• Custom View Tile config data not accessible in view.js

    I'm attempting to build a custom view tile with a configuration for some of the sources my API calls will need.   The tile itself is working, and my configuration screen for the tile pops up as it should with al...
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  • Jive Core API: The Definitive Guide WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

    Open video

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  • [Custom Tiles] Featured Items with background Images

    Hello JiveMinds,   We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created the custom view tiles and like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.   We have used Tiles feature of the Jive to make sure the information i...
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  • How do I submit a blogpost to the developer community?

    I see that I no longer have the permissions to create a post. Is there another approach that I need to follow?
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  • From where can I get the upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9?

    I am a developer, and we are going to upgrade our system to Jive 9.I need upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9.
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  • Post a like with javascript API

    Hello,   I often use javascript API to get information from users, places or contents.   The structure I use look likes   osapi.jive.core.get({   v:"v3",   href:"/contents/1234 }).execut...
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  • Add "Hello <User Name>" in the top menu bar

    Hi I would like to add a welcome message to the logged on user. It should appear at the left are of the top menu bar   Anyone can tell how is it done?
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  • How to force user to follow a specific space when they first create their account on Jive?

    Related to the discussion at How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ? but a slightly different use case. Instead of wanting to have all users automatically following a specific spa...
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  • Implement @mentioning for a custom plugin

    HI , I would like to implement/add the @mentioning functionality to a custom plugin. What are the procedures to do this? Say I have a content editor fo which I need to add '@mention'.   Ryan Rutan
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • URL Link To A txt/html File

    Hi, if I want to insert a link to a public html document, how should I tell JIVE to recognize the file as not a website but a html document?     Thanks a lot.
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  • Looking for Jive Freelance work

    Hello Dear,   I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), G...
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  • To find space and sub-space admins

    Hi All,   I am trying to get list of spaces, sub-spaces and their admins. I have come across community discussions but did not see anyone had much success. Just want to find out If anyone had achieved this usin...
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  • Getting list of users

    Hi,   I would like to know how many users are from China location accessing our site. But I am not finding the appropriate end points for the same. Can anybody help me please.
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  • Webhook issue

    Hi All,   I am struggling with webhook issue with error log "A webhook with the same definition already exists " with response status code 400. I am trying to call REST Api to generate new webhook id for spaces...
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  • Syncing Org chart with Okta

    Hi,   We currently are configuring the Jive Provisioning Okta verified App (to go along with our Okta SAML SSO for Jive configuration) and we cannot find a way to sync the org chart.   Per the Okta documen...
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  • How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ?

    Hi,   We set up a jive place for our company concierge service. We want to force every employees in our company to follow and receive inbox notification at the creation of the place but we also want them to uns...
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  • To hide creating video under actions tab and in create menu

    Hi Team ,   I am working on jive 9 instance and I would like to know how to hide the create video option in create menu drop down and in action tab in all the pages.   -- I have tried to hide it using jav...
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  • Access token and Refresh token timers

    Curious if anyone has configured an app (I'm specifically working with Jive Daily) to require re-authentication every x hours or days?  So far, I have not been able to get this to work the way I think it should a...
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  • Create an idea

    Currently 'create an idea' is available on individual pages. I like the idea of voting up and down. I want to be able to create a page where people can post ideas which can all be seen on the collective platform and r...
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  • Jive 9 embed new video player

    Hi Team ,   I am working on the jive 9 upgrade for my application from jive 8 .   I am trying to embed video from the new media player apart from the jive defined media players like youtube , dailymotion ,...
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