• How to deliver all content edit events to Jive Inbox of followers?

    Hi,   I wonder if anyone came across this requirement. Currently, only Document content edits are delivered to Jive Inboxes of people. Any pointers will be helpful.   Thanks, Mandar
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  • What are the best practices for Oauth Authentication with a CLI application?

    I am creating a back-end application to update a hub document with data sourced from a report that is run daily. This application will have no interaction with a user.   I was wondering, what are the best practi...
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    created by tferris
  • How to reduce oauth2 access token receiving time

    Hi all, One of our web application is using our internal jive community for authentication using oauth2 We followed OAuth 2.0  document and implemented authentication. We are using php-curl for getting access to...
  • Looking for Jive Freelance work

    Hello Dear,   I am a freelancer with expertise in Jive SBS platforms, Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Search Engines such as Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, Angular JS, Node.js, Freemarker Templates (FTL), G...
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  • How to add a GET param in a url endpoint, into an "executeBatch" request?

    Hello,   I would like to use this sequence of requests into an executeBatch request but the second request return an error : INPUT: [{          "key": "mystreams", ...
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  • Project Duration/Timeline

    Hi, I want to know whether the timeline (or termination date) of a project in a group could be set to infinity (which means the project will not end as long as the group which the project is in exists)? Thanks!
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  • The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized

    Hello Team,   We are trying to disable user from Jive site using c#.net code. Below is error, we are facing,   Any code snippet available to do this?   Thanks
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  • Jive props replacement?

    We use Jive props internally, and since it is going away on July 1st we are exploring other options. Rewards won't work for us due to some limitations it has, and we have looked at jiveapps/applications/props at maste...
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  • jive-base.css in Jive 9

    Looks like jive-base.css has been replaced in latest Jive 9.  Can anyone tell me what its been replaced by?  Single file, multiple file?
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  • Deconstructing the Jive Derby Integration

    High-Level Architecture Jive Integration Overview Analytics / Data Export Service (DES) Apps OAuth2 Client Tiles Add-On Configuration Activity Stream Custom View Tile - Internal (Your R...
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  • How to add code in <head> </head> via jive console?

    Hello guys!   I am about to implement Adobe Dynamic Tag Management in our site and it needs to be placed between the <head> </head> tags. Is there a way to accomplish this via the jive console?  ...
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  • Query last content on using DES (data export service)

    Hi, I am new in Jive. For text analysis I need to get all content of any thread. I had a first test using ".../lastday". When I checked the response I can see that there is subject. But no payload (?).   Do I ...
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  • Remove old reports

    Hello everyone ,   Is there anyway where we can remove old reports from the CMR. Like I would like to delete the old data under "daily activity chart" for certain groups . Can anyone please let me know if its po...
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  • How to use /__services/v2/rest/addons/upload in order to upload addons?

    Hello, We want to automate the setup of oAuth Addons in order to provide a "self-service" API subscription for our developers.   So, I'm trying to use /__service/v2/rest/addons/upload in order to install an ad...
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  • What is the best way to add Bootstrap elements to a Jive place?

    Hi, I've already uploaded Bootstrap css and js to Jive, but I'm having trouble for example creating a Bootstrap button in an HTML widget. Can anyone tell me the steps to do this with a code example? Thank you!
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  • 'Pushing' content to other social media?

    Once we create our content/discussion or other posts, is there a way to push, or share this to other social media like Twitter or Face Book?   Thank you!
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  • Get version(s) of css

    Hey Jive Developers   We're building an tool that pulls the body of Jive documents and displays them in another application. One of the requirements is to be able to obtain the current version of the jive.css th...
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  • How to disable email notification for all users at system level?

    Hi All,   Can anyone please let us know how we can disable outgoing emails from our Jive instance(Jive 8)? Any property available for this?   Regards, Pratik
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  • Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns

    Non-Middleware Patterns OAuth2 API Client Simple Stream Integration Analytics (Data Export) Client Custom View Tiles & HTML Tiles Jive Hosted Apps Jive Hosted Apps w/Jive Connects Simple ...
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  • Jive REST API: how to get html resources (urls) of different content types to create a sitemap

    I would like to create a sitemap that should be used as input to an external crawler job to create an external search index.   For this purpose I start to use the jive REST API and parse the json response for "h...
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