• SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API) response code

    I am adding members to a security group using the SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API), on successfull request, i am getting 204(No content) instead of 201(created). What might be the reason for it?   Hello, ...
  • Notifications for @mentions via API not working

    We've developed a custom UI as a workaround to the 100 comment limitation (threaded conversations reverting to flat view (chronological order). This makes it impossible to view/follow contextual conversations when the...
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox   Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Login or Register  Account   Step 2 - R...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • Error while adding authors on Idea

    Hi,   I'm getting error while adding authors to Idea. I already used below link for reference to attach authors while creating Idea but still unable to pass the request.   Error: The remote server returned...
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that co...
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  • Anybody can help me create a custom Widget that uses custom restful API's written in any language and complete deployment steps and configurations involved .

    I Am starting in Jive Hosted Environment 9.0 and would like to write custom widgets or tiles that use restful services hosted on separate servers and would like to deploy them on Jive environment . I would also like...
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  • Updating usernames

    Hey Jive Developers,   I was hoping to get your take on a rather unique issue that we're having with usernames, API and SSO.   A bit of context behind the query, we're on (Hosted) and are trying to...
    Bryce Gilhooly
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  • Not able to generate custom field for Idea

    Hi,   I'm facing problems while publishing idea through JIVE API. Can anyone help me with working example of how to generate custom fields/form to have my idea created as I want.@@   Please find below JSON...
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  • Getting bad request error while passing X-Jive-Run-As header in my dot net application

    Hi,   I'm getting error while posting contents with the use of X-Jive-Run-As header. Please find below my JSON payload.   {   "type": "idea",   "parent": "https://zsassociates-preview.jiveon.co...
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  • Detect content change, update custom tile...

    So I have a custom view tile, right now it pulls n number messages from a specific discussion via REST API.  I reload the data on a timer.  So a change in the discussion will be picked up after the interval....
    created by Powell
  • Can I associate a tag with a stream via API

    I am trying to use the REST API to provide a button that when clicked by a user will create a new custom stream, enable email notifications for the stream, and associate tags with that stream. I have the first two par...
    created by gbrettmiller
  • How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ?

    Hi,   We set up a jive place for our company concierge service. We want to force every employees in our company to follow and receive inbox notification at the creation of the place but we also want them to uns...
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  • REST API > Webhook Events (WIP)

    For more information about the REST API / Webhooks, please visit the REST & Webhooks - Developer Resources   System Webhooks More details coming soon   Verb Since Notes jive:user_account_created jive:u...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Issue in creating document with rest API

    Hi, I have to convert some HTML pages to jive documents, using nodeJS. Most of the documents created successfully but one document could not be created, even after spending hours, I could not find the reason why othe...
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  • Sneak peek of the new awesome discussion tile (custom view tile)

    The last several weeks I was implementing a new custom view tile to show discussions in a forum like manner.     Features - show discussions with subject, author, creation date and place as a tile in page ...
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  • How to search for people based on specific tag(skill) using the api?

    I'm trying to develop a search feature for a custom tile that will take a search query and return a list of users who's skills (or tags as they are logged in the api) match. I can see here : Jive REST API v3.14 &rar...
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  • Access Jive API's in HTML Tile

    Hi Team, Ryan Rutan,   We are trying to access the JIVE API's in an HTML tile but we are getting a 403 forbidden error whereas it works fine in an HTML Widget. Is there a way we can directly access the JIVE API'...
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  • How do I retrieve all ideas in a certain stage via the REST API?

    I am looking to do a filter of all ideas by the stage they are in. Based on the documentation, I can use the following:   /api/core/v3/contents?filter=type(idea)   but I do not know how to filter by the stag...
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  • Does anyone have a working JS example to use JIVE REST API (/api/core/v3/people/@me).

    I have a requirement to get current logged in user profile properties. I tried to use people api with JavaScript combination. I am getting 403 forbidden. can you please send if you have any working example.   $.a...
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  • Getting Space owners using REST API

    Hi Team,   I am trying to get space owners using rest api and unable to achieve the same. Please suggest me the things which will help me to get space admins without accessing the Database.   Ryan Rutan&#...
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