• Possible to download viwers of specific content?

    Hello!     Is there a way to set up some sort of export into Excel of who is viewing specific content? I can see who views it in the impact metrics but I would like to be able to send a weekly report to my ...
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  • Jive DES org chart endpoints

    In Jive DES what are the end points to extract the employee details and org chart of a particular user  ?
    created by mamtha215
  • User Login & Usage Tracking

    Hi!   Few questions around admin capabilities. Hoping someone is able to help out!   1. Is it possible to set up notifications to indicate if someone has not logged in for X number of days? Is this somet...
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  • Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP)

    Overview Common Queries Best Practices for Incorporating Additional Fields Content Details Place Details User Details Org Chart Common Tools Excel jq Note:  As we flesh ou...
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  • Export of Group Metadata / List of groups on our instance

    We are working on an audit of groups, of which we have 897 on our jive-x instance. I pulled two reports from the DES -- ACTIVITY_CREATE_SOCIALGROUP and ACTIVITY_DELETE_SOCIALGROUP, put the files together, alphabetiz...
    Olivia Garvelink
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  • JDES exported analytics data: logged Date and Time is in incorrect time zone.

    Hi,   When downloading analytics data through JDES API, I noticed that the exported date and time under the following columns are not the correct time zone that is set in my client's Jive instance Locale setting...
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  • Get top search queries by Jive API

    Hello,   I can see there is a Top Successful Search Queries report in Community manager reports, likes below:     Is there a way to get the result by jive API?   Thanks,
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  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
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  • Is there any way to pull a report on user account reactivations within the last 7 days?

    Access to our Jive instance is controlled by and AD group.  SAML will check that the user is a member of the AD group before allowing them to login.  We are about to enable SAML in our environment but we las...
    Stacy Plante
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  • Need Jive 9 Database Table Details, Description etc.

    Hi Team, I need to create a comprehensive reports of all the table in Jive 9 database.   I got this link: Finding the Jive Database Schemas   I need to create a doc with all the table name, their descripti...
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  • Get content AND comments for a user

    I'd like to pull the full text of all content and comments written by a specific user.   I can use the REST API to get all of the user's original content. Jive REST Rest API v3.2 → Content service   ...
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  • Creating list of active users via DES

    Let's say I essentially want to create a list of all the users who have ever been active in a space--that is, viewed the overview page, as well as any documents, blog posts, or discussions.   What is the best wa...
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  • Looking for Jive Freelance work

    Hello Dear,   I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), G...
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  • Analytics - Developer Resources

    OVERVIEW LEARN MORE TUTORIAL REFERENCE OVERVIEW  Jive provides near-time access to analytics data using the Jive Analytics API. You can acquire activity information in JSON or CSV formats via RES...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Can we generate client id and client secret without creating an add-on

    How can i generate client id and client secret without creating an add-on? If i know the register url, can I generate client id and secret programatically?
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • Use API Explorer to get list of Community Members?

    It looks like you can gather analytics by creating API scripts or alternatively just entering filters into API Explorer. Is there a way to use API Explorer to get a list of all Community Members with their email addre...
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  • Deconstructing the Jive Derby Integration

    High-Level Architecture Jive Integration Overview Analytics / Data Export Service (DES) Apps OAuth2 Client Tiles Add-On Configuration Activity Stream Custom View Tile - Internal (Your R...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Bulk update user property field

    Hello!   We are on Jive 7.0.3 and plan to add a new property field to our user setup for the purpose of filtering on community manager reports. This field needs to be populated initially and at regular intervals...
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  • How do I see the files attachments present in a space, using DES/UI?

    I am using UI's 'Download Content CSV', which does not list the attachment files.
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  • News Streams configuration.

    Hi , I am trying to find how News stream feature on Jive 9.X works. I am trying to create one as mentioned here. I see when we create a news stream from News page we can assign it to specific people/security groups a...
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