• How does work Single Sign-On in version 7.0.1

    Hello All,     How does work Single Sign-On in version 7.0.1?  Please give me the solution.   Thank you Sunil G
    Sunil G
    created by Sunil G
  • Modify Featured Video Tile

    I am trying to modify "Featured Video" tile. This means user will be be able to make non-standard videos E.g.(Videos hosted on "OurCompany.com") as featured videos.     Can someone please guide me to right ...
    Swaran Singh
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  • SmarterPath Social Learning - Jive Developer Training - Feedback

    Please use this thread (or the comments in SmarterPath) itself to let us your thoughts about any aspects related to the SmarterPath training.    We are aware that some of our content is still dated and tha...
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  • How to get a docunent/discussion's binary files using rest API?

    If any binary file is attached to a document or discussion - is there an API to get that file?
    Lea Reznik
    created by Lea Reznik
  • How to post blogpost modification updates to Activity , connection and inbox streams

    Hi , we have a requirement to send emails to all the followers of a blogpost when Minor edit (Which has been removed in Jive 7) is not checked in. We wrote a plugin that sends emails to all the followers. But how can...
    Hymavathi Oruganti
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  • JavaScript API to retrieve current place (group/project)

    Hi,   Is there any possible way to get the place within whose context the a jive app is opened by the user? There is a osapi.jive.corev3.people.getViewer() to get details of the current viewer. Similarly is ...
    Satyajeet Shahane
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  • Community store phrase substitution

    Hi All,   We recently set up our community store where users can use their points earned from gamification missions to "purchase" items from the store. When a user doesnt have enough points to purchase an item, ...
    Mike Brybag
    created by Mike Brybag
  • App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    Starting with the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud release (version 8c5), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a til...
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  • External Storage Framework refresh token flow in SDK returns a bad token

    As mentioned in https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1505201   We're having trouble keeping our storage provider connected to Jive for longer than a token's TTL. We're using the Node.js SDK.   1. on ...
    zbigniew tenerowicz
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  • How to use jive-sdk node module to call jive REST APIs

    What were we trying to do? We (people from ThoughtWorks, Inc) have created application (add-on) using jive node sdk. In application we wanted to call jive REST apis on server side. We implemented this using node's ...
    shilpa kondawar
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  • REST API v3 - How to filter discussions to query only un-answered questions?

    Hi,   I can see that in API v2 there is a call for that, it is something like this objectType[thread] thread[open]: https://community.jivesoftware.com/__services/v2/rest/content?filterGroupID…ttype~obj...
  • osapi http get error

    I try to use the osapi in my jive app to get  responses via  getfeedback api   Here is  my javascript code   osapi.http.get({    'href' : 'https://api.getfeedback.com/surveys/' + ...
    luc kalaora
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  • Error in Installing jive 7.0 rpm

    Hello Jivers,   I am facing an issue in installing Jive 7.0. Please have a look: I have the openssl version 0.9.8 too. I just want to link my Jive 7.0 files with the older version of openssl. Has anybody done...
    Urvashi Sharma
    created by Urvashi Sharma
  • What do you think about the new Getting Started documents in the Jive Community?

    We are currently trying to fill in as many gaps as possible in the developer documentation, with an emphasis on the getting started experience. We want to help newcomers understand exactly what is offered by the Jive ...
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  • App Actions Filtered by Security Group

    Overview  There is a new feature for the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud Release (8c5) of Jive that allows you to filter app actions by security group. In this way, you can ensure that only members of a specific security...
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  • Jive 8 jive-core jar missing?

    I'm trying to stand up a test instance for a customer and could not build jive 8 using the maven plugin:    mvn -U jive:create-project   The build results in the following errror:   [ERROR] F...
    Brian Welter
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  • Jive Apps Market

    Does the Jive Apps Market consist of mobile apps or are they all desktop apps?
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  • Upgrade database from Jive 6 to Jive 7

    Apparently this isn't documented anywhere but if you want to upgrade your local developer instance from Jive 6 to Jive 7, part of migrating your database over is to set the "setup" flag in jive_startup.xml to false. E...
    created by pmoore
  • Check if user is logged in in soy template?

    Hello,   I'm wondering is there some globals with user info to find out if user is logged in Jive.   Basically I have template for standard "Ask a question" widget. How can i check condition if the user i...
    Danil Bogomolov
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