• Work Anniversaries Recognition Script

    Don't you wish Jive notified you about work-anniversaries like Linkedin? Now it can with this simple integration we've open-sourced.   This script generates status messages in the group of your choosing announc...
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  • How to update document author using rest api?

    Hi Team,   I need to change/update the author of the document using rest api call.  I followed the below process to run the rest api.   Method: PUT Rest url: http://localhost:8080/api/core/v3/conten...
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  • How to get group id using group url

    Hi , Is there a way to filter the group details using the groups url. for eg i have this url --  https://<jive-instance>/groups/<group-name> ,how can i get group's  place id and other details u...
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  • create an international stock ticker

    I am working on creating a stock ticker with daily currency. Yahoo finance api is no longer working so I have been trying various methods such as the alpha vantage api and trying to find stock ticker widgets. Since th...
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  • How to attach a document while creating Idea using JIVE API

    I am using Rest API to create Idea and want to know how to attach a document to the Idea while creating it. How should the JSON look like? Any help is highly appreciated
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  • Is it possible to access the number of endorsements someone has for a specific skill on their profile?

    Looking through the REST API documentation I see ways to retrieve the skills (aka tags) from a user's profile, as well as a few things related to endorsements of skills. However, I don't see anything in the API that w...
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  • Is it possible to flip the externalContributor Boolean via the API?

    In a nut shell we have a number of external  Contributors that we would like to flip to a standard user. It looks like the externalContributor field should be write-able (Jive REST API v3.12 → Jive entity) b...
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  • Not able to create or update a user with an Address via the API?

    Based on the information here https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/AddressesEntity.html we tried creating the user:   {    "emails" : [ {        "value" :...
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  • 400 error, "There was an error fetching file http://url. HTTP error code: 403" when trying to attach a document to a Jive place using the REST API.

    The document is reachable by cURL and the browser, but it is throwing the above error when using the REST API v3.    JSON {     "type": "document",     "subject": "document...
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  • How to extract profile pictures

    Is it possible to extract profile pictures of #WAP in bulk? For strategy cascade we would reuse picture for Internal use only. Can we do something technically? Thx Herman
  • Detailed documentation for External Storage Framework

    Hi ,   We are developing integration with a External storage provider but it seems documentation External Storage Framework - Documentation  provided  is incomplete.   Looking for information lik...
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  • Upload a local file using the Jive API

    Binary documents can be upload using the Jive v3 API.  This is an example (for Jive 6.x and above) of uploading a local file into a Jive Group using the cURL command from within a shell script.   curl -i -v...
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  • Build number causing caching issues with overlay

    We've ran into a problem recently where with each new release of our on-premise, overlay based Jive installation that we have to ask users to clear the cache, specifically for JS files.  Looking into it I believe...
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  • 403 Unauthorized when using contents api to update a document's subject

    Hello,   I'm using the contents api to update the subject of a large number of hub documents.  As I go through, it appears all the documents where I'm not the original author receive a 403 Unauthorized erro...
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  • Jive API : How can i retrieve the score attribut ?

    Hello,   I'm currently working on search engine which retrieves results from Jive and some indexed documents in Elasticsearch. Furthermore, i'm trying to gather both of their search results in one set ordered by ...
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  • Can we modify the Jive webhook response to receive actor's email id

    We want to modify the fields in the webhook json response and checked https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/WebhooksService.html#createWebhook(String, String) but we are not able to get through it. Cou...
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  • Using webhooks for Jive integrations

    Hello Jivers, Recently I have been using webhooks heavily for some of our integrations. Its one awesome feature in the Jive platform which can have great use cases.   Basically the Jive webhook services notifi...
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  • Getting Started > Using Webhooks with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to illustrate the potential of Jive Webhooks.   This tutorial should take 15 minutes.   Webhooks Overview Prerequisites Instruction...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Get resource from HTML Url

    Hello,   I am trying to retrieve a content resource, but wish to retrieve it by using the HTML URL.   I know how to get the content resource by the "Title" or "ContentID" (But that is not an option)  ...
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  • What is your primary method of customization in your JIVE instance?

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