• Custom App - Clicking outside application causes app to close

      The "Click to Call" app is a custom developed action type of app that plugs into Jive in various locations. It is available in the Action list on various page types.   It presents a dialog when selected th...
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  • Is there a limit to the number (or total combined size) of images that can be attached to a document?

    I have noticed that i am unable to create documents via the API which contain more than 33 - 40 images (it seems to vary the number i'm allowed to attach, so presumably there is some combined size i am allowed). When...
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  • Custom View Tile Height Not Auto-Adjusting

    Hi all,   I'm currently creating a custom view tile menu - the tile should function in the following way: Click menu -> Overlay menu opens up(tile resizes)   Click close button -> Overlay menu cl...
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  • Testimonials Tile

    Hi,   I've been asked if we can create a 'Testimonials Tile' for the homepage, where staff can enter quotes from our customers, and they scroll through. Looking at it, i can't see a way, unless I either use the ...
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  • Jive REST API: how to get html resources (urls) of different content types to create a sitemap

    I would like to create a sitemap that should be used as input to an external crawler job to create an external search index.   For this purpose I start to use the jive REST API and parse the json response for "h...
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  • Is there a way to use a user group/permission group membership as a variable?

    I would like to surface content in a widget or tile based on which user group/permission group a user is in. Anyone have some code samples of this? Thank you!!!
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  • App action conditional contribution based on place and extprop

    Is it at all possible to have an action show depending on both, a extended property on the content and an extended property on the content's container? I am looking at something like this: jive/actions/content/quest...
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  • Unnecessary &nbsp addition to HTML code in Jive.

    Hi guys,   I have encountered an issue while updating  my document content in Connect using Jive API. I am using "request.put" and posting some html code(table) to  the content. But once i post/update t...
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  • Bug in Jive Org Chart Admin Console

    There is probably a Bug in the Jive Org Chart Admin Console under Admin ⇒ People ⇒ Management ⇒ Org Chart. The Error can be reproduced by disabling the Setting “Is org chart enabled?" under Adm...
  • Link "Settings" on Adminpage at Spaces/Settings/Filters and Macros/MicroblogMacro

    Hello, in our Jive environment I figured out that when selecting the link Settings on Spaces/Settings/Filters and Macros/MicroblogMacro on the Adminpage an exception is coming up which complains about a missi...
  • I can't create a task using the Producteev API

    I'm trying to create a task using the Producteev API with the CURL POST example: "curl -v -X POST --data '{"task":{"title":"Submit the new iOS App !tomorrow","project":{"id":"51fc32c0fa46348b0b00000b"}}}' "https://www...
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  • App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Custom View Tile with REST API call on our Homepage -- bad idea or not?

    We are considering adding a Custom View Tile on our Jive instance Homepage which makes a REST API call to Jive.  We are open to opinions of why this might be a bad idea.  Our primary concern is that the tile...
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  • bug in jive-sdk with registerUrl renders it unusable.

    I have been working in a node add-on and came across what seems to be a pretty significant bug. The registerURL and unregisterURL are not added to the meta.json at all. I tried adding with camel case and snake case ...
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  • Is there ability to change/modify the mobile app experience?

    Is there ability to change/modify the mobile app experience?  Either through using a 3rd party developer or with Jive add-ons
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  • How to retrieve content using /contents and DOC id?

    Using Jive UI, I created a document via my ABC user account and got a URL ending with DOC-29204. I am aware that RestAPI /api/core/v3/contents/{content-ID} requires the unqiue content id instead of the DOC-ID. In orde...
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  • Using the REST API to get the HTML without the result of render macros?

    I'm manipulating some content using the REST API. What I'm finding is that if I read in some content via the REST API it has the result of render macros in the HTML.. not the raw render macro reference.   An exa...
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  • How do we use a Jive Connects alias from a Tile?

    Hello,   We're trying to use a Jive Connects alias from a Tile.  Is this possible?   We've done this many times in the past with Apps by defining the Jive Connects alias in the app.xml config file, th...
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  • jive-sdk slow today?

    [root@ip app1]# npm install -g jive-sdk [    ..............] \ fetchMetadata: verb afterAdd /root/.npm/ee-first/1.1.1/package/package.json written   Is jive-sdk slow today? The above command is r...
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  • Jive Federated user creation using cURL

    Hi, I need to create new users via REST API script (around 2000 users), has anyone ever done this before and can help-me with this script in Java  or cUrl?
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