• Is there a way to mark text as inline "code" in the content editor?

    Hi,   I'd like to know if there is a way to mark text as inline code in the content editor. This is a key feature for programming content. Currently, I manually go and set the text font as Courier New but I wou...
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  • Need to retrieve some documents from Database dump

    Hi,   We need to retrieve some documents from a database dump. We have followed the below steps on accessing the information. I was able to run successfully the below queries but, how do i actually download the ...
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  • Tile not responsive between 660px and 990px

    Hi Folks,   I am using CSS to create a responsive tile, but it stops resizing between 660px and 990px.  Once I go smaller than 660 it responds again just fine.  I found a min-width setting in the page ...
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  • Build number causing caching issues with overlay

    We've ran into a problem recently where with each new release of our on-premise, overlay based Jive installation that we have to ask users to clear the cache, specifically for JS files.  Looking into it I believe...
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  • Working with Shared Office Documents - Can't add accounts

    Team,   I was trying to get connected from an office document. I click on the Accounts(Offline) and then Manage Accounts->Add Account. But Jive for office popup is not coming and hence not able  to enter...
    Nidheesh Ep
    created by Nidheesh Ep
  • API to get Never logged in users

    Hi Team,   I am searching to get never logged in users through API. Could you please help me to find an API.   Thanks! Sowjanya
    Sowjanya Gonuguntla
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  • Super list filter syntax

    Hi all   Does anyone have the details or documentation for the syntax used to create super list filters, I'm struggling to get multiple permutations of filters to work using the 'use this view in a tile' on our ...
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  • Will Jive Daily operate on Private Cloud

    Will Jive Daily operate on a private cloud structure or on-prem?   Thank you.
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  • Will Jive Daily operate on Private Cloud

    Will Jive Daily operate on a private cloud structure or on-prem?   Thank you.
    created by martarna
  • Adding an HTML Tile to a Page

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud release, you can create a tile using your own custom HTML — without even the need to create your own add-on. You add an HTML tile to a page the same way you add other tiles: b...
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  • Adding Brightcove link as Featured Video - not working

    Hi, I was trying to add a brightcove video as Fetured video tile. But it always shows, url is not valid.   Please enter a valid URL (example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=videoIdHere)   Here is the sample ...
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • 403 Unauthorized when using contents api to update a document's subject

    Hello,   I'm using the contents api to update the subject of a large number of hub documents.  As I go through, it appears all the documents where I'm not the original author receive a 403 Unauthorized erro...
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  • Swagger for Jive - An Open Source Add-On for the Open API Initiative

    What is Swagger (a.k.a. The Open API Initiative) Swagger is a growing REST API documentation standard that comprises multi-stages of the software development life-cycle.  The standard is designed to allow archit...
    Ryan Rutan
    created by Ryan Rutan
  • Jive API : How can i retrieve the score attribut ?

    Hello,   I'm currently working on search engine which retrieves results from Jive and some indexed documents in Elasticsearch. Furthermore, i'm trying to gather both of their search results in one set ordered by ...
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  • Build issue in Retention Plugin

    Hi Team,   We have Custom Retention Plugin which is dependent on Jive Professional retention plugin. While Building the Custom plugin , we are facing the dependency issue.Please find the below error   ...
  • Can we modify the Jive webhook response to receive actor's email id

    We want to modify the fields in the webhook json response and checked https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/WebhooksService.html#createWebhook(String, String) but we are not able to get through it. Cou...
    created by puja_kumari
  • Can a community member request membership to join a private group?

    Hello,   I am looking for clarification if members of a Jive community can request membership to a private group? Currently, it seems members of a community can only join a private group if they are invited by a...
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  • Using webhooks for Jive integrations

    Hello Jivers, Recently I have been using webhooks heavily for some of our integrations. Its one awesome feature in the Jive platform which can have great use cases.   Basically the Jive webhook services notifi...
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  • Is there a way to use a 24-hour clock for Events?

    Has anyone developed a way to use a 24-hour clock instead of a 12-hour clock for Events?   Thanks!   Brenda
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  • Getting Started > Using Webhooks with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to illustrate the potential of Jive Webhooks.   This tutorial should take 15 minutes.   Webhooks Overview Prerequisites Instruction...
    Ryan Rutan
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