• 'Pushing' content to other social media?

    Once we create our content/discussion or other posts, is there a way to push, or share this to other social media like Twitter or Face Book?   Thank you!
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  • Get version(s) of css

    Hey Jive Developers   We're building an tool that pulls the body of Jive documents and displays them in another application. One of the requirements is to be able to obtain the current version of the jive.css th...
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  • How to disable email notification for all users at system level?

    Hi All,   Can anyone please let us know how we can disable outgoing emails from our Jive instance(Jive 8)? Any property available for this?   Regards, Pratik
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  • Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns

    Non-Middleware Patterns OAuth2 API Client Simple Stream Integration Analytics (Data Export) Client Custom View Tiles & HTML Tiles Jive Hosted Apps Jive Hosted Apps w/Jive Connects Simple ...
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  • Jive REST API: how to get html resources (urls) of different content types to create a sitemap

    I would like to create a sitemap that should be used as input to an external crawler job to create an external search index.   For this purpose I start to use the jive REST API and parse the json response for "h...
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  • Prepopulate multi-word tag from URL

    I know that it's possible to prepopulate single-word tags for new content from a URL, like this:   https://my.intranet.com/document/create.jspa? containerType=700 &containerID=12898 &tags=firstTag+Sec...
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  • Jive V3 REST API 403 error

    Hi, we implemented this jQuery AJAX code within a script tag using an HTML widget within Jive: $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: "/api/core/v3/places/xxxx/contents", data: JSON.stringify({ "content": { "type": "text/h...
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  • Prepopulate category from URL?

    The recent question Prepopulate multi-word tag from URL reminded me that I have also been wondering if it is possible to prepopulate a category for new content from a URL. Something like...   &tags=firstTag&a...
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  • How to get Jive certified

    Hi Everyone,   I am interested to do certification in Jive as we have Java Certifications , Oracle Certifications.   If any have the pointers/information regarding this , please let me know. Any help on t...
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  • Equivalent to jive.tile.onLoad for a canvas

    Hi, I have an add-on with the main functionality being shown in the canvas of the app. From the configuration page I can make a js call like jive.tile.onLoad(function(conf, options) { // do my thing here like call m...
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  • OAuth Dance : Simple way to get OAuth token   ( TIPS & TRICKS )

    Hey guys,   I am writing this thread to explain how to get OAuth token in a simple way !! ( Hope It helps )   How to make this Dance easy ???   Link --->>>  OAuth 2.0 — OAuth&#...
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  • Deleted content still showing up in search results.

    Hi,   I have some content that was deleted from the community.   However it still shows in the search results from the jive standard search.   When I click on these results, I see just the title. ...
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  • System Error on attempt to fetch groups

    Hi,   We fetch groups using Jive API and some time ago we've started getting an error:   500 *System Error We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system.*   while we are going through th...
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  • Are Tile instance added, removed events part of 2016.3.4.0 ?

    I had developed a tile using Jive 8c5. the same tile is not receiving these events in the latest jive version 2016.3.4.0. Are tile events still part of API ?   These were the events I used jive.constants.global...
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    created by ayadavil
  • Custom View Tile placed on News Page loads partially behind Top and Trending news

    We are having an issue with a Custom View tile placed on our News Page in the top left tile slot, right above the TOP & TRENDING News divs (cloud).  Our Custom View tile loads partially behind the TOP & T...
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  • people api with include-online filter not working

    Hi all, Scott A Johnson Ryan Rutan We are using '/api/core/v3/people?filter=include-online(true)' api to get online users but it is returning all(both online and offline) users.   Do we need to include any ex...
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  • Development SANDBOX is caching! the tile > not able to develop this way?

    I have the development sandbox for myself within Jive development up-and-running. Nice. At least that's what I thought: Now I can start developing without touching our production server before an custom-made addon is ...
  • How can I make a Jive App @mentionable?

    I've been asked to develop a simple Jive application, which is now done and working correctly in our cloud instance of Jive. Our content managers have been asking how they can create a "At-Mentionable" link to this ap...
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  • Unable to the save the template for root community, provide Best practices to increase performance of Jive community site

    We are facing some issues, while updating the template for the root community.  When we modify the template for a Community i.e., a particular space / group in the front-end of Jive - then it invokes a ajax call ...
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  • iCal4j 2.0.0 problem in Jive 8.0.3

    Hi,   I'm testing some code in Jive.   public void generateCalendar() {   TimeZoneRegistry registry = TimeZoneRegistryFactory.getInstance().createRegistry();   Calendar calendar = new Calendar();...
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    created by oicfar