• Download documents in bulk from JIVE using C

    Hi there,   I am completely new to JIVE and don't even know abc's in JIVE. Yesterday i have got a requirement to download documents  from JIVE in bulk. But i do not see a way to download them in bulk using ...
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  • filter videos with tag in jive api

    Hello Jive Community,   I am looking into the jive api and found a way to grab all videos from our api. But i need to filter these by tags and grab the meta source code to embed in our video player.   How ...
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  • Unable to upload user profile using REST API

    Hello all, i am new to Jive are trying integration to change the user profile from our provisioning middleware . i tried to create sample and made several tests but I can get always 415 (Unsupported media type). Here'...
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  • How can I change the font colors within a tile?

    I am looking to have my header and body of all of my tiles match. I can easily change within my html tiles, but I want to update the other tiles I use. I don't have the option to customize within the tile itself - but...
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  • REST API - why the link to the next page is the same as the request URL?

    Hi,   I'm trying to get all security groups from an specific person but the link to the next page in the response is the same as the request:   Request URL api/core/v3/people/1000/securityGroups?fields=...
  • Followers of a place: strange API v3 behaviour

    Guys,   I used to loop through the paginated list of persons that's returned by a "Get place followers" call. In the JSON result dictionary there's usually a "links" entry which is a dictionary itself containin...
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  • From where can I get the upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9?

    I am a developer, and we are going to upgrade our system to Jive 9.I need upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9.
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  • Add-On: Referencing own icons/images in add-on?

    Jive Support jive software This is similar to a post from March 2016 Add-on:How to reference own icons/images?. A lot of what he asked is what I am looking for a solution to. How do I access my images/svgs from within...
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  • Access pre-built intranet applications from Hosted Jive?

    We have just opened and started to develop our community, and trying to merge our intranet into Jive...   I realize we can just link to the applications, and since it's hosted, calling any internal LAN resource ...
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  • View attachment to Document using API (Not download)

    Hi All,   Not sure if this is even possible, i'm onprem and using v8. I would like to be able to attach an image to a document and then using the API display that image rather than download it   Just to gi...
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  • Jive Tiles - Using node_modules

    Hi All,   I'm not sure if its just my understanding of the structure but i'm attempting to use installed modules from the node_modules folder but really cant figure out how to make these available to the view.js...
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  • What content types are shareable via rest API?

    Hi I am trying to share various content using the REST Api.  Some object types are not supported, they dont implement 'the shareabletype interface'. What object types are shareable?  Is there a list somewh...
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  • Integration with mobile connect auth?

    Hello, Will Mobile Connect Auth flows be supported in Jive-n? (in particullar in On-Premise instances)
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  • Historique des messages envoyés lors de la gestion des membresou des évènements

    Bonjour, Je souhaiterai ne plus utiliser ma boite mail et tout gérer à partir de mon espace. Pour l'instant lors de la création et de l'invitation à un évènement les fonctio...
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  • i want to develop a REST service plugin

    Hi,   I want to develop a REST service plugin which exposes the jive apis' . Can you help me out . Thanks in advance     Regards, Himanshu
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  • Total number of Documents or Count

    HI Team,   We are using REST API , need a  endpoint for total number of content of type documents , our use-case is we want to retrieve the large number of documents from  jive and index in NoSql(solr...
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  • Project LiveStream: Custom View Tile & Simple Stream Integration w/App

    GitHub Repos: Data Flow: Custom View Tile (Middlewared) Simple Stream Integration w/ App (non-Middleware) Extra Considerations Initial Setup Requirements   Intro To start a new initi...
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  • Is there a way to add a slider inside the document?

    We would like to add a slider inside of the document. I have tried inserting my own slider in source code but it doesn't read it well.   Thank you.
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  • jive set up error

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to set up the instance for jive and  I am getting error as below while unpacking the war . I have posted the complete log as well.   I am using java and maven ver...
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  • Pulling my profile from Jive API

    Im trying to pull my profile info from the JIVE API using javaScript and i keep getting the error message "SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'setRequestHeader' on 'XMLHttpRequest': 'Authorization:' is not a valid HTTP h...
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