• Disable or make a place inactive

    From within the places API how can I mark a particular place as inactive? Currently on a GET places, we see a "status" flag coming back for each place   GET http://myinstance.jive.com/api/core/v3/places/ "statu...
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  • generated js files

    Hey all,   P.S you can get this information by accessing news page and click on "view page source", scroll to the bottom and you will see the below   reg(["apps/onboarding/views/create_thread"],["/
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox   Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Login or Register  Account   Step 2 - R...
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  • Swagger for Jive - An Open Source Add-On for the Open API Initiative

    What is Swagger (a.k.a. The Open API Initiative) Swagger is a growing REST API documentation standard that comprises multi-stages of the software development life-cycle.  The standard is designed to allow archit...
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    created by Ryan Rutan
  • How can we maintain versioning for our tiles?

    Hello,   We have faced a lot of issues with our custom tile where the tile versions keep downgrading itself or the tile disappears from our production and sandbox. We are currently on cloud instance 2016.3.10 a...
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  • Getting Started with the Jive Node SDK

    The Jive Node SDK is a great way to quickly get started in order to create tiles, apps, cartridges, external storage frameworks, and other Jive add-ons. You can start out with some of the provided examples and then cr...
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  • Testing New Versions of a Custom Tile

    I've created and deployed a custom view tile on our instance of a Jive, and how made some updates to the tile I would like to test. I obviously do not want to replace the existing instances of the tile with the new ve...
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  • Alternative to default create group flow, especially in Jive cloud

    Hello Jivers, Recently we have been working on migrating from Jive 7.0.1 hosted instance to jive cloud. Happy to say we are very very close to finally achieve this with all our customisations.   Before I talk ...
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    created by pawans
  • Issue: In Uploading Plugin

    Hello Folks,   I am trying to build a sample plugin . Following this doc: Maven – Maven Getting Started Guide . Created a sample successfully !!   But, it gives me an error, while uploading it on Ji...
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  • Rest API for userProfile and Avatar

    Hi All,   Is there any rest api to set userProfile and Avatar.   Thanks, Umesh
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  • Sneak peek of the new awesome discussion tile (custom view tile)

    The last several weeks I was implementing a new custom view tile to show discussions in a forum like manner.     Features - show discussions with subject, author, creation date and place as a tile in page ...
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that co...
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  • Anybody can help me create a custom Widget that uses custom restful API's written in any language and complete deployment steps and configurations involved .

    I Am starting in Jive Hosted Environment 9.0 and would like to write custom widgets or tiles that use restful services hosted on separate servers and would like to deploy them on Jive environment . I would also like...
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  • Detect content change, update custom tile...

    So I have a custom view tile, right now it pulls n number messages from a specific discussion via REST API.  I reload the data on a timer.  So a change in the discussion will be picked up after the interval....
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    created by Powell
  • Problem in exploding the public resources for extension with UUID

    Hi Guys,   I am able to successfully upload the add-ons extension zip but after successful upload, one alert message comes up with error message "Error in unpacking public resources of addon". In sbs log, getti...
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  • Access Jive API's in HTML Tile

    Hi Team, Ryan Rutan,   We are trying to access the JIVE API's in an HTML tile but we are getting a 403 forbidden error whereas it works fine in an HTML Widget. Is there a way we can directly access the JIVE API'...
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  • Authentication of a desktop application connecting to the Jive API

    I'm developing a tool to assist users migrating content from our existing intranet and wiki sites to our new Jive site. The existing resources are on sites that are only accessible inside our corporate network, so the...
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  • Is the .Net client for the Jive API being maintained?

    Ryan Rutan Is anyone from Jive maintaining the .Net API? There has not been any activity on the GitHub repo since Nov 9, 2016, and there are a number of open pull requests including one I just added.   Pull Requ...
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    created by eric.anastas
  • Jive DES org chart endpoints

    In Jive DES what are the end points to extract the employee details and org chart of a particular user  ?
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    created by mamtha215
  • Error while using dms service

    Hi all,   We are trying to implement dms service inside our custom tile.   We are getting the following error while requesting new dms  create   Following is the code : osapi.jive.corev3.dms....
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