• Please one working example custom view html with working rest api request displayed on the frontend in a tile

    I know how to make a custom view html and upload it as an addon to Jive. I can add it to a tile on a page. I have told the tile to use the following features       "view": "/CoCoHomepage/view.html...
  • How to create a Custom View Tile on the big part of the screen (on the left) and not only on the right?

    I am able to make a custom view tile and upload it as an addon and I am able to put it on the RIGHT part of the screen but I don't seem to be able to get my own custom view tile on the BIG part of the desktop screen o...
  • How to customize main menu to remove Apps menu item?

    We asked this question in a support case and were referred to this space or to Jive PS.  We would like to customize the main menu on the landing page.  Can someone point to any documentation that would help ...
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  • Unable to do put and delete requests

    While using Jive API version 3, I am unable to do PUT and DELETE requests, for the contents that I posted through API/UI. I am getting error 403. I am also getting a 403 error when I am trying to do a POST request for...
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  • Create Person is failing with Error code 400

    Hi, I am using 30-days trial version of Jive-n. When I am trying to create person by using REST API it is giving me an error -> "message": "Missing email address, or missing primary key with Jive label of 'Emai...
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  • Customize

    Hi, Gopi Shiva Krishna GMatt Collinge We are enabled the SAML SSO in our cloud environment. Following page is appearing for login.  Is it possible to customize login.jspa or can I give my own page?   ...
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  • filter=after does not work in rest api

    I want to retrieve ideas which are updated after 2015-01-31, I am using the following Rest URL, but getting error.  This is mentioned in JIVE API documents but looks like it is not implemented Jive REST API v3.14...
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  • Tile showing a warning sign-"Add-on uninstalled:Tile data will no longer be updated"

    Hi All   We have created a custom tile and on dragging it on a page and setting its configuration, it is working fine. But on un-installing and re-installing the tile and navigating to the same page where it wa...
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  • Advanced user search using REST api

    Hello,   I was curious if anyone has an experience doing complex searches using the rest API.   I wanted to be able to do wildcard searches on multiple fields at the same time to answer some pretty basic q...
    created by baronzemm
  • Tile Title is not displaying while editing

    Hi Team,   While editing the Tile, Title is not displaying. When i passed the title from the definition.json, then I am able to see the Title but not able to change dynamically. The below is the screen shot of...
  • OSAPI requestPicker for directMessage

    I want to create a direct message through OSAPI call. I have searched in the source code and I could see the place picker and people picker are available in "jive-core-v3" source code folder as JS files.   OnCli...
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  • Custom View Tile placed on News Page loads partially behind Top and Trending news

    We are having an issue with a Custom View tile placed on our News Page in the top left tile slot, right above the TOP & TRENDING News divs (cloud).  Our Custom View tile loads partially behind the TOP & T...
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  • Javascript redirect

    Hello,   We are trying to implement a conditional redirect for some users based on a field in their profile. We had thought about trying to use a bit of Javascript code utilizing jive's Javascript api.   H...
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  • My href URL in HTML tile is being prefixed...Need help

    Hi,   In my HTML tile, I wanted my buttons to go to a URL. I got the buttons to show however the URL that I have in the href - although is an absolute URL, the hyperlink on the button automatically adds my URL to...
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  • Preventing date update with content update rest call

    We are trying to bulk move content using Jive REST API for content /api/core/v3/contents/{content id}  but I noticed this call also updating (1) Thread last reply on date as well as (2)updated by person name. it ...
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  • Has anyone created an iPaaS connector/add-on?

    More of an open question, wondering what your experience was like, how you found information about the platform and process.   There is a distinct lack of chatter about the platform in the developer community wh...
    Scott A Johnson
    created by Scott A Johnson
  • Filter by multi-word destination name with Cloud Analytics cURL command

    Hey everyone,   I am trying to pull analytics for specific spaces in our environment using Cloud Analytics and the cURL command.   My script seems to work fine when filtering by places with a single word (...
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • How to upload aa image from a Custom View Tile?

    My goal is to create a Jive status update with an image attachment from a Custom View Tile. The problem is that I can't find a way to upload image file to Jive?   Here is my code for creating the update, which ...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Is it possible to integrate the Jive events calendar with a user's google calendar?

    My colleague has reached limitations with google calendar, where she no longer gets visibility on responses due to google groups containing large numbers of users.  This is very frustrating as she is unable to ac...
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  • Simple Script for Jive Data Export Service

    WARNING: If you're using a mac, don't copy and paste commands into textedit, it will change characters and break the commands. I recommend installing and using TextMate for a simple text editor that you can work with ...
    Ted Hopton
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