• Invalid Client error when using Oath2 Resource Owner Grant method for API Authentication, Response of Client ID is null?

    Been using the Jive API on a Cloud IDE for past few years. Having to migrate away and develop locally on Windows and running into issues.   When I use the Resource Owner Grant method described in OAuth 2.0&mdash...
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  • Accessing a third party application API securely

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer, Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli,   We are trying to make an integration with our platform to Service Now and trying to use their API to show data here. While we are ab...
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  • REST API call is failing with this error: Unsupported Request / 501 Not Implemented

    We are trying to follow the steps indicated on this link (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-192840) but we keep on encountering this error: Unsupported Request or the Status: 501 Not Implemented.   ...
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  • How to: Check if you are affected by the Apps Market EOL

    Community Managers  Version Am I Affected? Impact What to Do Jive cloud 2016.x Possibly, to check: Navigate to {Your Community URL}/apps/market If you see the appsmarket working: Yes If you see an error page: N...
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  • How to send authentication headers in osapi request

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi GorantalaGopi Gorantala Matt Johnson Jonathan Block   Is there a way to include authentication headers in an osapi call here:   osapi.jive.core.get({     href: "...
  • Is it possible to setup Okta integration in this sandbox instance?

    Hi   Okta recently released a new SAML processing library on their sandbox site and now we are looking for ways to validate it without changing the current configuration in ou Production environment.   Is ...
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  • Accept Terms and condition are asking every time only for single user.

    Hi,   I have face one problem after the registration of user when we try for login. First time it asking about the accept terms and condition. I select this option and login successfully. Again I try to login so ...
  • Which JIVE option is suitable for developing JIVE connector?

    Hi,   I have gone through the www.jivesoftware.com website. There are four login options i.e. JIVE Cloud login JIVE Trial login JIVE Daily login JIVE Community login   To develop the JIVE Connector usi...
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  • Unable to query Private group contents

    I am unable to query private groups contents from Rest API, getting error 403
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  • Osapi not sending required data for Node SDK security middleware?

    I am trying to use the jive.service.security().checkAuthHeaders(req,res) function to check the legitimacy of requests sent to my Node js server. checkAuthHeaders calls findCredentials, which looks for and field calle...
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  • Facing issues while publishing add-on to registry

    We created an add-on for OAuth. It got installed successfully in our community. When we are trying to publish it to registry, we get an error saying "Application has not been properly configured to perform this reques...
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  • When using API over DotNet WebClient using Basic Auth I am only getting 401

    My Aplication has been working fine for weeks. Now, suddenly, I am only getting 401 responses.   Anyone else having this problem?   Using API V2 Rev. 3
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  • SAML Single Sign On Integration Request

    Hello Team,   This is SailajaPrakash with 8kmiles Software Services (A cloud Solutions Provider located at Bay Area). We have been contracted by AWS to perform SAML SSO integration between AWS SSO and various po...
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  • URGENT Help with Akamai License

    Hello, I am a former Jive-X customer and I need assistance with my Akamai license currently held by Aurea. Lithium has been contacting you and has not received a response. Please tell me whom I may speak with to disc...
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that co...
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  • Getting bad request error while passing X-Jive-Run-As header in my dot net application

    Hi,   I'm getting error while posting contents with the use of X-Jive-Run-As header. Please find below my JSON payload.   {   "type": "idea",   "parent": "https://zsassociates-preview.jiveon.co...
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  • Anyone else unable to access the Jive sandbox environment?

    Starting today, I find that I cannot login to the Jive developer sandbox at sandbox.jiveon.com.    One of my colleagues is having the same issue starting today, and another had this issue starting yesterda...
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  • password reset

    Following a system problem several days ago, our team is no longer able to access Producteev using their passwords.  The message indicates the password needs to be changed, yet the reset password email is never s...
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  • Authentication of a desktop application connecting to the Jive API

    I'm developing a tool to assist users migrating content from our existing intranet and wiki sites to our new Jive site. The existing resources are on sites that are only accessible inside our corporate network, so the...
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  • Use Rest API to get user security groups to display additional sections of a custom Add On based on group?

    I want to be able to target each user's security groups to check if they are in a particular group in order to display an additional section of our Add On. Is this possible? I was reading the API and I am confused on ...
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