• Getting an XML Sitemap

    I haven't received a response to this question in the Jive Support space, so I'm hoping someone here can help out.   I've recently been put in charge of our Jive deployment and I just want to get an understandin...
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  • How To Use OAuth 2.0 for REST API Calls

    The Jive REST API supports both Basic Authentication and OAuth 2.0 authentication. OAuth takes a little bit more work up front, but it gives your service secure API access and avoids additional configuration steps (su...
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  • Installing an Add-on from the Global Registry

    Did you know that a community manager can import many useful add-ons (containing apps, tiles, and other Jive extensions) from the Jive Global Registry? The registry is a place where Jive and Jive's partners offer add-...
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  • how to create menu bar in jive

    Hello hii,,   I am beginner for JIVE and I have a task to create manu bar in which there are some menus and after clicking to that menu, there will be some block posted below inside some block... Please guide us .
    Savinder Singh
    created by Savinder Singh
  • Jive Add-On Not Working in IE 9 after upgrade to 9c1

    After the upgrade to 9c1, our app stopped working in IE 9 and I get the following console errors.  This is a Jive hosted add-on The id property referenced seems to be part of the jive-sdk code so it is difficu...
    Taylor Boren
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  • Error while calling Data Export Analytics Service (DES) from a Jive App

    Hi,   We are getting JavaScript cross domain error while making Data Export Analytics Service (DES) calls from a Jive App. Has anybody done this before? If yes, can you please share the details how you made it ...
    created by ansarali
  • Throw allowIllegalResourceCall to the Curb is True!

    For any developer who has used the Jive REST API, you may have run into a problem with a security measure we put in place a while back that prefixes API responses with the following line: throw 'allowIllegalResource...
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  • How do I clear checkboxes within a Document?

    Hello,   In my document I have a series of checkboxes. I wanted to know if there was a way to uncheck all the checkboxes by clicking a button.     Below is an example of how I am using the checkboxes....
    Mathew Palakudiyil
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  • Custom HTML in Your Jive Community

    There are now several different ways you can extend the Jive UI with your own custom HTML content:   an HTML Tile is a great way to quickly get HTML content into a tile for your group or project a Custom View T...
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  • Getting Started > Building a Jive Add-On

    What Is a Jive Add-on? How Do I Use an Add-on to Make REST API Calls Using OAuth? How Do I Build an Add-on? Using Standard Fields to create the meta.json Valid Jive Add-on Types Supporting Localiza...
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  • How to allow re-sizing of Video embedded in content

    Video (Jive video module) can be embedded in a document/discussion etc. In edit/create mode, the video placeholder can be re-sized, but as soon as content is submitted, it takes the default size of 520*328. Embed HTML...
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  • Delete Tag Service

    Hi Ryan Rutan   My requirement is to delete unused tags. I coulde see only get methods availabe for tags service in v3 documentation : Jive REST Rest API v3.10 → Tag service also delelete tags fucntionalit...
    Divya Garg
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  • A JSON Issue

    When I try to get the information from Jive via       response = self.class.get("/api/core/v3/people/email/#{email}",      {:basic_auth =>  { :username => @username...
    Luke Elliott
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  • Developing Your Own Simple Stream Integrations

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud Release, you can easily build your own activity stream integration with a 3rd party service.   (Refer to Creating an External Activity Stream for information about activity str...
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  • Adding an HTML Tile to a Page

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud release, you can create a tile using your own custom HTML — without even the need to create your own add-on. You add an HTML tile to a page the same way you add other tiles: b...
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  • What technologies/programming languages should one know in developing plugins for Jive?

    Hello!   I am planning to create a plugin to extend jive's functions. What are the things that programmers should know about?   Thanks and have a nice day ahead!   All the best, Jc
    Jc Florendo
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  • Set Calendar to Day View by default

    Is it possible for me set the Calendar in a space to display on the Day rather than Month view for users?
    Adil Jan
    created by Adil Jan
  • update custom tile realtime

    Hi,   I have implemented a custom tile and have added the logic to like a story. The functionality works but I do not see the like count updating at realtime. I verified that stream.websocket.enabled  = t...
    Neha Mathur
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  • How can I able to add custom CSS and Javascript

    Hi all,   I like to customize my page in Jive application.In which way I can able add custom CSS or JavaScript.   Appreciated If you could guide me.
    Kevin Joe Michael
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  • Newbie Question - Submitting a Form?

    Hi Everyone -   I am fairly new to Jive and have a simple question (I think!), but can't seem to figure it out on my own.  I am trying to use the basic HTML widget to create a form with a submit button that...
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