• upgrading 7.0.2 plugin to 8.0.1,getting classnotfoundexception.

    Hi Jive dev's, I am upgrading 702 plugin to 801, but I am getting classnotfoundexception. I have followed idea plugin folder structure as well but still getting same error. Could you please help me out? Thanks, Jas...
    jaskiran sidhu
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  • Is There a Custom Query Tool

    We're moving from a locally hosted environment to Jive's cloud environment this year.  In our local environment we obviously have a bit more flexibility with the plugin customizations and have a query tool we use...
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  • How can I add new tokens to an email message template?

    Hi All, I'm trying to change the inverter`s name with user first name to the "Invite Others to Content (System)" message template. Right now, only the inviter's name with link to profile shows up. Can we use tokens...
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  • How to edit default video .soy files?

    Hello all -   I am looking to edit the default .soy files that provide the criteria for what type of videos that you can embed. I tried editing the .js files at   /$JIVEHOME/var/www/resources/scripts/tiny...
    Kyle Medlen
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  • Purposeful Places – Integrate Using Tiles, Streams and Templates - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Manage App Visibility Using Security Groups

    Starting with the Fall 2014 Jive Cloud release, you can limit the visibility of an app using security groups from the Add-ons tab. You can specify one or more security groups whose users can see a particular app. This...
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  • Get remaining avatar count from REST API

    Hi Folks,   I was looking for a way to retrieve a person's remaining custom avatar count through REST API. But it seems that it's not available through Jive REST API v3.14 .   I am wondering if anyone know...
    Alan Wu
    created by Alan Wu
  • Is it just me or is the Jive 8 development environment a lot slower than v7?

    In Jive 7, I could get my development environment up and running to test a plugin (e.g. /web/debug-my-plugin) in 90-120 seconds.  Now in Jive 8, it can take upwards of 5 minutes and just reloading a page can take...
    Casey Gum
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  • How to add additional user info to message template?

    Hi, I'm trying to add additional user info to the "Invite Others to Group" message template. Right now, only the inviter's name with link to profile shows up. We'd like to add other fields such as email address, phone...
    Kevin Swallow
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    With the Jive Cloud release (and version 8.0), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a tile, but you can al...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Issue with REST API Data extraction

    Hi All,   I am extracting data using REST API . But there's some inconsistency in the data . For some of the users the User ID is coming but not their email ID . After analyzing I have concluded that may be the ...
    Maidul Haque
    created by Maidul Haque
  • How to get reports and statistics of a community in Jive?

    Hello!   I would like to know if its possible to get data reports about the birthdays (month, day, year), genders(male,female) from a jive community?   Our community moderators needed these kind of detail ...
    Jc Florendo
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  • UX Widgets

    Introduction  Enhance your community with amazing content display options.  Enable and control search and navigation across multiple community sites.  Empower large, diverse communities with service po...
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  • Need image path for main profile image

    Hi, I created an HTML widget where I want to showcase various members and discussions in the community and use their profile images. What is the path for users' existing profile images (smaller version) that I can use...
    Shara Karasic
    created by Shara Karasic
  • Interceptor plugin bean action

    Hi Jive folks,   I am working on a Jive interceptor plugin following How To: Add Struts Interceptors at Runtime . The example shows a bean map entry "edit-group". I am wondering if there's a list of available en...
    Alan Wu
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  • .NET 4.5 Pokeshot PUT Person "Internal Server Error"

    Using Pokeshot's project's DownloadProfiles as a starting point, I got the GET working for the Person using a non-federated ID.   After that I added this to convert to .NET object and assigned enabled property t...
    Peter Yao
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  • How to Get Jive actions using REST

    Hi,   I am trying to get the action items using https://[mysite].jiveon.com/api/core/v3/actions I am logged in in another tab, when I access the above link, I get blank result   Result: throw 'allowIlleg...
    Kishor Kumar
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  • How to bind a tile to an instance?

    Hi Jivers,   I'm trying to use the private / extended props feature in Tiles on Jive OnPrem and I know the document Private Properties and Extended Properties for Jive Tiles, where the author states this...
    Mirko Swillus
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  • CMR: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.jivesoftware.community.analytics.action.AnalyticsAction

    Hi,   on my Jive 8.0.2 I installed Community Manager Reports CMR is configured.   But if I call http://localhost:8080/global-reports.jspa  in the log I see   2016-02-09 16:20:58,367 [htt...
  • Opensearch; authentication and users

    I am trying to configure Opensearch within Jive to use our internal search application which I have already recoded to enable atom and rss responses. The issue I am running into is whenever I try to "test" the service...
    Patrick Crownover
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