• Problem With HTML Widget Size

    I am importing data from a JSON feed and using jquery to show it in an HTML widget. Everything is working great in firefox however in IE the HTML widget does not size appropriately to fit things added by jquery. It si...
    Eric Pierce
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  • Webhook task NullPointerException when on WebhookQueueConsumer.getAuthorizationFor(webhook)

    Our instance isn't able to send web-hook activity   2014-04-17 16:27:30,669 [TaskEngineWorker-pool-1] [::] ERROR com.jivesoftware.base.taskmanager.impl.LocalExecutor - Failed to execute task java.lang.RuntimeEx...
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  • Get/Post web service call on behalf of other user

    Ryan Rutan - Hope you remember me. We worked together for EMC ECN Jive 6 upgrade. There is a requirement for EMC with Jive SBS 7 employee version. We want to use a single webservice account, but webservices calls need...
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  • API Key

    Hi all!   So we are trying to get an interactive map built using the Jive REST API and the Google Maps API. However, we are having a hard time trying to find where to obtain an API key from Jive. I've looked th...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • Extended property in HTML Widget

    Hi,   How can we retrieve a space extended property in HTML widget?   Ryan Rutan, please provide your inputs.   Thanks, Preethi Devaraj
    Preethi Devaraj
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  • Problems with Jive SDK (nodejs) Example

    I need some help with getting the Jive SDK example running locally.  I'm running through the example provided with the Jive SDK (nodejs) (jivesoftware/jive-sdk · GitHub), and I'm having problems doing it o...
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  • Extending Events Functionality?

    Hi Community,   Currently, the events module addresses calendar-related use cases - when is this meeting, when is that BBQ, etc.   However, when it comes to use cases that call for no tolerance for double-...
    Anthony Isaac
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  • ssl v3 connectivity problems

    Dear Mark Weitzel and Ryan Rutan,   We have an add-on deployed to open-shift - they upgraded their SSL to v3 as part of the heartbleed fix/patch.   Currently our add-on is not able to connect due to a SS...
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  • Detail: Key (oauthcodeid)=(0) is not present in table "jiveoauth2code".;  (Issue when jive attempt to batch and send activity to configured webhook)

    Hi,   Our jive instance is running into some trouble generating activity to send to configured web-hooks. I pulled this from the application log: 2014-04-07 14:28:33,488 [TaskEngineWorker-pool-1] [::] ERROR co...
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  • Can we get some information on using External Content Type?

    Can we get information on how to create a project in the Jive SDK to create a new External Content Type a la Producteev?   It would be extremely helpful for customers on the Cloud to start utilizing this functi...
    Jorge Liano
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  • Webhooks and Jive Communities

    Hey, (TL;DR at bottom)    I have been playing around for a while with the sdk and am having an issue understanding Jive Communities and the role they play with webhooks. I will lay out what I am trying to d...
    Patrick Crownover
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  • Profile field bug in response from osapi.jive.corev3.people.get()

    I noticed that when retrieving a person object via the JavaScript API on a cloud-hosted Jive instance (Jive SBS 8c1), the Profile field for Company has a jive_label of "Department"   personObject.jive.pr...
    Casey Gum
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  • How to get groups from Jive REST V3 API?

    In V2 REST API, we had used below url to get groups. https://sketchbook.gap.com/api/core/ext/gapws/v2/getGroups?username=XYZ   Looking for equivalent API for URL, to get Groups from Jive REST V3 API, please an...
    Ram Burla
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  • How do I get the root messageID of a discussion using v3 API?

    When I mouse-over the title of a discussion (root message) on our hosted version site, I see a URL similar to https://hostname-v7.hosted.jivesoftware.com/message/32504#32504.  I want to be able to use a s...
    Dan Reiswig
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  • Action links in Core v3

    In the v2 API when creating Action activities you could create buttons that would take the user to a specific url when clicked. The format was:      {        &...
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  • how can I see Impact metrics on my local jive7?

    how can I see Impact metrics on my local jive7?   my eae-start.bat is running and cargo is also running. should I turn on the server poem.xml file?   any thought?
    jaewoo shon
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  • Problems with Jive SDK (nodejs) Example & jiveon Trial

    i am getting following error. An error occurred sending instance registration to client 'https://iveon.com:8090/jive/oauth/register' (status=408 Request Timeout)
    narender singh
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  • problems with X-Jive-Run-As for external stream via add-on

    All, I'm having some trouble getting "X-Jive-Run-As" working for impersonation within a jive add-on.  Some of this is compounded by my inability to find some documentation, so I'm hoping the community can help a...
    Dan Ziggas
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  • Announcing the Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition on GitHub Open Source

    Jive is committed to creating an amazing developer experience! For the past 9 months, we have provided an awesome SDK built on node.js that enables developers to build Jive integrations fast, and by fast I mean w...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • que hacer si desactive una cuenta desde el administrador y ahora quiero volverla a activar?

    hola desactivamos varias cuentas desde el administrador  ya que no las usaban, pero ahora están pidiendo volver a entrar y aunque les volvimos a enviar la invitación esta no les llega   Wendo...