• Work Anniversaries Recognition Script

    Don't you wish Jive notified you about work-anniversaries like Linkedin? Now it can with this simple integration we've open-sourced.   This script generates status messages in the group of your choosing announc...
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  • Use Rest API to get user security groups to display additional sections of a custom Add On based on group?

    I want to be able to target each user's security groups to check if they are in a particular group in order to display an additional section of our Add On. Is this possible? I was reading the API and I am confused on ...
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  • Any easy way to clear External ID using Javascript rest API?

    Hey community,   We're looking and standardizing SAM at our company which is long overdue. However we used that field as the username component in JIVE and that ties to the External ID. Updating the usernames ca...
    created by aperrotte
  • publishDate on Announcement not working - API - Jive Rest v3

    Hello,   I'm trying to create a new Announcement via API, if I do not inform the "publishDate" (From documentation: The date and time after which the announcement should start being displayed. If no publish date...
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  • REST API - why the link to the next page is the same as the request URL?

    Hi,   I'm trying to get all security groups from an specific person but the link to the next page in the response is the same as the request:   Request URL api/core/v3/people/1000/securityGroups?fields=...
  • Webhooks

    Hello, Am newbie to the development world.Trying to create simple service when some post a discussion would like to create dynamic reply based on the post. I think https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-118585#j...
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  • REST API - Getting all comments for a particular Blog post

    Hello,   Is it possible to get all the comments for a particular blog post using REST API, tried with the below URL but not working when we use blog post Id, Is ContentID different than Blog post ID?   Blo...
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  • POST API call giving 404 error in JIVE.. but works when running simple html file through jquery with CORS

    Hi All,   Below is the screenshot of the API call that was made from a code snippet in a JIVE preview instance and although a POST call it goes as OPTIONS and fails and gives a 404, under both network and consol...
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  • How do I get history older than 6 months from an Activity API call

    I am using the following API to retrieve activity history: Jive REST API v3.14 → Activity service This is working successfully for me, but the results are limited to the past 6 months.  Is this a documente...
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  • OAuth 2.0—Creating a Client and Managing Access

    A Jive instance supports both Basic and OAuth 2.0 for authentication protocols. When using OAuth 2.0, Jive acts as both the authorization and resource server. While OAuth takes more effort to set up, it allows a third...
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  • Download documents in bulk from JIVE using C

    Hi there,   I am completely new to JIVE and don't even know abc's in JIVE. Yesterday i have got a requirement to download documents  from JIVE in bulk. But i do not see a way to download them in bulk using ...
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  • filter videos with tag in jive api

    Hello Jive Community,   I am looking into the jive api and found a way to grab all videos from our api. But i need to filter these by tags and grab the meta source code to embed in our video player.   How ...
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  • Followers of a place: strange API v3 behaviour

    Guys,   I used to loop through the paginated list of persons that's returned by a "Get place followers" call. In the JSON result dictionary there's usually a "links" entry which is a dictionary itself containin...
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  • View attachment to Document using API (Not download)

    Hi All,   Not sure if this is even possible, i'm onprem and using v8. I would like to be able to attach an image to a document and then using the API display that image rather than download it   Just to gi...
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  • What content types are shareable via rest API?

    Hi I am trying to share various content using the REST Api.  Some object types are not supported, they dont implement 'the shareabletype interface'. What object types are shareable?  Is there a list somewh...
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  • i want to develop a REST service plugin

    Hi,   I want to develop a REST service plugin which exposes the jive apis' . Can you help me out . Thanks in advance     Regards, Himanshu
    created by hnamdeo
  • Issues with OAuth2, Access Denied. How do I get this to work?

    I was trying to get the example-webhooks to work (Getting Started > Using Webhooks with the Jive Node SDK ). Unfortunately I've had many issues with this: About a month ago - it worked fine Two weeks ago after re...
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  • Is it possible to flip the externalContributor Boolean via the API?

    In a nut shell we have a number of external  Contributors that we would like to flip to a standard user. It looks like the externalContributor field should be write-able (Jive REST API v3.12 → Jive entity) b...
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  • How to get content from a share

    Hi guys,   I developp a tiles that get activities from a place.   I found some entry that refers content from a share (entityType = 2901)   c actor:Object content:"<a href="https://younity.groupe...
  • want to add members to a securitygroup with API but error 500

    Hell,   i am new to Jive are trying integration to add members to JIVE Security group from our provisioning middleware . i tried to create sample from Jive REST API v3.12 → SecurityGroup service  whic...
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