I am a new user, so trying to get familiar with what is possible/impossible using the Data Export Service. I’m pulling analytic data successfully through Jive’s two different versions of the API call, but ...
    James Bennett
    created by James Bennett
  • How to make Basic Auth call using jQuery?

    Hi,   I tried to query my inbox count with jQuery, but it always returns 401 Unauthorized. I am sure the username and password are correct. What could be the issue?   $.ajax({      ...
    Gwowen Fu
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  • Add External OpenSocial Gadget

    Hi,   There is a cacoo-gadget - Cacoo OpenSocial Gadget - Google Project Hosting. How could I add it to Jive?   In Liferay Portal, I can do it by adding an OpenSocial Gadget Portlet on a page then set its ...
    Gwowen Fu
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  • Creating Jive-hosted Apps

    Overview Creating a Jive-hosted App Manually Creating a Jive-hosted App with the Jive Node SDK   Overview  With the Fall 2014 Jive Cloud release (version 8c4), you can now have Jive host your ap...
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  • How to get the 'access token'

    Hello everyone,   I have an addon registered through my admin console and have the corresponding client-id and key. I followed this the OAuth 2.0 document  and tried both the ways to get the auth token, but...
    Pankaj Rajankar
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  • Error while uploading a addon.

    Hello,   To get notifications when a users does some actions I was planning to use Webhooks. To register a webhook, we need a client-id/key and auth token.   So I tried  to add a barebones API service...
    Pankaj Rajankar
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  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
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  • How do I get a users status update feed

    It seems like it should be obvious, but I can't seem to work out how to get an RSS (or other) feed of a user's status.   /community/feeds/allcontent?targetUser=mrowbory   Get's me all content, but not sure...
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  • Can anyone shed light on Google Analytics issue?

    Hello,   Posted below is a Google Analytics script that I can't seem to get working.   I know all the variables work and are being populated.   I created the custom dimensions successfully.   B...
    Ronan Feely
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  • Issues defaulting Orgchart view in users profiles

    I have been working through the options to change the default view in yours profiles to Orgchart instead of Connections.   I have found How Do I Default to Org Chart and Not Connections and have found the corre...
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  • ExternalStreamActivity - Webhook callbacks?

    I'm attempting to get activity on my Stream Integration to work with webhooks with little success.    I am able to register callbacks that work with Place activity - but I believe the correct thing to do w...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Cross-Origin Request Blocked: Error while trying to access from sample html page

    Hi   Error while accessing jiveon Rest API link from local sample html page as Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://oracle-sites.jiveon.com/api/co...
    Suresh Nayak
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  • Pop up creation on Manage menu items

    Hi Ryan Rutan,   I have a requirement where I have to bring a popup when we click on the Menu item in Manage button. For example Delete Group or Archive Project in Manage menu.   I tried going through the...
    Baskar PC
    created by Baskar PC
  • Export the data from html table created in jive.

    Hi Experts,   I need some help to export the data from a html table that is created jive community to use it in another application (even a html file will help). I want to automate this task to export the data i...
    Krupasagar Reddy
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  • Webhooks always sent twice

    Is anyone running into the issue that all webhooks are sent twice to the configured endpoint?   Is this expected behavior? Just ran into this on the developer sandbox.
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  • a

    Krishna Priya Nukala
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  • Unauthorized client id error while generating access token

    Ryan Rutan   Hello Ryan,   Greetings!! Need your help with one issue (details given below) I am facing.   I deployed OAuth 2.0 client on our on-prem instance and got client ID, client secret and auth...
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  • REST API & Webhooks - Developer Resources

    OVERVIEW ESSENTIAL LINKS LEARN MORE TUTORIALS EXAMPLES REFERENCES   OVERVIEW  Jive provides comprehensive, bidirectional interaction with the Jive community through REST APIs and Web...
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  • Make REST API call using OAuth 2

    Hi, We have a Liferay student portal and we want to setup a social network using Jive. The first thing we want to do is to retrieve notifications from Jive and display them on Student's page in Liferay portal. Jive ...
    Gwowen Fu
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  • Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition - Deploying Your Add-On

    The follow document outlines how to setup your local development environment for the Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition   Heroku Ubuntu RHEL / CentOS     Heroku Register for an account on Her...
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