• Modify search filters to include structured outcomes

    Hello,   I would like to be able to filter our search results by "Marked as Official" so that our users can set the search scope to include only official content. I realize that structured outcomes already prom...
    Mike Brybag
    created by Mike Brybag
  • Search of content subject/body in a specific place not working as expected

    We are on v7 hosted.   I have a user who signed his name when the content in a specific place was private. Then our community went public and he wants his name removed from his posts.   My first step is to t...
    Mark Baum
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  • Test

  • Does the embed images/uploaded images feature still exist in Jive 8.0.0?

    I found in an old version of Jive the following feature: Select uloaded images from the community: Tab: Uploaded Images     In the new version of Jive (8.0.0.) this feature is missing:   Can it be...
  • Why is the search on the REST API Documentation not working?

    https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/index.html   I tried to use the search on the REST API Documentation. Multiple browsers, different PCs. Looks like there is a bug. In the bug tracker system...
    Philip Fehrenbacher
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  • OAuth authentication does not work for our system

    Dear community,   we are experiencing problems using OAuth authentication for our Jive instance (NOT the sandbox). We follow the process of getting a token as described here: How To Use OAuth 2.0 for REST API C...
    Mark Li
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  • Moderation Queue have duplicate version of already published articles without human interaction?

    Hi The articles have already been published and gone through moderation. But These are duplicate version of already published articles appearing for moderation without any human interaction. Can anyone help me to a...
  • Stand alone application to consume Jive rest API

    I would like to develop a custom web application which retrieves and displays data from Jive instance. For e.g. i would like to retrieve list of all users in Jive instance and display in the cusomt web application . I...
    Mckenzie J
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  • Error embedding image in RTE

    Hello there,   After upgrading sandbox, embedded images coming from my add-on is not appearing in RTE, and it throws 500 error. I was able to launch my app (add-on) with !App and select an image, and it would a...
    Varand Pezeshkian
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  • Customize mobile push notifications text

    Hi there,   There are message templates for email notifications customization. Similarly, how to customize mobile push notifications text?   Suneel
    created by wipkands
  • New Discussion for Integration

    Sample jive discussion
    Anil Reddy
    created by Anil Reddy
  • Using the HTML widget to return list of Group members who have a specific skill on their profile

    I want to use the HTML widget inside a Group to provide a "skill search" against only members of the group. I'm thinking of a pre-populated dropdown list of skills relevant to the membership, so that when the "Find SM...
    last modified by gbrettmiller
  • View attachment to Document using API (Not download)

    Hi All,   Not sure if this is even possible, i'm onprem and using v8. I would like to be able to attach an image to a document and then using the API display that image rather than download it   Just to gi...
    Gareth Cole
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  • Jive mobile push notifications not working

    Hi,   We are currently working on enabling mobile solution for our internal collaboration platform (Jive-n and using OOB native app for this. The issue we are facing is push notifications not working. I...
    last modified by wipkands
  • How to edit the subject of an answer in a discussion through REST API

    Hello,   I am trying to edit the subject of an answer in a discussion. The background: A customer starts a discussion and posts private information (e.g. phone number) in subject and content: question subject...
    Johan Seibel
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  • Issues when updating a theme

    Hi everyone!   We're currently developing a rather complex Jive theme. To test changes we regularly have to upload the a theme zip. The upload works fine, but everytime the theme is completely messed up afterwar...
    Tobias Berger
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  • Visibility Of App on Sandbox to other users

    I am working on a jive app on sandbox and I completed it, now it requires regression testing. A few months ago I posted a discussion regarding the visibility of app on sandbox and I got a reply that it would be visibl...
    Sharmila Patri
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  • ToDo app example broken?

    I've been playing around with the JiveSDK trying to get a handle on how things work, I can build and install the photoalbum example, but everytime I try to run ToDo I get the following error:   [2015-08-27 13:42...
    created by jdvande
  • Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to create an App. The instructions below should take under 10 minutes. The extended example should take another 20 minutes. Prerequisites In...
    last modified by yuval.z
  • jiveclientconfiguration.json - Definition

    The following document is meant to provide some insight as to the options/availability for your jiveclientconfiguration.json file. For any questions about any of this information, please just comment on the document. ...
    last modified by ryanrutan