. Not only that, but you can have Jive host this tile so you don’t need to prop up a service if you don’t want to.
    • Alternatively, you can host a service and push custom content into your tile. In either case, you can provide tile actions just like other tile styles. This is a compelling new tile style for those customers who are longing for HTML widget-like functionality in a tile, or for those who simply want more control over their tile layout.
  • App actions filtered by Security Group -  In the previous cloud release (Fall 2014, 8c4), we gave you the ability to filter apps based on security groups. We now give you finer-grained control over your app’s visibility. In this release, you can filter app actions based on security groups.
  • Launcherless Apps - Now that we offer many different types of app actions, there may be scenarios where you don’t want your app to appear in the main Apps menu. You can now turn that off, without relying on security group filters.
  • Private Tile Properties - We now expose the ability for you to store data on a per-user basis for each tile instance. This can be useful when you want each user to have some unique information associated with a shared tile.
  • Tile Availability on Different Page Types - Now that there are more potential places to put tiles, we have added a new field to the tile definition so that you can define which types of Jive pages make sense for your tile.
  • REST API Updates - The REST API has been updated with new endpoints for new features, such as News, Pages, Entitlements.
  • Analytics API V2 - Same great platform, but with more events and filters to enrich your integration with analytics data.


Other recent updates:

  • We’ve made some tweaks to the Jive Node SDK
    • We have added four new custom view tile examples
    • We have cleaned up the ESF example
    • We have added cleaner SDK help output.
  • ESF Overview & Tutorial - We have created an overview and tutorial for those who want to get started with the external storage framework.


Developer highlights from the previous Fall 2015 Cloud Release:

  • Jive-Hosted Apps - We’re excited to promote this new feature that allows you to have Jive host your app’s static assets. You no longer need to prop up an integration service just to host an app.
  • Entitlements API - This document provides a tour of the new entitlements REST API.
  • Pages API - This document provides a tour of the new Pages REST API. It includes information about how to put tiles on your new pages.
  • Filtering App Visibility using Security Groups - With this feature, you can control an app’s visibility based on security groups.


Feel free to check out the past developer webinars, to learn more about recent feature additions to the Jive platform.

Its the week after JiveWorld14, and we are still playing catchup from such an amazing event.  =)  This year, we left no stone unturned and brought an army of Jive engineers and subject matter experts and made them available to all conference attendees in the Jive Hacker Lounge and Developer track breakout sessions.  With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the great stories and presentations that came out of the developer conference!


Developer Hackathons

This year's hackathons were a great success.  With over 60 Jive engineers, developers and partners attending we gave away over 25 of our developer's as part of our developer challenges, and many more were kicking the tires on the APIs and building add-ons on the Jive platform.  We were especially pleased by the adoption of tools, such as and ngrok, which helped enable developer environments from just about any laptop!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.29.17 PM.png


A special shout out to Jesse Kinser who snapped this awesome photo with some of our early-access tech in action, which I think speaks volumes ... Jive developer is easy! =)


Developer Breakout Sessions

With multiple sessions running at any given time slot, there was no way a single person could take in all the goodness in the JiveWorld14 Developer track.  That's why we recorded them all, and are making these sessions available in the community.  Check out the below table for links to the complete JiveWorld14 Developer track session list w/videos.


JiveWorld14 Developer Keynote - Matthew McCullough, GitHub - If Data Then KnowledgeMatthew McCullough
Extending into the Enterprise with Jive Anywhere & Producteev - WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Austen Rustrum

Ismael Henchi

Jive Platform: Building the Hub WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Mark Weitzel

Matt Tucker

Jive Core API: The Definitive Guide WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PMCraig McClanahan
Jive Mobile SDK – Deliver Integrated Mobile Experiences with iOS & Android WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Ben Oberkfell

Mark Schisler

Jive Integrations: Working Better Together WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Sean Horn

James Wright

Using the Jive Platform to Collaborate Across Systems WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Yuval Z

Aron Racho

Social Portals – Extending the Jive User Interface - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PMKevin Conaway
Experience, Change, and Mobilizing The Platform of Things - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PMDustin Updyke
Purposeful Places – Integrate Using Tiles, Streams and Templates - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Todd Runstein

Thomas Jung

From Plugins to Apps to Add-Ons and Beyond - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Emily Harsh

Praful Desai

John Larson

Brent Perkins

Porting Legacy Applications to Add-Ons and Jive Cloud - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Casey Gum

Brent Babin

Integration with External Storage & Emerging Technology Preview - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Lev Waisberg

Yuval Twig

Jive Data Export Service – Turbo-Charge Your Jive Integration with Analytics - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Dirk McNealy

John Hungerford

The When, Whys and Hows of integrating SharePoint with Jive - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Paul Olenick

Tom Resing


Note:  Presentation slides will be made available shortly and referenced from the respective video's description.


We encourage community members to continue the conversation and ask questions of both speakers and conference attendees on any of the materials and experiences shared from JiveWorld14.  It was an amazing event, and I am confident that many of the developers who attended would be happy to share their thoughts in the community.


For those that attended:  What was your favorite part of JiveWorld14?

For those that couldn't attend:  Which session or topic do you wish you could have learned more about?

When awesome developer tips are discovered, I find that I cant blog about them fast enough.  So to try and break that tradition, I'd like to introduce to you an amazing tool/service that was recently shared with me called ngrok.


What is ngrok


  • Creates a tunnel from the public internet ( to a port on your local machine. You can give this URL to anyone to allow them to try out a web site you're developing without doing any deployment.
  • ngrok captures all traffic through the tunnel. It displays information about the HTTP traffic for your inspection. Raw request/response bytes, parsed headers and form data, JSON/XML syntax checking and more are included.
  • Developing services which consume webhooks can be challenging if the hooks are labor-intensive to generate. Use ngrok's replay request feature to iterate quickly on a new feature without switching contexts to generate new requests.


How to Leverage with Jive Add-On Development

For people who choose not to, or cannot use, cloud services like Nitrous.IO (see: Rapid Jive Development in the Cloud with Nitrous.IO), and would prefer to use their local machine for all of their development needs, then ngrok is the tool for you.


  1. ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost  ... it's FREE (you can use your GitHub account for identity if you'd like)
    • Note:  While FREE, the project does take donations ... so if you find this tool valuable, please donate what you can.  We at Jive will be taking note of its popularity through JiveWorld and make a donation accordingly.
  2. Install the client executable to your local environment.  Support for Windows, Linux/(ARM) and Mac.
  3. Follow the instructions on your dashboard for first-time setup and use.
  4. Use the url and port provided at runtime and use it as the the meta.json & definition.json file(s) in your Jive add-on.
    • Did we mention it supports HTTPS as well?
  5. Bundle your Jive add-on, upload to your Jive cloud environment and watch the network traffic flow to your local development environment!
  6. When you are done needing your tunnel....simply Ctrl+C/kill the ngrok process to close your tunnel

Bonus:  ngrok is a client utility that runs on your local machine.  Simply launch the tool when needed, and turn it off when it is not in use.  You are in control of the tunnel, and it should work through most corporate firewalls without the need for additional configuration.


2xBonus:  Since ngrok is a network-level tool, it is application agnostic, which means that its use is agnostic to any Jive add-on tooling, including (but not limited to) the Jive SDK for node.js, Java or .NETAny add-on service running on any port of your local machine can be retro-fitted into the cloud environment for testing.



There are a ton of great features in the ngrok tool, including its web replay and general logging of network traffic.  When doing cloud development, this tool is definitely going to make a difference!


What do you think of ngrok?  Do you think it will help?  If so, share your thoughts and intentions to let us know how it is making a difference in your Jive development projects.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to register and/or attend yesterday's webinar!  In total, we had over 100+ people register, and 50+ attend.  We are definitely working on our formula on how to improve the value of these webinars to increase attendance and help build our developer eco-system.  Please feel free to leave comments in the blog post below, or keep an eye out for discussions calling out for feedback/speaker requests (such as: What Spotlight Presentation(s) Do You Want at the Q3-2014 Jive Developer Webinar? ).

JiveWorld14 - Jive Developer Conference

When:  October 21-23, 2014

Where:  Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

  • More Session
  • More Hacking
  • More Beer

If you are a developer, architect or just excited by technology ... you do not want to miss this conference!

Register Today


Dont forget to start earning your Developer Pints!
From Points to Pints in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program


Q3-2014 Jive Developer Webinar Materials

Below you will find links to the recording along with questions and feedback obtained during the webinar.

Attached you will find the presentation slides.

Dont Forget to Try Out Nitrous.IO with the Jive SDK!

Click here to build your FREE Jive Developer Cloud IDE + Sandbox


For any questions about this webinar, you can use the comments (below) or post a question in the Jive Developers community.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.01.05 AM.png

Click here to play the WebEx Recording

For those who cant use WebEx, we upload an MP4 here.
(Note: we ran into an issue with codec from WebEx, during the ARF conversion, so the video quality is poor, but audio is clear).



The following were questions asked during the webinar:

  • Q: What is the URL for the w/Jive SDK Instructions
  • Q: Is there a way to retrieve a list of users from jive?
  • Q: Is there any new about themes customization and development?
    • A: Jive continues to invest in the Theme Wizard tool that allows customers to deploy rich themes without the need for doing custom theme development.  In terms of the Theme Editor in the Admin Console, there are currently no items on the roadmap except any relevant bugs that might be reported.
  • Q: Is it possible to customize a plugin templates file in a custom jive theme ?
    • A: The Theme Editor (not Wizard) allows you to edit known theme Jive files.  Any additional files in the theme, or from a plugin, are not editable via the Admin Console editor.
  • Q: Can you recommend prerecorded webinars and training documents for people just getting started with Jive development?
  • Q: IIs there any plan in the roadmap to allow for easier packaging or deployment of Message Templates?
    • A: xWhile technically possible to inject anything into a JAR file, the outcome you are trying to
  • Q: Is there any jive developer kind of certification being studied?
    • A: This is a discussion that is on-going, and any updates on this subject will definitely be shared in the Developer Community prominently.  Unfortunately, we do not have any timelines or milestones to share at this time.
  • Q:  I am currently looking at the databases for the first time in cloud admin for my community. Will I be able to download any data from Jive as far as users, analytics, etc.?
  • Q: Any update on including a document hard-delete api?
    • A: I've marked this request again for internal consideration.  It is currently working through the process; however, given how new this request is... I do not expect anything in this upcoming cloud cycle, but will need to wait to hear back from engineering on the priorities.
  • Q: Is there a way to deploy add-ons without requiring the registration call?
  • Q: Are there plans to allow us to put OpenSocial gadgets on the Overview page?
    • A: That feature is under consideration.    It's also worth noting that with the new Pages feature ... Tiles can make their way to custom pages.  While not exactly a full 1:1 feature



  • Q:  Derek Hunter - Are there any enhancements to tag management?
    • A: I'm following up with our Producteev and Core product managers internally to see what they say about this one.  Will ask them to respond via the comments or directly to you.  Stay tuned.
  • Q:Jens Goldhammer - Is Producteev planned for hosting on premise?
  • Q:  John Reynolds Is there any plan in the roadmap to allow for easier packaging or deployment of Email/Message Templates?
    • A:  I'm following up with internal product management on this one.  To my knowledge there are no planned roadmap items for this functionality.
  • Q: Is there a way to interact with Sharepoint other than having to install a solution on the Sharepoint server side ?
    • A: I'm following up with internal product management on this one.  In the meantime, I would perhaps raise any detailed questions in the The specified item was not found. community.

It's that time of year again, the time for JiveWorld!  Last year, JiveWorld attendee feedback couldn’t be more clear:  more developer stuff!   More developer sessions, more chances to learn from Jive engineering and more opportunities to meet others extending and developing on the Jive platform.  This year, we are proud to announce the JiveWorld14 – Developer Conference (in a conference), and its packed with an agenda that will keep any developer wired for 3 days straight!  So check out the details below and dont forget to Register Today as a Developer for JiveWorld14!


Developer Conference Keynote


Matthew McCullough is an energetic 15 year veteran of enterprise software development, open source education, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a Denver consultancy. Matthew currently is VP of Training at, author of the McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git - O'Reilly Media series, speaker at over 30 national and international conferences, author of three of the top 10 DZone RefCards, and President of the Denver Open Source Users Group.


His current topics of research center around project automation: build tools (Gradle), distributed version control (Git, GitHub), Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Travis) and Quality Metrics (Sonar). Matthew resides in Denver, Colorado with his beautiful wife and two young daughters, who are active in nearly every outdoor activity Colorado has to offer.


As avid fans of his work at OSCON and in the GitHub community, we are extremely excited to have Matthew speaking this year to kick-off our developer conference!



Double the Developer Sessions & Jive Engineering Access

With Jive's platform capabilities growing each year, it just makes sense for us to equally increase the exposure at our largest developer event of the year.  This year's JiveWorld14 Developer Conference consists of 15 sessions spread across 2 days that cover every facet of Jive Add-On development.  These sessions are led by Jive engineers who excel in their mastery of the following topics (respectively):

  • Core REST API
  • Tiles, Streams & Templates
  • Jive Apps
  • Analytics w/the Data Export Service
  • Mobile SDK (iOS & Android)
  • Cartridges w/Jive Anywhere
  • External Storage Framework
  • Producteev - Task Management API

By popular demand, we will also have our experts there to talk about best practices and strategies for integrating Sharepoint & Office 365 with the Jive Platform!


In addition to having sessions, the Jive Developer Hacker Lounge will be staffed by the same engineers throughout the JiveWorld14 Developer Conference.


Have a question about one of the presentations, or perhaps your own integration idea? Stop by the Hacker Lounge to get your questions answered! 



2 x Hackathon Experience:  Open Hackathon & Beer Dark 30

Back by popular demand, the JiveWorld14 Open Hackathon* will take place in the Hacker Lounge, Tuesday, October 21st, 2014.


Have a project you'd like to hack on with the experts?

Or, perhaps you'd like to work with us to build out some of our Open Source initiatives on GitHub, such as:


Note: We will also open up the ability for remote developers to hack along with us using GitHub and the Jive Community.**


Get your best work done late at night? 


So do we!  Hence our Beer Dark 30* event that takes place from 9pm - 1am on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014. You're a developer in Vegas, what else would you do late at night beside eat pizza, drink beer and code?
(dont answer that)


And as if you needed yet even more reasons to attend the JiveWorld14 Developer Conference ...


30+ Chances To Win a new bttn



Meet the bttn - the simplest internet user interface in the world

  • A stand-alone physical push button that connects to the internet
  • Simply press the bttn and your Magic Happens™


We will be giving away 30+ of these awesome internet gadgets to developers who come to the JiveWorld14 Developer Conference and participate in the fun developer challenges at the Hackathon's and Hacker Loungers.  There will be lots of opportunities to win for developers of all skill ranges, so whether you are a novice or a veteran ... we've got you covered!


So in true #BeerJS fashion, simply bring your laptop and a healthy appetite for coding, pizza, fun and beer and you are ready to get the most out of the JiveWorld14 Developer Conference!



Stay tuned to the Jive Developers community for more details about registration for the developer events.

Learn more about Developer Agenda here, and dont forget to Register as a Developer Today!


Let's See You At JiveWorld14 Developer Conference ... And Let's Brew Up Something Awesome ... Together!



* Both events are FREE (to JiveWorld registrants), we simply ask that you register so we can accurately order the Beer and Pizza! (registration details coming soon)

** Remote participation limited to the Open Hackathon ONLY.  (remote participation details coming soon)

beer-pints.pngA few weeks ago we announced some awesome winners in the Jive Developer Program - 2013-14 Recap, Achievements and Winners + 2014-15 Preview announcement, including:


Note:  We are still waiting to hear back from some of you on your prize selection, so if you haven't told me your Hue/Pebble color yet ... best to hurry up


Since announcing these winners, I've been hard at work putting together some ideas on how we can structure this year's developer program, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the changes for this year that I've gotten set up.


What Are Pints & How to Earn Them

It's simple.  In addition to earning standard Jive Community points, for each contribution below you perform in the Jive Developers community, you will also earn Pints.  Pints ... the official status-level point system of the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program!  The following developer pint missions have already been configured and activated in the Jive Developers Community (as of 08/05/2014):


  • Ask Questions
    2 Pints / Question
  • Answering Questions
    20 Pints / Question
  • Marking Correct / Helpful Answers on your Questions
    5 Pints per Question
  • Attend Developer Webinar
    50 Pints per webinar attended
  • Attend JiveWorld Developer Conference
    250 Pints
  • Developer Blogging
    50 Pints per blogpost
  • Earning Jive Developer Expertise Badges via Announcing a Smarter Way To Do Jive Developer Training, or comparable subject expertise blogging.
    150 Pints/each skill
  • Liking Content - Liking awesome documents/blogs in the Jive Developer to help promote their visibility
    1 Pint (10 Max per Day)
  • Liked Content - Liked documents/blogs in the Jive Developer can earn the author more Pints
    1 Pint (100 Max per Day)


Bonus Pints

In addition to the above community participation, we also aim to award Pints for participation in any of our current and future open source projects on GitHub.  Some projects to consider are GitHub4Jive and JiveAnywhereCartridges (per  Announcing Jive Anywhere Labs)

  • Submit an Issue
    5 Pints
  • Fork an active jivesoftware Project
    10 Pints
  • Issue a Pull Request
    20 Pints


Note: For the short-term, these points will be manually curated; however, we will look for ways to automate them in the near future.  If you feel you are not getting the points for your contributions, please feel free to @mention me.



What Can I Do With Pints

I'm still working on this one, and would love to get some more feedback from you on what incentives Jive could offer to make your participation more engaging and fun.  We are going to look into the Developer Status Levels from last year, and most likely bring those back for 2014-15; however, when it comes to prizes, incentives, etc ... we are trying to think out of the box.


Some ideas we've considered:

  • Physical Prizes - Apple iWatch, Cloud Ready Button, IoT Sensors/Actuators, Raspberry Pi gear
  • JiveWorld Experience - JiveWorld Developer Discounts & Special Access / Treatment
  • Onsite Hackathon Events - This is somewhat of a new idea, but if you were to attain enough Pints, then you could earn a free hack day with Mark / Ryan, where they will come onsite and sit down with your team of developers and hack on whatever projects that suits your fancy.  Maybe even a developer dinner with your team.  Very interested to hear feedback on this one. =)


With all that said, its time for people to start racking up the Pints in the Jive Developers community! 
(see the quarterly leaderboard on the Jive Developers community homepage)


JiveWorld14 Developer Conference - Register Today

JiveWorld14 Developer Conference in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel from October 21-23.  We'll have Matthew McCullough from GitHub/OSCON keynoting our developer track, our annual hackathon and midnight hack sessions and cool developer gadgets giveaways from =)

What is GitHub4Jive


  • At it's core, GitHub4Jive is an integration that combines the collaboration strengths of Jive with the source control and issue tracking strengths of GitHub to fuel a collaboration driven approach to managing projects on GitHub.
  • For information on the specific user stories that we are trying to tackle, check out this document for insight:
    GitHub4Jive - Feature Document
  • From a training perspective, this add-on will demonstrate best practices for integrating multiple Jive disciplines, such as Tiles, Apps, Cartridges, REST/Webhooks and more.
  • It is our intent to make this add-on a reference example on how to build a fully-featured Jive add-on, similar to the Do you know Jive-Fu? for plugins (but better) =)
  • In addition to being a functioning Jive integration, the GitHub4Jive is the first of many projects that we will launch this year where we will look to engage the developer community for their expertise and get working examples out into open source.
  • As developers contribute back to these projects, they will earn credits in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program in the Developer Community (details to come, but referenced here)
    Jive Developer Program - 2013-14 Recap, Achievements and Winners + 2014-15 Preview



Meet the Team


Aron RachoGlen NicolBrad ChesmanYuvi ZalkowRyan RutanAnd You!


Aron Racho

Platform API - Engineer



Glen Nicol

Platform API - Intern



Brad Chesman

Sr. Professional Services Engineer



Yuval Z

Sr. Documentation Engineer



Ryan Rutan

Developer Evangelist


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.30.34 PM.png



How Can You Contribute

      • Tip: GitHub makes it very easy to grab links to specific lines of code in the project, just right-click and select "Copy Link Address" on the line numbers on the left-hand side.

Note:  We've scaffolded out the add-on, so the need to due any major structure changes/innovations should be limited; however, if you feel you'd like to deviate from the structure, let's talk it out. 
Our goal was to reduce, not eliminate, the amount of "architecture" churn for this add-on.  When in doubt, please reference the files in your respective component(s).


We Can Do It

When it comes to contributing, do not feel obligated to have to deliver an entire component.  Even if you can help flesh out documentation, prettify user experiences, etc... these are all valuable contributions that benefit the project!


Our goal: to leverage the the above team and the developer community in a collaborative manner to complete something that is highly functional by JiveWorld that we can continue to developer (even in the Open Hackathon).


In addition, if we are successful, we will be able to leverage the add-on in the Jive Community to power future open-source projects on GitHub from our Developer Community!


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog post or in the GitHub4Jive project!  Excited to get this started, and work with each of you!

2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Recap




JiveWorld14 - Jive Developer Conference

More Sessions, More Hacking, More Beer

When:  October 21-23, 2014

Where:  Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

  • NEW:  Developer Keynote by Matt McCullough, VP of Training @ GitHub
  • BETTER: Open Hackathon (conference attendees + remote developers are invited)
    • NEW: Developer challenges and drawings to win some special tech gadgets during the conference!  Your inner-nerd will be very happy!
  • MORE:  Unprecedented level of Developer Content and Access to Jive Engineers!
  • For more details, see:


Register Today to Get Your Early-Bird Discount

In these past 6 months we've made a lot of progress, but we can (and will) do even better
next year to make the Jive Developer Program more awesome for everyone!


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Achievements









(since Jan 1, 2014)

developer-level-1.pngBrett VanderHaar  Brian Shoemaker  Casey Gum  Chris Brown  Craig Reeves  Creighton Medley  Dustin Updyke  Farid Zaman  James Wright  James Ketola  John Larson  Kevin Conaway  LG .  Marc Rudkowski  pushpendra.paliwal2  Robert Hanson  Sanjay Dhonde  Sean Horn  Snigdha Challa  Stephan Leuendorff  Thomas Jung  Todd Runstein  Tom Resing

Aaron Walker

Anthony Isaac

Austen Rustrum

Emily Harsh


Patrick Crownover


Aron Racho

Craig McClanahan

Mark Weitzel

Murali VP

Nils Heuer

Ryan Rutan


2014-15 Jive Developer Program - Preview

  • Jive Developer Expertise Gems (continue from 2013-14)
  • Jive Developer Community Participation (continue from 2013-14)
  • Jive Developer Project Contributions (new for 2014-15)
    • Chances to contribute small pieces of code to Developer Community open projects for hacking year-round on GitHub!
  • New Jive Developer Gamification Economy (new for 2014-15)


More information coming soon on this program, but to get started ... keep participating in the conversation in the Jive Developer Community and stock up on Jive Developer Expertise badges!


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Rock Stars

The following developer community rockstars are being recognized for their accomplishments in the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program, but as well as their consistent level of participation in the Jive Developer community.  The Jive Developer community wouldn't be what it is today without you assistance, and for that we thank you. =)  To say thanks each of you will get first pass at the prizes (listed below) for this year's program.


Kevin BrownNils HeuerLG


Kevin Brown


Nils Heuer



2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Random Drawing Winners

The following developer community members have been selected at random based on entries into the lottery set forth by the Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program.  There participation in the Jive Developer Program has been much appreciated, and we will be reaching out to each of you once our Rockstars have picked their prizes!


Craig ReevesSnigdha ChallaPatrick CrownoverAaron WalkerCasey Gum


Craig Reeves




No Profile Photo =\





Snigdha Challa


Patrick Crownover


Aaron Walker


Casey Gum


2013-14 Jive Developer Program - Prizes


3 x Philips Hue Starter Pack5 x Pebble Smart Watches

Thank you to everyone who took the time to register and/or attend today's webinar!  In total, we had over 200+ people register, and 150+ attend.  So it's a great 1st start!  Special thanks to my fellow panelists Yuval Z and Aron Racho, and we look forward to our next Webinar, which should be sometime in Mid-Late/September.

JiveWorld14 - The Jive Developer Mecca

When:  October 21-23, 2014

Where:  Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

  • More Sessions
  • More Hacking
  • More Beer

Register Today to Get Your Early-Bird Discount


Q2-2014 Jive Developer Webinar Materials

Below you will find links to the recording along with questions and feedback obtained during the webinar. 
Attached you will find slides from today's presentation.


For any questions about today's Webinar, you can use the comments (below) or post a question in the Jive Developers community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 4.27.47 PM.png

Click here to play/download the WebEx Recording



The following are the polls associated with the Q2 2014 Jive Developer Webinar:



The following were questions asked during the webinar:

  • Aaron Yemm "positive note. getting started content is extremely useful for those of us that work in tons of different platforms. Meaning we might only do some jive dev 2-3 times a year and need to regularly refer to the starter docs."
    • A:  Absolutely!  In addition to refresher courses, we are hoping to ramp up more people easier to increase the number of skilled eyes to read and possibly respond to questions.
  • Dan Reiswig "YAY!" In response to our new APIs that allow you to backdate publish and update dates. (a.k.a Data Migration API) =)
  • Sreenath G "Do you have any documentation on Analytics API?"
    • A:  Analytics - Developer Resources will be the best place to start.  Documentation is admittedly lean at the moment, but should be enough to get you started.  Feel free to ask questions in the community for any perceived gaps and we'll do our best to cover ASAP.
  • Lea Reznik - "Will Mor Avital be at JIVE World?, I feel like I'm the only girl "developer" - can there be wine for me?"
    • A: At the end of the day, Mor Avital will be the one to best answer that question. =)  As for the wine, I'll ask around and see what we can do!  Will try to focus more on you not being the only "girl developer" at the hackathon =)
  • whoiskevin -   Any plans to document methods of integrating web services with SSO implementations?  Custom tokens for instance.
    • A: Noted.  Yuval Z and myself will take this to the drawing board and see what we can put together in our coming sprints.
  • Lukas Sparks - "Maybe I missed it, but have any updates been made to app action contribution points in regards to applying permissions?"
    • A:  At this time, there are no app action contributions in the Admin Permissions screen.  The closest we have is the Place Settings Extension point that lets you tuck an App Experience behind the "Place" > Settings experience for Admins.
  • David Rice - "I need to connect Jive with SharePoint.  Where do I start?"
  • Casey Gum - Any possibility for reducing padding around window that hosts an app, specifically the canvas view?
    • A: Logged as JIVE-45414
  • Casey Gum - What's the best way to integrate 3rd party app content into spotlight search?  Like, if I create something in my app, I want it to show up in spotlight search.
    • A:  Either use ESF to do your document integration, such that the ESF framework will manage the content metadata into the search index, or use the External Objects w/Activity where the activity entries are indexed and appear in spotlight.  Alternatively, if you didn't want spotlight, you might be able to use the OpenSearch feature; however, results are returned out of context (meaning the same for everyone).
  • Patrick Crownover - "I am assuming the OAuth revoke is for Mobile auth. Is it possible to grant OAuth tokens for API access to specific users via the API to bypass things such as SAML?"
    • A: API definitely allows you to create OAuth tokens, the outstanding question her is whether or not an instance bound to SAML will still require SAML authentication.  Not sure of the AuthProvider precedence here.  Asking internally.


For those of you that have paid attention to the Jive Developers community over the past few months, you may have noticed quite a bit of change.


We've been adding / cleaning up Jive developer documentation like crazy:


As well, as Announcing the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program to earn developer Expertise, Badges and Prizes, such as:



So now, its time to bring those efforts together and kick-off
SmarterPath Social Learning in the Jive Developer Community! 


As of May 22, 2014, there are 3 trainings in the Jive Developer Community:

              • REST API / Webhooks
              • Jive Apps (OpenSocial)
              • Cartridges (Jive Anywhere)
              • and more trainings and documentation coming soon!


Each training is comprised of content and resources available across all Jive properties.  Most important, at the end of each training is a final examIf you complete the training and pass the exam, with an 80% or higher, you will receive credit for the training.  Once confirmed, you will receive the corresponding points, expertise, and badges in the Jive Developer Community.  In addition, you will earn credit in the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program and be eligible for the drawings (details coming soon) in early July!


Note:  In the event you want to pursue the highest ranks in the Jive Developer Program (i.e. more than just the 3 skills above) for the June 30th deadline, simply review the blog post challenges in the links above for more ways to earn other badges.  Also, if a badge you want to earn is not listed, please reach out to Ryan Rutan to confirm your process to earn the badge.

So What Do I Do Now? How Do I Get Started

  1. Make sure you Register as a Jive Developer
    • Registering as a developer will make sure that you are kept on the latest in Jive platform integrations, it will also make sure that you receive all the points and recognition for your achievements in the Jive Community and the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program
  2. Review the 2013-14 Jive Developer Program and
  3. Start your Jive Developer Training and let us know how it goes!
    1. FAQ: SmarterPath Social Learning - Jive Developer Community
    2. Feedback: SmarterPath Social Learning - Jive Developer Training - Feedback


Don't Miss the Q2-2014 Jive Developer Webinar


As a developer on the Jive platform, it is important to stay on top of the latest advancements in Jive.  In the spirit of growing the sense of community and knowledge in our developer ecosystem, we hold quarterly Jive Developer webinars for the purpose of highlighting platform innovations, customer examples, developer feedback and more.


(It helps with the Jive Developer Program to win Prizes)



Special Thanks to Pokeshot SMZ



Last but not least, a special thanks to the crew at Pokeshot who have gone above and beyond to get us ready to launch our first developer training initiative in the Jive Community.  We are excited by this partnership and all the goodness that we'll be able to hand down to our developers as a result. #cheers



Ryan Rutan

JIVETalks: Developer

Posted by Ryan Rutan Apr 7, 2014

HEX_TilesStreams_MED.pngTake a moment to hear from the those that have been on the bleeding and and can say, "been there, done that!" You'll get first hand knowledge of what it takes to build integrations in the Jive Platform. This session will highlight our partners, Patrick Li (AppFusions), Subbu Natarajan (Accenture), and Nils Heuer (Pokeshot) who are making use of Jive's new purposeful places to deliver powerful solutions that drive real results.


If you are interested in learning about the latest integrations with Jive and our partners, then this presentation is for you!


JIVETalks: Developer - Video

HEX_REST_Web_Apps_MED.pngBy integrating into Jive, companies are able to begin the consolidation of disparate experiences across different applications. This session will show how Jive's !App Experience can increase productivity by enabling "social transactions"--surfacing a relevant pieces of a system of record, within the social context, at the right time, and allowing the user to take action on it. Integrating social into the core work flow of what people are doing every day by delivering lightweight, loosely coupled integrations into the Activity Stream massively reduces the time and effort it takes to get work done. Both Creighton Medley and Marc Rudkowski will talk through how their companies are solving real world problems through application for the Jive platform.


These solutions were devised using the Jive App advancements in the Jive 6 platform released last year.  Check out even more awesome solutions that can be built using the latest technologies in Jive 7:  Integration Stories with Jive Anywhere, External Storage and Streams


Don't Alt-Tab Your Life Away: Bring Business Apps Into Your Social Experience at the Right Place at the Right Time! - Video

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