• people api with include-online filter not working

    Hi all, Scott A Johnson Ryan Rutan We are using '/api/core/v3/people?filter=include-online(true)' api to get online users but it is returning all(both online and offline) users.   Do we need to include any ex...
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  • Visual/Related Term Search

    The Why  One of the issues inherent with tagging content via a folksonomy rather than with controlled vocabulary terms is of course the variety of terminology used, especially with contributors from across the gl...
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  • Bookmarklet for displaying Jive content IDs

    This is something we've been using on our site for a while; I've updated the code so that I can share it with fellow Jive developers. Bookmarklets are browser bookmarks that contain JavaScript code. When you click the...
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  • Custom HTML Tile does not use the complete width in a page

    I have added a custom html tile in a page of a group and cannot manage that the tile is using the complete width. It looks like this:   <html> <body> <div> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit am...
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  • Soy placeProperty function and LongNumberData

    I have a problem   I have to check some place properties in the theme in soy using placeProperty function in a plugin. I take id and type form targetObject, but on server side id has type LongNumberData. Long...
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  • Dynamic Superlist - custom number of results

    Hello community,   I have searched for an answer to my question but I couldn't find anything - so I thought I would ask.   I want to put a dynamic superlist on my homepage, and I know exactly how to filter...
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  • Is it possible to specify a Category via URL when creating a new discussion?

    I have a URL string that I'm using so that people can click a link and have a new Discussion form come up with tags already defined. For example,   /discussion/create.jspa?containerType=14&containerID=1234&a...
    created by gbrettmiller
  • Download all soy/ftl template files

    We have Jive 8.0.2 hosted by Jive. It would be useful to search through ALL soy/ftl template files at once. The theme download options within the admin console only allow us to download a zip file of the small handful...
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  • moment.js

    Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me how I call the new version of moment.js   In Jive 8, I was using the modified version of moment.js at the location /resources/scripts/moment/moment.js  ...
    created by mattdickens
  • Bookmarklet for displaying page metadata (handy for SEO tasks)

    This is the second bookmarklet we use to help with our work on element14 Community. If you're not sure what bookmarklets are, I explain them in this other blog post; Bookmarklet for displaying Jive content IDs   ...
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  • Automatically Follow A Space

    Is there a way to make users automatically follow a space from the start?  We are wanting all of our employees to follow the knowledge base we have in house for important updates or announcements.  What we a...
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  • How to lock Document from editing using Rest API

    I am looking ways to lock a document from editing using rest API. I found POST /contents/{contentID}/editable api but it is not working as mentioned in the documentation. Have anyone tried this api or is there a way t...
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  • Is there an easy way to display the number of replies in a discussion?

    I would like to show the number of replies and the date/time of the latest post in a discussion in a widget on the overview page of a group or space. How can I do this?
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  • OSAPI Search Query Filter issue

    The following throws an "Invalid filter expression (quick brown) AND (fox OR rabbit) AND NOT forest" error. I suspect it is the parenthese, but I'm unsure how to pass them. Converting the the characters to %28 and %29...
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  • Would you like the Jive icon to be included in the Font-Awesome icon collection?

    If you click 'Yes', why not vote for its corresponding GitHub issue? Icon Request: icon-jive · Issue #2186 · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub   Find the Font-Awesome project at: Font Awesome, t...
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  • integrate HP PPM with JIVE

    Hi,   I would like to know if there is any way of integrating HP PPM with JIVE?
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  • Is it possible using the REST API to create a document on behalf of another user?

    I am importing some data from another system - i want to create documents using the person that created it in the old system (assuming they exist in the new one).   Is it possible to create a document on behalf ...
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  • Custom View tile is getting created with 990 min-width in iframe

    When deploying my tile and adding it to a Place Page, the iframe generated is setting the min-width to 990px making the text to go off screen within the actual view html page.   <iframe id="__gadget_j-app-til...
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  • Adding Event time and date to message template

    I'd like to add the event time and date to the message templates and was wondering if this was possible. I know that it's supposed to pull from the Jive API but wasn't sure if only the tokens shown are the one's avail...
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  • Import MediaWiki markup into JIVE

    Is it possible to import MediaWiki markup into JIVE, or must it be transformed to html first?
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