• HTML widgets broken in

    Hi Jive experts,   Since we upgraded our Jive UAT instance to, HTML widgets in overview pages are no longer showing.   A simple <h1>Hello</h1> works fine. Adding a <style> tag wor...
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  • How to get content from a share

    Hi guys,   I developp a tiles that get activities from a place.   I found some entry that refers content from a share (entityType = 2901)   c actor:Object content:"<a href="https://younity.groupe...
  • How can we add more tile zones to pages?

    Has anyone been able to add more tile zones to pages template?   The limit of 4 larger tile zones just isn't enough for us.
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  • Super list filter syntax

    Hi all   Does anyone have the details or documentation for the syntax used to create super list filters, I'm struggling to get multiple permutations of filters to work using the 'use this view in a tile' on our ...
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  • Detailed documentation for External Storage Framework

    Hi ,   We are developing integration with a External storage provider but it seems documentation External Storage Framework - Documentation  provided  is incomplete.   Looking for information lik...
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  • How to prevent JS people picker from closing my Tile Action dialog?

    Hi,   I am using the OSAPI Jive Core V3 Picker JS dialog to pull up the Person picker.  The button that does so is part of my Tile action.  When the button is clicked, the Person picker pops up correct...
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  • Build number causing caching issues with overlay

    We've ran into a problem recently where with each new release of our on-premise, overlay based Jive installation that we have to ask users to clear the cache, specifically for JS files.  Looking into it I believe...
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  • Adding an HTML Tile to a Page

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud release, you can create a tile using your own custom HTML — without even the need to create your own add-on. You add an HTML tile to a page the same way you add other tiles: b...
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  • Filter out other languages in Search Widget

    We have been rolling out localized content (French, German, Japanese and Spanish) for some of our product documentation, and ended up creating subspaces for the localized content to keep it separate from the English p...
    Jeff Shurtliff
    created by Jeff Shurtliff
  • Banner Tile: BlobExpiredException

    Hi,   we have some problems with Banner Tile in Jive 9.0.1.x. After upload of two images after some time we can't see the images and in the logs ist this error:   Nov 06, 2017 1:30:03 PM org.apache.shindig....
    created by oicfar
  • API to pull users Quest data?

    Is there an API to pull an user's quest and task status to display on a custom tile or generate a report?
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  • Is there a trick to getting urls to work in css or javascript  of a custom view tile?

    How are you supposed to reference various custom images from your add on in the css or javascript of custom view tiles hosted by Jive?  If I add a path like "/mytile/images/myimage.png" as the src of an img tag i...
    Eric Pierce
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  • tileOptions are almost empty

    Hello,   I've packaged an example provided by jive-sdk create command.   When, I deploy it on a cloud instance, I can see the different logs sections : Viewer, Container, TileOptions, TileConfig. All is OK...
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  • Extended properties available for members

    Hello,   is there any way to make extended properties of tile available for common members of group (not just admins of group)?   Right now if I call "jive.tile.getExtendedProps(function(props) {console.lo...
    created by polkapo
  • Tile showing a warning sign-"Add-on uninstalled:Tile data will no longer be updated"

    Hi All   We have created a custom tile and on dragging it on a page and setting its configuration, it is working fine. But on un-installing and re-installing the tile and navigating to the same page where it wa...
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  • Include Themes (Design) Into Custom Theme

    Hey,   is there a way to include the design that you can configure by accessing the themes menu point through your profile picture into a custom theme that you would upload in the admin console? Is there a spec...
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  • An error occurred sending instance registration to client 'http://*.*.*.*/jive/oauth/register' (status=404 Not Found)

    I have tried some things to get remote development working using nitrous.io following the nitrous.io explanation but I couldn't get it working. Now I have setup my own ubuntu linux machine and was able to make an addo...
  • Developing Your Own Simple Stream Integrations

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud Release, you can easily build your own activity stream integration with a 3rd party service.   (Refer to Creating an External Activity Stream for information about activity str...
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  • Need Jive 9 Database Table Details, Description etc.

    Hi Team, I need to create a comprehensive reports of all the table in Jive 9 database.   I got this link: Finding the Jive Database Schemas   I need to create a doc with all the table name, their descripti...
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  • Custom View & Data Tiles - Section List

    I'm doing experiment on Custom Tiles development, especially with tile-sectionlist. I created a project template and try to simulate the functionality. It only has default data configuration from definition.json. d...
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