• Can webhooks trigger only on certain "activity verbs"?

    We are wondering if it is possible to create a webhook that notifies only on certain "activity verbs", as opposed to all "activity verbs" in the entire Event Type.    We are only interested in one "activit...
    created by hmitchell
  • How can I embed <iframe> a Jive place on another page, stripping header/footer?

    I would like to embed the new "Events" page in an iframe on one of our other pages. The page embedded without a problem! but I would love to strip out the header/place banner/tabs, and also the footer. Here's the "Ev...
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  • Is there a monthly calendar tile that I can add to a page in my jive spaces?

    My sales team is looking for a way to use our sales portal built in Jive to post a monthly calendar where they could post there travel events so the team can see who is where and when.  This calendar would look s...
  • Jive SDK (Node.js) v0.2 Is Now Available ... Things You Should Know!

    When Aron Racho first had the idea for a Jive SDK using Node.js back in 2013, he did an exceptional job at building a solid platform for Jive developers to build add-on solutions.  It's been a while since the ori...
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  • App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
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  • Is it possible to re-use a content/list which has been searched ?

    Hello,   Is it possible to re-use a content/list which has been searched, in another page ?   For example, I search all groups which have tags "html". The search function return me all the group which ha...
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  • Jive add-on to move content in bulk between places

    Hi Jivers, In jive 5 and jive 6, we had a custom java plugin called Moved Content which enabled us to move contents from one group / space to other in bulk. As Jive 7 arrived, we decided to create add-on for the sam...
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  • create a new button/tab in the navbar beside Apps tab in homescreen

    Hi Ryan Rutan Scott A Johnson   I know a way to add a new tab in the home screen navbar by making use of "actionLinkBase" in spring xml and through a plugin.   Can you guide me the steps how can I create a n...
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  • JS API to get users mapped to a department

    Ryan Rutan Pawan ShahScott A JohnsonNils Heuer   Is there any way in JS API to get users according to their departments ?   Thanks, -Gopi.
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  • How to automatically assign a user group at registration

    We want to automatically add users into a user group based on their country they select at the point of registration. Is this possible?   Adam Raetz
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  • Jive hosted apps and access  to the parent window via js code in Jive Cloud

    We have recognized that all jive hosted apps (html/css/js) are running in a different domain in Jive Cloud. Jive 8 runs the js code oft he  in the same domain   Example Jive Cloud: Preview.jiveon.com for j...
    created by jgoldhammer
  • Questions about the Jive-SDK v0.2 Release

    For questions about the updated Jive SDK for Node.js (v.0.2), GitHub - jivesoftware/jive-sdk: This is an implementation of the Jive SDK written in Node.js using Express, mustache and… specifically during the ...
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  • Is there a copy document API?

    I'm looking to emulate the "Create a Copy..." functionality via the REST API, e.g. copy a document to a blog post. A Get Content call followed by a Create Content call certainly works but I'd to confirm this is the be...
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  • Possible to set the default home page to custom url/space in Jive 6?

    Hi,   I wondered: is it possible in Jive 6 to configure, as the default home page, something like a specific space, or the url that points toward it? That is, when the users would log in, they'd be first direct...
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  • osapi.jive.core.get - different response structure depending on Tile or OpenSocial ( vs

    Odd quirk - is this by design?  The response when running in tiles seems to have changed...   On an app page, calling osapi.jive.core.get({"href":"/people/1","groupId":"@self","userId":"@viewer","v"...
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  • How to see page views in activity stream?

    I'm interacting with the Jive Activity Service (Jive REST API v3.14 → Activity service ). I notice that there is a jive:viewed verb, but when i query the sandbox, I don't get any activities returned using that ve...
  • Has anyone seen a Jive community on a subfolder, instead of a subdomain?

    We're looking to put our Jive community on a subfolder (www.domain.com/community) instead of subdomain (community.domain.com), but I wanted to know if anyone has seen it done with Jive.   Thanks!
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  • How to get all the members details in OSAPI by passing the user  profile's fields location etc.?

    Hi Scott A Johnson Rashed Talukder Ryan RutanLea Reznik Matt Dickens   We are working on the application to send the "Notifications (short description with images & expiration limits)" to particular user pro...
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  • Cannot POST to Jive REST API from HTML widget

    Hi!   I am creating an HTML widget in which I am voting on an existing poll from the widget based on user input.   When I try to do: POST /api/core/v3/votes/58148 with data of ["option"] I am receving t...
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  • How to add extended property to a security group using REST API call?

    How to add extended property to a security group using REST API call? Does any one knows about it?   I tried using this REST call, but the posted changes not reflected when i try to get it. Here is the post cal...
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