• Supressing headers and footers in Jive-x instance for duration of a session

    Hello Jivers,   This might be a corner-case unique to us, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone has any suggestions.   Like most Jive-x sites, we want to use all the features of Jive and expose our co...
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  • How to customize 'Get Started' page in Jive 9?

    Hey everyone,        I recently upgraded to Jive 9 and went through what's new about this release, and was wondering if anyone's been able to successfully customize the "Get Started" page. I...
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  • Welcome to the Developer Community!

    Here in the Developer community everything is based upon peer-to-peer support. You will find an abundance of helpful content and resources already available in the community or you can reach out to other developers fo...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • Is it possible to customize the "Getting Started" function in Jive 6.0?

    Where would i start if i wanted to customize Getting Started function?
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  • How to update document author using rest api?

    Hi Team,   I need to change/update the author of the document using rest api call.  I followed the below process to run the rest api.   Method: PUT Rest url: http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/conten...
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  • Jive apps title contain "title" and "label" text

    Hello,   I am getting following errors/warnings for my app in sbs.log: No title found for app: simpleapp   If I enter following value of title parameter in app.xml: <ModulePrefs title="my app title"> &...
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  • While building jive project getting error :  Could not resolve dependencies for project com.myproject:artifact:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.apache.commons:commons-csv:jar:-SNAPSHOT

    While building jive project getting error :  Could not resolve dependencies for project com.jivesoftware.xxxx1.0-d1-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact com.jivesoftware:commons-csv-1.0-SNAPSHOT:jar:r609327- ...
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  • Experience, Change, and Mobilizing The Platform of Things - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

    Open video

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  • Why is Jive 9 slower than Jive 8?

    Hi,   last year we had this Is it just me or is the Jive 8 development environment a lot slower than v7? discussion.   To start my developer Jive on my Laptop with SSD, 16 GB RAM, i7-5600U (2 cores...
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  • Howto globally disable a single tile?

    Hi all,   currently I'm trying to globally disable the Tile Top Participants on Jive 8 (like widgets which can still be removed at the admin backend). I know how to disable whole tile categories, but not how to ...
    Mirko Swillus
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  • Photo Album Plugin - API

    My end goal is to be able to upload a photo/image using a web application, which adds the image to a known Photo Album within a Social Group.   So far, I've been able to upload an image, but only associate it to...
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  • Help! Transfer HTML form code from Widget to Tile format

    Hello, I have a form in my community that we use quite often.  This form allows customers to order more outreach materials.  It is a simple form that created a document in another group and populated that d...
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  • Tracking the UI theme changes

    Is there a way to track the UI theme changes? We would like to track the changes made to our templates on daily basis. Is there any existing way to do this?   Also can we get backup of older themes? Is there...
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  • User getting added only once in the permission group when getting added to the group while registration.

    Hello,   I have a scenario in which I have to add the users which register in jive 7 via the jive registration form (in login page) to a permission group. I have to add a new link for this purpose and users get...
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  • Promoted search results entries are not showing

    I am trying to add some documents with keywords during this process  after entering some around maybe 60, all the entries are going away and sometimes Jive deleting set of entries not clue why I am seeing this be...
    created by happysridhar
  • Jive API : Unable to upload file to /static

    Hello all,   I'm trying to upload a text file to the /static service, according to the documentation here : Jive REST API v3.14 → Static service The documentation says we must provide 2 sections : a JSON ...
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  • POST /places/{placeID}/avatar

    I'm using the Jive API to create a group (which is working fine). Once the group js created, I want to set the Avatar, but it's not working. I get the message Invalid image URI null with a return code of 400 (Bad Requ...
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  • How to distinguish built-in avatar from custom one using REST API?

    I was going to use the REST API to download employee photos, relying on the fact that many of my colleagues have configured their photo as their avatar in Jive. (I know there is a separate ability to upload photos on ...
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  • Webhook task NullPointerException when on WebhookQueueConsumer.getAuthorizationFor(webhook)

    Our instance isn't able to send web-hook activity   2014-04-17 16:27:30,669 [TaskEngineWorker-pool-1] [::] ERROR com.jivesoftware.base.taskmanager.impl.LocalExecutor - Failed to execute task java.lang.RuntimeEx...
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  • Tuning search results

    We use Jive internally for company employees. We hear user complaints about search results not always relevant. For instance result scoring should favor newer contents over older ones. Question: in Jive search is ther...
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