• Options to customize the discussion navigation bar

    Hi All, Ryan King Please help me. We would like to add the navigation for some action in right side space in discussion screen which we highlighted in the bellow picture. Where we need to do the change for customiz...
    Sunil G
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  • Getting [{"result":{"status":204},"id":"jive.core.get"}] when calling a jive.core.get. There is successful response when i call the same api through XMLHttpRequest. Any clues why this could be ?

    Getting [{"result":{"status":204},"id":"jive.core.get"}] when calling a jive.core.get. There is successful response when i call the same api through XMLHttpRequest. Any clues why this could be ?   osapi.jive.cor...
    Shibha Malik
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  • How does a Dev shift from hosted to cloud for testing?

    Hi, I have this question, and apologies if I'm missing something terribly noob, but I have a burning question for all you expert developers (Ryan Rutan maybe poke some of your peeps) out there.   In this scena...
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  • Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns

    Non-Middleware Patterns OAuth2 API Client Simple Stream Integration Analytics (Data Export) Client Custom View Tiles & HTML Tiles Jive Hosted Apps Jive Hosted Apps w/Jive Connects Simple ...
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  • Is it possible to add more than 5 custom links in navbar from theme

    Hi Team,   Can we add more than 5 custom links in navbar from the themes.(i.e UserMenu->Themes) in Jive8     Thanks! Sowjanya
    Sowjanya Gonuguntla
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  • How to add attachments to a document using API v3?

    I am entirely new to Jive and looking for help with a problem I have to solve. Using the Jive API(https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/) I have to attach multiple files to a document and create the document with...
    Dip Biswas
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  • Google Analytics Outbound Links

    Hi, I'm not exactly sure where this question should go, but I can't seem to find a place where it would fit.  We have google analytics integrated in our Jive instance through the admin console.  Our commun...
    Erin Clements
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  • Developing Your Own Simple Stream Integrations

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud Release, you can easily build your own activity stream integration with a 3rd party service.   (Refer to Creating an External Activity Stream for information about activity str...
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  • Can we preview the Custom View Tile?

    Hi,   I created custom view tiles, but seems like there's no way to preview the custom view tiles while setting it. If we use multiple custom tiles, it's hard to know which one is which one. Just wondering, ...
    Eva Hsieh
    created by Eva Hsieh
  • Cartridges (Jive Anywhere) - Developer Resources

    OVERVIEW LEARN MORE TUTORIALS EXAMPLES REFERENCES   OVERVIEW  Cartridges enable you to take context based conversations created with Jive Anywhere and go even further. To understand Cart...
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  • Cartridge Builder for Jive Anywhere Demo Video

    Open video

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  • HTML Widget: Search multiple places including sub-places

    So continuing my investigation into providing Widget-based UI features/enhancements without customisations, I've been looking to address a business requirement of several business groups within our organisation to pro...
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  • get current user in a custom tile?

    Custom tiles are served from a separate domain for security reasons.  However, we'd like to know the current user so that we can customize the tile display.  window._jive_current_user is available in the par...
    Steven Rohall
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  • Recent Version update to REST API?

    Has there been a recent version update to the REST API?   If so, do y'all have a list of the changes made? Is there a place I can subscribe to/follow to get notified of any upcoming API changes?   We're ...
    Brett Carpenter
    created by Brett Carpenter
  • Show video in recent activity widget

    Hi all,   Is there any way to show a video in the recent activity widget if the video is been posted inside a document?   When you create a video content, the video appears in the recent activity:  ...
    Clementine Chasles
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  • Content soy file customizing

    Hi all, Anthony Mack   We are working on Jive Hosting Environment.We would like to customize content.soy file left side bar which renders the Actions and blog post.We are trying to hide "View the Blog" if that ...
    narsi panta
    created by narsi panta
  • Get tags via ajax

    I have a custom tile with a configuration window as shown     I would like to make that textbox an ajax responsive one as shown, can someone help me with  what jive javascript rest api i can use to g...
    Shan Bollapragada
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  • Jive REST API call from Jive hosted App - 401 Error

    When i call a Jive REST API from Jive hosted App using osapi.http.get, i am getting 401 error in the response Object which can see in console log, but the actual response not received. But if i access the URL through...
  • Jive Platform - Developer Resources

    DEVELOPER RESOURCES REFERENCES LEARN MORE FAQ   DEVELOPER RESOURCES The following are the official resource kits for each of the developer extension points on the Jive platform.   Resource De...
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  • Stock Tile

    Could I get a few people to test this Stock Tile for me?  I'd like to get some feedback.  You can place it in any Narrow Column and it's allowed on the News, Your View or Place pages.  You specify the S...
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