• Equivalent to jive.tile.onLoad for a canvas

    Hi, I have an add-on with the main functionality being shown in the canvas of the app. From the configuration page I can make a js call like jive.tile.onLoad(function(conf, options) { // do my thing here like call m...
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  • Count of particular Widget used in the places.

    Hi everyone,   We where planning to de-commision one of the cusotmized widget and I wanted to know how many spaces are using this widget before decommisioning is there any way to get the details via Query or Res...
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  • Export all Community Owners

    My requirements: Export all community owners from JIVE for all communities When I retrieve community details from a backup jive database how can I differentiate a main and sub-community?   A quick help is grea...
  • Anyone built a Jive Custom war project?

    I was curious if anyone else has built a custom custom war project?   I'm seeing a lot of issues with references to assets which is causing a complete UI failure with 404 errors for css and j...
    created by whoiskevin
  • gettting system admin error when I do rest call on api/core/v3/people/@all

    Hello everyone,     I am getting system admin error when  I do rest call for api/core/v3/people/@all . This was working fine all these days getting this error few days back.   I am using onpremis...
    created by shobha
  • jivedw_activity_fact not recording

    Hi,   I am seeing this weird issue and am hoping if anyone noticed it too. I am looking for audit logs in Analytics DB and am pulling all actions done by a user in "jivedw_activity_fact". I am seeing that when ...
    created by sagarp
  • user group member report

    I need to run a report on a specific user group that shows the names, ID#s, company affiliations, etc. of its members so we can audit our accounts and deactivate accounts for users. How do I do that?
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  • Getting back deleted blogposts

    Hi Jive Community,   I saw that 5 years ago, deleting a blogpost wasn't recoverable - is there a way to do it today? Hopefully it does...   Thank you for your help!
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  • Developer Days Series 2 - East Coast Virtual

    Happy New Year everyone!! To start the new year right, we're kicking off our second series of our Developer Days to help teach the next chapter of Jive Integrations. In this series, we'll be covering how to create an ...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • DES results to find in jive-v3

    Hi, I use the data export service to retrieve all new/updated threads, messages, documents. I like to retrieve the content on using the jive-api. How to retrieve the content for e.g. a thread like   ...
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  • Disabling the feature of sharing a document with someone who does not have access

    When we attempt to share a document with another user who does not have access to the document (because of the restricted permission), the "share" action will rather generate an email with the PDF copy of the document...
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  • API JSON Output - Randomised results

    Hi all,   I seem to get random results as the top result returned each time I run the following URL. Can someone help me produce consistent results from the URL please?   URL is as follows, https://help.w...
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  • DES and jive-core API

    Hi, I am using the data export service to retrieve created, updated action on thread, message, etc.. Finally I MUST retrieve the corresponding content via. the jive-API.   Is there a "translating" table where ...
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  • Dynamic Superlist - custom number of results

    Hello community,   I have searched for an answer to my question but I couldn't find anything - so I thought I would ask.   I want to put a dynamic superlist on my homepage, and I know exactly how to filter...
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  • DES (data export service)

    Hi,   on each result from the data export service there is activity.actionObject.objectType and activity.actionObject.objectId.   Is the objectId globally unique (within all objects) or just unique with...
    created by sbecker
  • Jive's Open Social API Overview

    When creating a UI for an App or a Tile, you have access to many different types of functions through Jive's open social JavaScript API. These APIs give you access to the content, people, and places within your Jive c...
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  • Speedier Custom View Tiles with Gala

      We have some exciting news to share for Jive Cloud customers! There was a lot of requests to increase the performance of Custom View Tile's load times and to satisfy that without compromising security, we're p...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • how to get security group associated with each place in jive community?

    Hi, I wanted to get all the security groups associated with each and every place in jive community . can someone please help me out on this. //Varun
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  • Unauthorized 401 Error

    Hi,   After visiting the jive sandbox on my mobile device, i am receiving the following error. It does not do this on the desktop view - any help on why this is occurring would be much appreciated.  
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  • News Stream filtering

    Hi Troy Gardella,   I have a question related to news stream filtering. During our training we covered that news stream filter can be configured with profile fields or Jive permission groups.   If I have a...
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