• App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Unable to view Idea object in Jive version Jive SBS

    HI Team:   We are unable to see the Idea object in Jive version
  • create an international stock ticker

    I am working on creating a stock ticker with daily currency. Yahoo finance api is no longer working so I have been trying various methods such as the alpha vantage api and trying to find stock ticker widgets. Since th...
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  • Jive Hosted App- Angular. Can't resolve the template url path

    I have created a simple app using jive-sdk create app. Have set the action parameters and when deployed I can see the app link on the UI. From my angular directive js, I can not redirect to the template url. It seems ...
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • Swagger for Jive - An Open Source Add-On for the Open API Initiative

    What is Swagger (a.k.a. The Open API Initiative) Swagger is a growing REST API documentation standard that comprises multi-stages of the software development life-cycle.  The standard is designed to allow archit...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Jive API : How can i retrieve the score attribut ?

    Hello,   I'm currently working on search engine which retrieves results from Jive and some indexed documents in Elasticsearch. Furthermore, i'm trying to gather both of their search results in one set ordered by ...
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  • Using webhooks for Jive integrations

    Hello Jivers, Recently I have been using webhooks heavily for some of our integrations. Its one awesome feature in the Jive platform which can have great use cases.   Basically the Jive webhook services notifi...
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  • API to pull users Quest data?

    Is there an API to pull an user's quest and task status to display on a custom tile or generate a report?
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  • tileOptions are almost empty

    Hello,   I've packaged an example provided by jive-sdk create command.   When, I deploy it on a cloud instance, I can see the different logs sections : Viewer, Container, TileOptions, TileConfig. All is OK...
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  • Jive API : how to return the score attribut ?

    Hello,   I'm using Jive API and i was wondering why my request doesn't return the score attribut. Below is the request :   https://sbc.safe.socgen/api/core/v3/contents?sort=dateCreatedDesc&returnScore=...
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  • Binary Data Storage - Seeking working example

    Does anyone have a working example of using the Binary Data Storage API?  I am getting 500 errors when I am posting the binary data to Jive using the temporary URL.  I'm attempting this from a Jive app. ...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Which template to modify to move 'App Actions' up ?

    I have some apps which are deployed as add-ons. Since I used path="jive/actions/content/*" these app actions appear in the right sidebar when viewing content.(You can see the apps below - 'Copy Document'  and 'Re...
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  • Need Jive 9 Database Table Details, Description etc.

    Hi Team, I need to create a comprehensive reports of all the table in Jive 9 database.   I got this link: Finding the Jive Database Schemas   I need to create a doc with all the table name, their descripti...
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  • Tuning search results

    We use Jive internally for company employees. We hear user complaints about search results not always relevant. For instance result scoring should favor newer contents over older ones. Question: in Jive search is ther...
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  • How to add an attachment to an existing Document? (using JS API)

    I have a Jive app and have a need to manipulate attachments on a Document using the JS API.  I can create a new document with an attachment, but I can't figure out how to add a new attachment.   Any help wo...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Content Manager App - The idea into reality

    Hello JiveMinds,          We have come up with some solution for the ideas mentioned in the https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/4183 post. The solution that we have designed con...
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  • Osapi Update Document MultipartBody

    Hey,   can anybody provide a example call for the following api call please. Jive JavaScript API v3.14 → osapi.jive.corev3.contents.Document entity   I am struggling to build the multipartbody parame...
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  • From Plugins to Apps to Add-Ons and Beyond - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Osapi Response

    @Hi Frenz,   Gopi Shiva Krishna G   I could like to know how to check osapi response . When I use osapi am not getting any error nor response . I couldn't able to find where am going wrong since there is n...
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  • App not rendering for any user

    Hi,   I am trying to install a simple hello world app. But, it shows following error for every user:   {"error""code":403,"message":"Cannot render an application without installing it first"},"status":403}...
    created by vishal_grazitti