• Change size of blog thumbnails?

    We're trying to change the size of the thumbnails for blogs in Jive 6. Any tips on how to do this?
    created by ana.miksche
  • Limit layout customization level of groups/spaces

    Hello,   is it possible to limit the level of customization of groups/spaces?   For example, I'm thinking something like: Define 1-2 group/space layout to choose from, where a section of it must use a fix...
  • Implement animating_loader

    Hi,   I am trying to replicate the animating_loader functionality, in our custom tile. On one of the connection streams, there is an animated graphic (../images/steelhead/animating_loader.png)   Can anyone...
    Neha Mathur
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  • Would there be anyone willing to have a webinar to showcase their customizations/apps?

    I'm looking for innovative implementations of Jive customizations that people are willing to showcase.   Thanks, Lea
    Lea Reznik
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  • upgrading 7.0.2 plugin to 8.0.1,getting classnotfoundexception.

    Hi Jive dev's, I am upgrading 702 plugin to 801, but I am getting classnotfoundexception. I have followed idea plugin folder structure as well but still getting same error. Could you please help me out? Thanks, Jas...
    jaskiran sidhu
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  • API to lookup email/contacts from exchange server

    Hi Folks,   Are there any API(s) available to lookup contacts/email from an exchange server, so that we can customize the invitations to join the community/group   Regards, Veeresh
    Veeresh Hampannavar
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  • Unable to connect LDAP server

    I was trying to configure LDAP on jive 8 Cloud hosted environment. I was unable to connect, but the same if I try through LDAP lookup tool am able to access, I have provided the screenshot, Can anybody please advise. ...
    Veeresh Hampannavar
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  • Is there any way to Backdate the content using javascript api's?

    Hey JiveMinds, I am just trying to find a way to backdate the content using javascript api. I want to change the 'updated' field. Rest API has some workaround but I am looking for Javascript Apis. Any suggestions?...
    Siddhartha Deshpande
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  • Customizing pages with widgets?

    Hi, I'm currently developing a widget for use to display data on the side of a Jive page (not sure if it is homepage or community page yet, tbd).   I know how to add a widget by following these steps: Make sur...
    Matthew Kremer
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  • Develop password expiry feature for non-federated users?

    Unfortunately Jive does not have any built in functionality for expiring passwords for non-federated users.   Ideally we would like to have passwords expire after 60 days. When a user attempts to log in they wou...
    last modified by ReeceO
  • Emoticons in Jive Apps

    can I utilize Jive's emoticons in a Jive app?  How?
    Lea Reznik
    created by Lea Reznik
  • IBM Connection Vs Jive

    Hi Folks,   Has any one analyzed IBM Connections. I am looking for a comparison between IBM Connections and Jive on Below parameters. It would be really great if you can send me some insight on this.   Fe...
    Samarth Shekhar
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  • Tiles, Templates & Streams - Developer Resources

    OVERVIEW LEARN MORE TUTORIALS & EXAMPLES REFERENCES     OVERVIEW  Tiles display useful information about a place, such as the place's Popular Content or Featured People. You can use ...
    last modified by ryanrutan
  • Jive Apps (OpenSocial) - Developer Resources

    OVERVIEW LEARN MORE TUTORIALS & EXAMPLES REFERENCES   OVERVIEW  Apps allow you to extend the Jive UI with your own business-specific application. An app UI also has access to the content...
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  • How to POST to a Service from a Tile

    Overview 1. Implement an HTTP POST handler in your service. 2. Add a UI element to initiate the POST request. 3. Make the HTTP POST request. 4. Start service, install tile. Overview When buil...
    last modified by yuval.z
  • 'includeBlogs=true' not working when pulling content from the parent place

    Hi Jive Developers,   I'm trying to pull all content generated in a place, but I'm having a hard time getting the content from sub-spaces as blogs.   For example, I'm trying to get all content in this plac...
    Alberto Rodríguez
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  • Performance optimizations for custom tiles?

    Hi folks --   We have noticed the following behaviour in the custom tiles we have developed. These tiles are jive hosted. In the below page snippet, you can see that we have added a custom tile, and below this h...
    last modified by yrnclndymn
  • !App request OAuth signature verification

    We're attempting to verify that requests coming from Jive are actually requests coming from Jive to our servers from our !App.  This is important, because we want to ensure that the Jive user sending the request ...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Who Would You Like To See Keynote the JiveWorld16 Developer Conference?

    Last year, we had the most awesome Matthew McCullough keynote our JiveWorld14 Developer Conference.  This year, we are aiming to clear the high bar he has set.  Which brings us to the topic of this thread, &...
    last modified by ryanrutan
  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
    last modified by matthew.tervo